Tabata plus weight

Tuesday 110823

A: Back Squats 5-5-5

B: Weighted Tabata Squats

C: 150 Situps for Time

“The technique is always terrible. The people are always excited. And the weights are always surprisingly heavy.”
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Sunday in the Park with Will

If I had to choose the number one reason as to why I CrossFit, it wouldn’t be for the Zombie apocalypse training, it wouldn’t be for the euphoric feeling you get after puking post-“Fran”, it wouldn’t even be because I’m completely in love with Sara Carr (although she’s a close second) – it would be for the community.

CrossFit is unlike any other training in the world. It’s a sport. It’s a lifestyle. But in more ways than one…it’s a community. Athletes from all walks of life, backgrounds, and boroughs come together at 25 W 26th for an hour of something they can’t get anywhere else.

For that one hour, they are part of something truly great and rewarding – a team. We cheer each other on, we push each other harder, we scream and yell at each other to “get back on the bar” and “why are you resting?”

But at the end of the day – we come together, hug it out, and actually thank that dude who we hated only 5 minutes before for calling us a pansy thus forcing 12 more pull-ups out of us.

On Sunday, a small group of us from CrossFit NYC came together to do a WOD in the park. There was a bit of confusion on the blog as to when the WOD was going to be (this week? next week? yesterday?), but it worked out well in the end.

Despite the manic depressive weather, the signs posted everywhere banning organized sports (which we totally gave the bird to), and all the little monkeys swinging from the trees – we had an awesome time.

Erika was cheering à la “Bring it On” during the star jumps. Kevin (this was his 4th WOD ever) totally came to her aid with his own cheer. Ask him to do it for you when you see him.

We laughed. We cried. We sweat. We wanted ice creamwe still want ice cream.

The Park WOD:

5 Rounds of:
1 minute Burpees
1 minute Pull Ups
1 minute Star Jumps
1 minute Sit Ups
1 minute Rest

Post-WOD photo (left to right): Caitlin, Courtney, John, Natasha, Will, Wayne, Kevin, & Erika (down in front):

Quotes from participants:

Natasha: “Will stepped up big time and ensured we made the trek worth it. The crew was great and had a blast! I don’t need to do another star jump for a while.”

Erika: “All I have to say is burpees and star jumps (mixed in with some sun, sprinkles and stares) were the best way to start off the day. We even got some color – I’m rocking a sexy shorts tan on my thighs. Worth it. GOOOOO TEAM!

Kevin: “As to the 8 year olds, there was a really fit guy with a workout/tour/family group of some sort on the pullup bars next to us. He had the kids doing muscleups, with a lot of assistance from the adults.”

* * * * *
Here’s a preview of Wednesday’s WOD:

A: Clean 3-3-3

B: 2010 Northwest Regional Event #1

3 Rounds For Time:
10 Overhead Squats 135#/95# (Post Elements 95#/65#)
50 Double Unders


  • erika

    cuties 🙂

    • Richard

      Totes adorbs.

  • 3×5 back squats 255/275/300
    tabata squats 65 @ 105#
    150 situps for time 4:38

    • Richard

      What’s a star jump?

      • erika

        squat down and then jump with arms and legs stretched out like a star

        • Richard

          Oh rain-BOWS…

  • Richard

    A. 185lb-185lb-185lb (PR for 5-5-5)
    B. 8 at 65lbs (11-10-10-9-9-8-8-8)
    C. 8:28
    D. 2 cupcakes (thanks Caroline!)

    • Nice work Richard!

      • Richard

        Thanks, Reis!

    • erika

      tabata cupcakes?

      • Richard

        I did 2 for time. Those were awesome. Caroline – can you post the recipe or e-mail it?

        • Sam G

          I want a cupcake 🙁

  • A: 225 – 275 – 315

    B: 95# for 5 (8-8-8-7-5-5-5-7)

    C: 8:57

  • erika

    A. 105-125-145 (new pr, what up)
    B. 45# for 11 (14-13-12-12-11-11-11-11)
    C. 6:28

    • erika

      wait. i can’t do math.

      A. 95-115-135. heeheh. no pr. next time!

    • Kevin K

      That’s a ridiculous amount of 45# squats.

