Got 17 minutes?

Through the Fight Gone Bad 6 fundraising on September 17th, the Sportsgrants Foundation has committed to funding full college scholarships for every child of every man who lost his life in the attack on the Navy SEAL helicopter on August 6th.

I see no reason why each and every member of our gym should not be a part of FGB6 @CFNYC. The event is about our community coming together to work hard to achieve something important.

Here’s two links to help you out with fundraising:
Fundraising tips for FGB6 / Free mobile donation app

Then on September 17th we will perform the workout Fight Gone Bad at our gym. You don’t need to be a competitive CrossFitter as this is not a competitive event. If you’re having doubts about your athletic abilities… forget your doubts and just sign up. I promise you will have a very memorable experience that you will be proud of. No more excuses, just do it!

P.S.: Thanks to the 91 people already signed up!

Wednesday 110817

A: Muscle-Up Practice

B: “Jackie” (Compare to 110430)
Row 1K
50 Thrusters (45#/33#)
30 Pull-Ups

Couldn’t make it to the Ancestral Health Symposium? Watch the videos!
Rest days and “active” rest
Life coach or just a coach?
Not your grandma’s strawberries
The mathematics of changing your mind
CrossFit: Where Navy SEALs and pregnant soccer moms help each other get ripped (with a mention of Jacinto)

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s WOD classes:

A: 21 Unbroken Cleans, 15 Unbroken Cleans, 9 Unbroken Cleans

B: “Barbara” (Compare to 101102)

5 Rounds For Time (Post Elements: 3 Rounds):

20 Pull-Ups
30 Push-Ups
40 Situps
50 Squats
Rest precisely three minutes between each round. (Bring a watch to time your rest periods.)

Post times to comments.


  • Cassie

    writing from the future once more
    had to sub 15 lbs dumbells for the thrusters because apparently no one in China uses anything higher
    Kameron. trust me, i’d much rather be working out with the 6am crew than alone..countdown is on!
    Richard..nothing exciting is happening in the future, except maybe i will get into a handstand can be spelled both ways, as an American, i am surprised you are spelling it the British way

    • keller

      as a canadian i am surprised you are spelling it the american way!

      • Cassie

        I have clearly spent too much time with you people south of the border EH?

    • John

      Cass, you havent gone to the Crossfit Hong Kong I sent you?

      • Cassie

        I have! And loved it! Great trainers, tiny classes (my 7am class had 3 people), programming is similar to what we have now…bigger space, hard to imagine for hong kong but really true….all in all, awesome, thanks for the recommendation!

    • Sam G

      A handstand would be nice in the near future!

    • Jenny A

      Greetings from the past, Cassie!! We’ve missed you at 6 AM, especially during the team WOD. Sadly, I will be away the next couple of weeks, so we may not overlap. I fully expect to see handstands when I return.

      • Cassie

        Sam, define near future
        Jenny, sad we will miss each other but hope you have fun wherever you are headed! I have really missed 6am too! A few weeks to get into a handstand may be optimistic

  • Manny

    9:32 rx

  • Richard

    11:22, Rx’d

    Cassie — send through the sports almanac; how are the push-ups coming along?

    • Kameron

      Hahaha, waiting for Cassie roll up to the Black Box in the Dolorean!

      Richard – where can I find those grips you and Jenny ordered?

      • Richard
        • Cassie

          See I bought these and I do not find them that helpful, try them out before ordering
          Kameron, of course, that IS how I roll

          • Richard

            Already ordered…I kind of want to go into grip-making business with Jenny if this whole “finance” thing doesn’t work out.

      • Sam G


        • Richard

          Every day I’m shuffling

  • Jenn

    11:11 Rx

  • Jamie

    9:36 as RX’d.

    Big shout out to the 8 a.m. crew day. That’s how Crossfit gets done.

    • Jeff B.

      @Jamie: thanks for the warm fuzzies and bringing introductions back into style. Also, I appreciate you staying around while I got my workout done. Good mental pushing… that said… 8:22 Rx.

  • Justin Katz

    15:52 RX’D

  • Jason W

    7:28 rx’d. took a couple more breaks than i should have.

    Got off the rower at 3:42
    thrusters were broken up into 25-10-5-10
    pullups were 10-5-5-5-5

  • Mickey

    8:04 RX

    That one was fun

  • keller

    Sean M, Rickke, Mishik and myself will all be going to Kev P’s play tomorrow. If anyone else is interested in meeting up with us you are more then welcome to –

    Good luck KEV!

    • keller

      it’s general admission so you can still purchase and sit with us

    • kev p

      Thanks Keller!!

  • Wayne

    12:18 – used a black band for my pull-ups

    A little worse than the 11:58 I did in April (my birthday workout!) but then I used a heavier band, and only moved 33 lbs.

  • Jason E

    11:23 – scaled

    3:45 on the rower
    Did the thrusters in sets of ten
    Scaled with jumping pull-ups, but did 50…as I was apparently too tired to follow instructions

  • Jordan

    7ma WOD – 11:20 Rx’d…took way too many breaks on the thrusters.

  • Jeff B.

    Jason’s post has prompted me to repost my own…

    8:22 Rx
    Off the rower at 3:45
    Thrusters: 20, 30
    Pull-ups: 9, 6, 3, 3, 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1

  • Despite feeling like crap, and wondering if sara’s really going to punch me in the face if she gets a little sick this workout was fun.

    8:12 rx’d
    Came off rower at 3:57
    Thrusters were: 25-10-10-5
    Pull ups were: 10-10-5-5

  • Sean M
    • Ralph

      Way too funny, lol

  • dan def

    Sean– fantastic video.

  • Akash

    13:11 rx’d

    Got my first jumping muscle up today….pulling with the false grip is tough…i WILL get a muscle up some day (just not today)

    • Sick! Nice work man…

  • Sara

    At 5am I read wallballs instead of pullups: 8:46. Redid at 12pm with pullups in 7:55.

  • mike n.


  • Andy g

    9:53 rx’d

  • Sofia

    11:09 rx’d

  • Keka

    first date with Jackie.
    12:34 scaled with jumping pullups.

  • Avery

    Sara you are officially crazy for doing this two times. Especially the first at 5 am!

    Before Jackie: Pressx5, Push Pressx3, Heavy Singles on Front Squat

    Jackie: 9:20(?) rx’d

  • 8:50 rx’d

    Being short = terrible for rowing, awesome for pull ups.

  • Lisa

    10:03. The row took me 04:20 – sloowww.

  • Vince

    Thanks to Erica and Ralph for helping me push through on the thrusters and pull ups.

    • Ralph

      Great job today, Vince.

  • Eric

    WOD: 10:20 something, thrusters were the worst

  • Ralph

    13:06 RX’d. Yeah, those thrusters after the rowing were a killer.

  • Paul B.

    WOD: 10:52 Rx’d

  • Keka

    Lisa, thank you for the tips!!!

  • Keka

    Lisa, thank you for the tips!!!

  • this one made me kinda wanna puke…but alas…i didn’t. phew.

    8:08 rx

  • 8:34 Rx’d

  • Adam H

    8:50 RX

  • Tim

    11:56–33 lbs, green band for 18 pull-ups, switched to black.

    a miserable slog, maybe I wasn’t scaling enough for where i am, but it felt like I was losing ground today, not gaining.

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