New date for next Post-Elements dinner!

We’re moving the next Post-Elements dinner–originally scheduled for the end of this month–to Friday, September 16th at 7:30pm at Rare Bar & Grill. This is the night before Fight Gone Bad 6, the fundraiser we’re running on Saturday, September 17th. So whether you’re a recent Elements grad or not, or participating in FGB6 or not, join us for the dinner to celebrate!

Monday 110815

A: Press 5-5-5

B: For time, complete 30-25-20-15 reps (Post Elements: 25-20-15-10 reps):
Box Jump 24 inch/20 inch
Toes-To-Bar (Post Elements: Knees-To-Elbows)

The barbell hates skinny
Bare feet turn not-so-naked as runners buy five-toed shoes
On the phenomenon of increasing technical virtuosity over time
Caffeine fasts
Workouts with no equipment
An Olympian’s perspective on the CF Games

Annie works the L-sit progression:

* * * * *
Here’s a preview of Tuesday’s WOD:

A: Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3

B: FGB6 practice #2: Wallballs

3 Rounds for Time:
1 Minute Wallballs (cycling these as quickly as possible)
1 Minute Rest


  • Richard

    A. 90-90-90
    B. 16:58 PE – Started with toes-to-bar, and then it devolved into some combination of knees-to-elbows and hanging knee raises; anyone who has tips on how to get more T2B, please share!

  • Matt M

    A. 115 – 135 (2) – 135 (3)
    B. 17:12 as Rx’d

  • Jeff B.

    a. 95, 115, 135
    b. Rx – 20:36.

    Good times folks!

  • A: 95 – 115 – 135

    B: 22:03 (PE)

    Est 12-16″ box (calves were still burnin from Friday 30″ warmups x30)
    Knees to Parallel

    Finished PE rounds and decided to fill up the remainder of the 25-min cap with an attempt at the round of 30. Got to 15 burpees and time was up.

  • Richard

    Jenny A – if you’re reading the blog today, shoot me an e-mail ( when you have a minute.

  • For all my people who have already signed up for FGB6, here’s a chance to win a free Macbook Air:

    The contest runs once a week every week through Fight Gone Bad 6 itself on September 17th. Raise the most money in a week of all fundraisers, win the Macbook Air…

    And if you haven’t signed up for FGB6 at CFNYC, it’s not too late:

    Questions? Email me at allisonATcrossfitnycDOTcom.

    • When you click on that first link, you then also have to click on the tab that says “Click here for Macbook Air Contest”. Sorry that there’s no way to directly link to that page…

  • A. 95, 115, 115
    B. 22:13 rx’d. I was not ready to do this one. No sleep and mildly hung over is no way to approach this one.

    Good Job 10am.

    • Lisa

      Tequila, Craig? Ouch.

  • Michael C

    85 (3 reps)-75-75

    20:40 (T2B 1st set then K2E)

    Thanks for the push 12:30

  • Richard

    Does anyone have any reactions (positive or negative) to the CF Mobility Cert?

    • Sam G

      Unless you want to see Kelly, and meet him in person, the cert was not worth the money IMO, you can learn everything he talks about on his site and through coaches at the box, I took nothing out of it mostly because I was taught everything that he was teaching through other coaches.

      This is course my thoughs I except someone to say otherwise.

      Though 300 is relatively cheap, it can now be used for the strongman seminar which is a choice that Jeff Y and I am looking at for next month.

    • Jeff B.

      I got a lot of value out of it, but know that there is Mobility WOD, I’m not sure if its the best…

    • Sean M

      Not worth the $ if you are diligent about combing through

      • Sean M

        Not to mention the vids on the journal which cover most of what he goes over. On the positive side, he’s funny in person.

        • Sam G

          I do agree that he is a very funny person, and you get free lacrosse balls with the cert as well.

  • Stan S


    21:31 rx’d

  • Sofia

    A- 68-68-71
    B- 17:57 PE

  • Eric

    PRESS x3: 105, 115, 125F (2), 120, 125F (1)

    Need to go lighter as Dan Def mentioned and just concentrate on form. leaning back too much

    WOD: 24:59 rxed

  • Ray

    20:14 Rx’d. Kicked my ass.

  • Hari

    A: 120, 125, 127
    B: 30:05

  • Akash

    A. 115 – 125 – 135 (3x)
    B. 23:08 PE (24 in. box, T2B)

  • Ralph

    A: 125, 130, 130

    B: 23:13 (V-ups instead of T2B)

    Have I mentioned how much I hate burpees lately? Holy hell.

  • Eric

    Shit-just realized I did x3 instead of what it said, x5. LOL tomorrow…

  • Courtney

    A: 63 – 67 – 73
    B: 18:08 (Rx)

  • Seth


    18:30 (RX)