The return of “DT”

Thursday 110825

A. Skill: Front Levers

B. WOD: “DT” (Compare to 110707)

5 Rounds For Time (Post Elements: 4 Rounds):
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks

155#/105# (Post Elements: 105#/75#)

How to kip at life
Flexibility and running economy
Women and exercise
Earning the right
The seafood trifecta
Managing depression with weightlifting? Or, how you feel is a lie

It seems there some of you out there who still don’t know what Fight Gone Bad, the workout, is, which means you don’t quite know what we’ll be doing for Fight Gone Bad 6, the fundraiser, on Saturday, September 17th. Watch this video and wonder no more…then sign up for our team!

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Friday’s WOD:

A. Snatch practice

B: WOD (Compare to 100816)

Three Rounds For Time:
30 Wall Balls 20#/14# (Post Elements 14#/10#)
30 Squat Snatches 75#/53# (Post Elements 45#/33#)


  • kevin p

    Thanks to Sam G and his entourage for coming to see the show tonight! A pleasant surprise!
    Thanks to everyone who has come down so far! Great to see you all there:)

    • Sam G

      You welcome, It was great, you guys got to get out to the play before it’s over, I told my friends we needed to do something besides exercise and they agreed, even though I ended up wearing a CrossFit shirt there.

  • erika

    A. i need to work on skin the cat progressions before i can do front levers. thanks for pushing me upside down, sara and caroline!
    B. 7:44 53#. the last time we did this, i used the same weight and finished in 11:08 so my goal was to finish sub 10 this time around. check and mate.

    • Well done Erika!

      • erika

        thanks reis!

  • Daryl S

    95lbs @ 10:08

  • Richard

    85lb @ 10:42

  • Sam G

    First off I would like to apologize to Sara for making a silly suggestion, I felt like crawling up in a corner after she yelled at me.

    5/3/1 bench press thanks to Caroline for spotting me.
    3@ 180
    12@ 205

    Assisted exercises
    Reverse hypers and 5-5-5 barbell rows at 185, My suggestion is to keep Barbell rows light as it turns into to a shit show at relatively high weights

    • 12 @ 205 – sick! Thanks for the suggestion on BB rows – need to do more of those…

  • Kevin K

    Had a blast with skinning the cat. My inner six year old boy rejoices.

    DT 11:34 @75. My inner post-elements woman rejoices as well.

  • Today – 115# – 15:09

    July 7 – 95# – 12:25

    Not sure what the better decision is for weight. I went 20% higher on weight and took almost 20% longer. From a conditioning standpoint is this a wash? Was it better to go heavier and work longer or would 95# have been a better choice (assuming my time would have been similar to July’s)?

    • Kevin K

      Reis thanks again for your coaching on the warm-up.

    • I think you made the right choice here, and I absolutely wouldn’t consider those two times a wash. By back-of-the-napkin math, you maintained the same power output across both WODs, despite the much heavier weight. Nicely done!

      • Thank you sir…I appreciate the perspective…

    • Hari

      Short answer: 20% more weight in 20% more time is absolutely progress.

      I’ll provide a more detailed answer below, including the exact formula for measuring the change in work and the change in power.

  • Jason E

    85lb @ 10:55

  • Akash

    12:18 @ 115lbs for half, 95 lbs for half. I HATE having to change weight mid-WOD. 🙁

    Shame on me…

  • Madeleine

    Tried to do Rx, but dropped to 95# in the cleans of the second round. 18:52.

  • keller

    sara did you get my note on the whiteboard this morning ?!?!?!

    • Adam R

      Was it the Crossfit Flag Football WOD?

      • keller

        don’t be hatin

  • John


  • Avery w

    Just to keep in mind with choosing weights today as I’m sure coaches have already mentioned this workout is all about challenging your grip. Top times at rxd weights are well. Under ten minutes. If you are in the fifteen plus minute range you probably went too heavy.

  • Folks:

    Just making sure everyone knows that Hurricane Irene is currently on track to hit NYC on Sunday. If you live in the city please check the link below for a map of evacuation zones. I lived through many hurricanes, including Andrew. This is no joke. Subways and streets will flood. Storm surge could be 30 feet. Ideally it will go out to sea, turn, or weaken severely…but as of right now it’s headed right for us and strengthening. Take some time to prepare. Be safe, and stay strong.

