Heavy running

Friday 110819

A: Overhead Squat Practice

B: WOD (Compare to 030830)

Three Rounds for Time:
20 Bodyweight Back Squats (Post Elements use 50% to 60% of Bodyweight)
Run 800 Meters

How to go paleo/primal (without really trying)
Lifetime warrior workout
Are you keeping track?
What’s with the turkey recall? Same old same old.
Ancestral Health Symposium re-cap

Sean M. does an A+ version of an L-sit:

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday’s WOD:

A: Deadlift 5-5-5

B: “Grace” (Compare to 090508)
30 Clean and Jerks For Time
135#/95# (Post Elements 95#/65#, Games Prep 155#/105#)


  • Sara

    17:50 with bodyweight (130#), subbed rowing.

    • erika

      ugh SARA! you didn’t do this with the 6:15 class, did you? if you did and i missed out, i’m going to throw a fit!!

  • Richard

    17:11 with 95lb

  • Jason E

    22:23 with 95lbs

  • Michael C

    18:32 @ #135

  • Madeleine

    The 7am class really likes eggs.

    Rowed instead of running, 135#, 21:05.

  • Nick W.

    First WOD at the Black Box complete!
    19:15 (115# 115# 135#)
    Probably could have gone heavier in my load on the FS but it’s a good start!

  • keller

    conrats to kev p on your show!!! good luck in all that you do… your wife in the play is sexy 😉

  • Jeff B.

    @Madeleine: fulfilled my egg promise. Added bacon and blueberries too.

    After y’all left I did 13:08 at 185#, subbing 500M rows for the runs.

  • Akash

    24:?? with 170 lbs (dropped to 155 on the last set). Last time I try to do a workout at the same weight as Jason Wong.

    • Jason W


      Sorry i had to jet before you finished up. Had to actually get to work on time today.

      On the bright side, it’s better to know your limits than to think you know your limits. Mad props for throwing your hat in the ring and giving it a go!


  • Jenny A

    20:09 with 95#

  • Wayne

    22:45 with 95#

  • Jason W

    18:19 w/ 170# back squat.

    broke up the reps as (20), (10, 10), (10, 10). I probably should have tried to for (15, 5) for my last set.

    anyway, first running wod i’ve been able to do in 3 months.

  • kev p

    Thanks Keller!! THanks to everyone who has checked out the show so far. Sean, thats a sweet L.

  • Sam G

    Workout at CrossFit Storr.

    15 min amrap

    12 box jumps 24 inch
    18 toes to bar

    5 rounds one push up

    5/3/1 press
    3@ 120
    7@ 140

    Great place, great coach check it out if ever in Conneticut

  • Had fun with Gregster today. Did “JT” slightly scaled focusing on full range of motion on the hspu’s.

    13.01 scaled from 21-15-9 to 15-12-9.
    Then squat cleans every minute on the minute at #155.
    finished with tabata double unders, which were stupid, crazy, and fun.

  • Steve Slo

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a box in Los Angeles?

    I was checking out “Crossfit: Mean Streets” but I get the sense that there is some weird “cult of personality” thing going on with their Head Coach / Owner.

  • mike r

    18:34 rx (185#)

  • Avery

    Steve – Crossfit LA would be my first choice (but don’t know if that is close to where you are going to be in LA). Andy Petranek is a great coach and runs a box with solid programming – I *think* they are one of the first 100 affiliates, but know they’ve been around for at least six years.

    I would be tempted to try and visit Valley Crossfit too, home of Kristin Clever and other ridiculously strong ladies/Crossfit competitors.

  • Jason L.

    17:07 Rx @ BW 165#
    weight taken from the ground helped me push through the squats, glad to be back at the box

  • Steve Slo

    21:19 @ 155 (65% of body weight)
    (10) (5) (5) (8) (6) (6) (6) (4) (5) (5)

    Thanks Avery! I think i’ll be staying near Little Tokyo, but Petranek’s gym looks like it’s maybe worth the trip. The Valley might be a bridge too far, but i’ll be there a week, so it’s possible.

  • I agree with Avery. Crossfit LA and Petranek are both good. They are both the same distance from where your are staying. The only problem is LA traffic sucks so 15mi can take an hour sometimes. Lastly I would add Brick Crossfit, which would be my number one choice of the three. Its also the same distance from Lil Tokyo.

    • Steve Slo

      Thanks D.

      Brick looks pretty cool, although it will be unsettling to workout in such a clean, polished environment.

  • Joe W

    16:41. 225lb squat, subbed 1000m row for run