Nasty Monday

Monday 110822

A. Skill: Turkish Get-Ups

B. WOD: “Nasty Girls”

Three Rounds For Time:
50 Squats
7 Muscle-Ups (Post Elements: 21 Pull-Ups, 21 Dips)
10 Hang Power Cleans 135#/95# (Post Elements 95#/65#)

All about deadlifting
What are dense carb sources on a paleo diet?
How to break into daily training
Mechanics vs. technique
The how-to-go-primal cheat sheet

A quick Q&A with coach and member Will Lanier about his participation in Fight Gone Bad 6, the fundraiser as part of Team CrossFit NYC.

1) Is this your first Fight Gone Bad fundraiser? Sure is.

2) Any guess as to how many times you’ve done FGB, the WOD? Haha–probably 3 or 4. My first beginners/free class I took at Crossfit Dallas Central was a version of FGB. I fell in love…so I guess we can all blame FGB for turning me into a CrossFit addict.

3) What’s your most favorite/least favorite movements in this WOD? Least fave: the row. Definitely the row. Most favorite: box jumps.

4) Which will be more impressive: how much money you raised or how high your score is? I have a goal for both. obviously the part that matters is the donation…but i still want to beat my PR [editor’s note: Will’s previous best: 340ish, he’s now aiming for a score of 400].

5) Why are you participating and why should others? Its funny–I get invited to participate in the “walk for the cure of _______” or the mud runs that support this or that charity…and I never give them a second glance, and then something like Fight Gone Bad comes up and I feel compelled.

As crossfitters, we honor our fallen soldiers with benchmark hero WODs but past that…what do we do? My dad was in the US Army and then reserves since I was born and he fought in the Gulf War…it was a scary time for my family. FGB is the perfect way to salute the soldiers who fight every day for us. And, especially with the charities this year [Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Camp Patriot], you know that the money raised will help the families of the fallen and give joy to the veterans.

I might not be the fittest one doing his workout…or the fastest…but I am determined to fight my hardest.
Its the least I could do, right?

Join me.

* * * * *

Thanks again to Will for the interview. If you can’t participate in FGB6, please donate to one of our participants, such as Will. The picture above is Will and his dad back in 1988–that’s not Will in a fake mustache from last Halloween! If you’re signed up to do FGB6 at CFNYC and would like to be featured on the blog, email me at allisonATcrossfitnycDOTcom.

We’ll also have a full report on the Park WOD shenanigans on Sunday, courtesy of Will and a few of the participants…stay tuned to the blog for the whole story!

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s WOD classes:

A: Back Squats 5-5-5

B: Weighted Tabata Squats

C: 150 Situps for Time


  • Re-posting Hari’s comment on yesterday’s blog:

    Post Elements CrossFit History Lesson:

    “Nasty Girls” was one of the original CrossFit videos from back in the days when the CrossFit Games were still not even a concept.

    The three women, Annie, Nicole, and Eva were part of the original crew at CrossFit Sata Cruz. All three subsequently had WOD’s named after them–and rightfully so!.

    Flash forward to this year, to see what ever became of Annie:

    Nicole now co director of training for CFHQ.

    Eva T is still CrossFitting, skiing (a two-time Olympian) and surfing. Her blog is the go-to source for vacation and travel WOD’s.

  • Richard

    DNF – cut my chin on the bar doing pull-ups somewhere in the 3rd round. Had clocked at least 10min though.

  • Justin Katz

    16:23 95 pounds
    14 pull-ups/14 dips off box

  • Matt M

    11:58 as rx’d

  • Manny

    14 c2b – 14 ring dip scaling

  • Jamie

    20:48 Rx’d.

    M/U’s need lots of work.

  • Jason W

    11:19 rx’d.

    squats – (50) (50) (50)
    Muscle-ups (7) (4-2-1) (3-1-1-1-1)
    Cleans (10) (5, 5) (10)

    Couple mental mistakes cost me. Forgot to hook grip on my second set of cleans, so decided to break it up into 5s to avoid forearm blow-up.

    second set of muscle-ups should have been (4-3), but I got distracted and missed the last rep.

  • Jenny A

    Adorable pic, Will!

  • 13:32 rx’d.
    Squats were annoying.
    Muscle ups went really well.
    Watching Kev’s face of disgust during my last set of cleans was awesome.

  • Michael C


    #95, 14C2B, 14ring dips.

  • Kev’s disgust-at-bad-cleans face is classic.

    Took today for some 1-rep deadlifts:

    315, 335, 355, 365, 370 (PR)

    Then some muscle up & parallette HSPU practice:
    4 quick sets of 3 MU/1 HSPU (held till failure)

  • Zoe

    Has anyone had trouble sending out emails from the FGB fundraising site? It seems that most of the people I sent it to didn’t get it because it went to their spam. Is there any way to avoid that?

  • Sofia

    13:13 7 c2b pu and ghd dips 68#

  • Vince

    20:36 Post Elements.

    This one should be renamed Tougher than Barbara.

  • Steve Slo

    3 rounds scaled:
    50 squats
    14 thin green band pullups
    14 box dips
    10 hang power cleans @ #115

  • Akash

    14:05 w/ 14 pull ups and ring dips scaling & 95 lbs. cleans

  • Sam G

    100 ab mat sit ups for time

    3:03, beat my old score by 50 seconds.

    • Eric

      Great job Sam

  • Eric

    13:40 rx except x2 pullups x2 dips 115#

  • Annie

    14:37, 14 pullups/ box dips, 73# cleans

  • Hari

    14:20 HPC’s 95 lbs (sore wrist)

  • Josh R

    Oh. Were we supposed to use hook grip on those cleans? That would have totally helped.

  • Ralph

    Muscle ups: 4-3 / 3-3-1 / 1-1, then 14 pull-ups.
    Power Cleans: 95#

  • Jeff B.

    9:58 (subbed high jumping MUs). Great programming today.

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