  • Avery w

    However in Reis’ case I would have told him to go heavy too. 🙂

  • Sara

    Keller: Got your message. Come to a morning class and we’ll have a double under off.

    • Jeff

      Did I miss the competition for jerks?

      • keller

        morning class?? yea right, it’s too emotional

        jeff – handstand walkoff tonight followed by jerk… off…. (HE HE)

        • tomorrow is dance party Friday at 6am…its not to be missed.

          i’ve made a special Earthquakes and Hurricanes mix.

          be jealous afternoon and evening…be jealous.

  • Eric

    Reis, thanks for the link bro!

  • Manny

    10:58 @ 115#

    Love/hate DT. Hurt my wrist the first time I tried it @135, but stretching my forearms before and mid WOD helped a lot. Next time, should I try 125/135 or shoot for under 10′ @ 115?

  • kevin p


    Try 125 next time and see if you can stay close to the 10min mark like this time.

  • Lisa

    08:38 with 63#.

  • Hari

    In response to Reis’s question above:

    Our objective is to increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains. This workout, is a specific modal domain of dead lifts, power cleans, and push presses. The work involved in doing any one of these lifts is the Force (weight) times the Distance (which varies from person to person). During this WOD, the weight remains the same, but there are three distances. (Assuming you don’t drop the bar. Obviously it’s more work to do a clean from the floor than from a hang.)

    So, when we do this WOD with a given weight, it is possible to calculate the total work done. The beauty of doing the same WOD is that we don’t actually need to do the calculation to make a comparison between two results by the same person. For any given person, the distances don’t change. What changes is the weight and the time.

    When you do the WOD with 20% more weight, you do exactly 20% more work, since in each caclulation, Force time Distance increases by the 20% increase in the force.

    In general, the change in work between the the first time and the second time is W2/W1. So, if you go from 95 lbs to 115 lbs, the change in work (assuming the same WOD with the same reps and the same distances) is 115/95 or about a 21% increase

    The power is the work per unit time. If you leave the weight unchanged and change the time, the change in power is T1/T2, so if you fo from 15 minutes to 12 minutes, your increase your power by 15/12 or about 25 percent.

    Now, combining the two, the change in power–after a bit of algebra–is given by:

    (W2/W1) x (T1/T2)

    So, if as Reis said, he wend up exactly 20 percent in weight and in time, his power outbut is unchanged, but he was able to hold that power output for 20% longer. (This is like going from running 1 mile in 8 minutes to running 1.25 miles in 10 minutes. The speed (power) doesn’t change, but you are holding the pace (power output) for a longer time, during which you 25% more work.

    The formula above enables you to compare your power output when you go up or down in weight and go up or down in time. For example, if you go from 15 minutes at 95 lbs to 16 minutes at 115 lbs:

    Work increase = 115/95 = 1.21 = 121%
    Power Increase = (115/95) x (14/15) = 1.13 = 113%

    • Richard

      One of the cool things about sites like beyond the whiteboard (and I’m sure others too) is that, as you track, you can begin to plot your power curve. It’s pretty fun.

    • Hari:

      This is very helpful. Many thanks…

  • did 14:34 with 135#

    last time was 13:21 with 115#

    Richard – care to do some mathe-magic?

    • Richard

      Work Increase = 135/115 = 1.174 = +17.4%
      Power Increase = (135/115) x (801/874)= 1.076 = +7.6%

  • Michael C

    12:55 #95
    Forearm fatigue killed me. Need to work on grip/technique

  • drake

    9:33, 115#.

  • Steve Slo

    I’m a big fan of DT. Really glad this one came up again so soon.

    Last time was #95 in 10:00.

    • Steve Slo

      I am likely miscalculating, but according to my bad math… I decreased in power by 11%

  • Eric

    Fell back on this one-last time was 12:09 with 115, this time was 13:27 with 115

    • Sam G

      Sometimes we just have backwards days, happens to me all the time, you will get 135 next time I know it!

  • Hari

    12:24 105 lbs

  • Jeff B.

    8:32 Scaled to 115#.

  • Jordan

    10:54 at 105#. Beat my previous DT time by 3 minutes.