      • erika

        i couldn’t cheer while doing it — that’s how you know it’s tough.

  • Annie

    Kevin – sorry if I missed this but do you have a show this Sunday? Richard and I want to come see you act!! 🙂

    • Wayne

      I have the card promoting the play – the remaining performances are tomorrow through Saturday at 8, Saturday at 2, and Sunday at 3.

      Planning on going Friday, myself.

  • Matt M

    A. 235 – 245 – 255
    B. 56 reps total (7 per round) w/ 135
    C. 4:35 – 150 sit ups for time

    Richard nice work on the PR, congrats!

  • Sam G

    5/3/1 Deadlift, felt tired after teaching class for some reason

    3@ 260
    3@ 300
    5@ 335

    Down two reps, but up 5 pounds, I could have done more but I felt myself rounding and stopped

    Assisted Exercises

    4×10 GHD’s Reverse Hypers slow, as per Craig’s suggestion.

  • Adam R
  • Akash

    A. 185 – 205 – 225
    B. Score was 7…worked at 11/10 for most rounds but dropped in the last 2 or 3
    C. 6:11? something like that…
    D. 1 Paleo Muffin…Thanks to the paleo baker fairy for the awesome breakfast!

  • Jamie

    Back Squats @ 235 LBS
    5/5/Max Reps = 10 Reps

    Tabata Rounds @ 95 LBS:
    12, 12, 9, 6, 6, 6, 6, 8.

    150 Sit-Ups for Time:
    5:07 ABMATS – Unanchored.

    Since I know that Sara is wondering, yes I did the 7 Burpees thereafter…Sully and Bo can verify.

  • Madeleine

    A: 165-175-175
    B: 8 at 65#
    C: 6:52
    D: one rep

  • Jeff B.

    A. 3×5 (225, 275, 295)
    B. 83 reps @ 95# –> score of 10
    C. 150 Sit-ups: 3:58
    D. Paleo cupcake: Thanks for bringing that goodness in.

  • Annie

    Thanks Wayne! I’m going Sunday at 3pm

    • Richard

      Send me a MR.

  • Mike K

    I almost always mention how important it is to unrack the bar properly is when squatting heavy, but if you haven’t listened to me yet, hopefully this article will help people hit some PRs today.

  • Jason W

    A) 205-225-245

    B) 95# 12-12-10-10-10-10-10-10

    C) 5:49

  • Akash

    I guess thats what it feels like on the 2nd floor when we keep dropping our bars…

    • Richard

      I was hoping someone would go there. Thanks, Akash!

  • keller

    What do cows produce during an earthquake?



  • Jason E

    A) 135 – 165 – 165 (need to work on this)
    B) 8 at 65lbs (10-9-10-9-8-8-8-8)
    C) 7 minutes and change

  • A- 185. 205. 215

    B- 11@ 65#

    C- 5:10

  • Sara

    Made up Nasty Girls… 13:47 rx’d

  • Leslie

    I just want to post that I’m super excited because the last three wods that involved pull ups, I have done every single one without using a band!!! It’s taken me a year and a half, but now I can do multiple rep kipping pull ups without any assistance…this from a girl was never able to do a pull up her entire life. So any girls thinking you can’t do it…YOU CAN, YOU CAN, YOU CAN!!! Thanks Cross Fit!

    • Erika

      You’re amazing, leslie! WERQQQQQ!

    • Richard


  • Eric

    Awesome job Leslie!

  • kevin p

    Great work Leslie! Congrats! has all the info for my show. Look forward to seeing you there!

  • Sofia

    7 @24kg
    65 k2e subbed til I couldnt

  • Annie

    A: 113/113/113
    B: 6@45#
    C: 5:55

  • Eric

    A: 225, 245, 250 (PR, did this 6 times)
    B: Tabata, average was 8 with 1.5 pd
    C: 5:56

    • Eric

      Sorry, meant for B that 8 was lowest…I was clearly WOD drunk lol

  • Steve Slo

    Today was good.

    A) 205 – 225 – 235 (5rep PR)
    B) Back squats #95
    C) 5:3?

  • Hari

    A: 215, 225, 235
    B: Skipped
    C: Skipped