5 rounds of fun

A: Press 3-3-3

B: Compare to 100806

5 Rounds for Time (Post Elements: 4 Rounds)
5 Muscle-Ups (Post Elements: 15 Pull-Ups, 15 Ring Dips)
10 Overhead Squats (115/75#; Post Elements: 75/45#)
15 Toes-To-Bar (Post Elements: Knees-To-Elbows)
20 Situps (Games Prep: GHD Situps)

C: 3 Rounds for Time: “FGB6 practice”
1 Minute Box Jumps to a 20-inch box (cycling these as quickly as possible)
1 Minute Rest

The power position
The problem with serving sizes
Paleo chicken bastila / How to roast a suckling pig
The jerk for sports
Health now: A provocation

David L-sits:

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s WOD classes:

A: 21 Unbroken Back Squats, 15 Unbroken Back Squats, 9 Unbroken Back Squats

B: As Many Rounds As Possible in 12 Minutes:
10 Pull-Ups
10 Ring Dips
10 Lunge Steps

C: Tug of War


  • Three quick thoughts:

    We’ve had a few questions about these 21-15-9 (or-15-12-9) strength segments. In the past, we’ve noticed that training strength in a totally segmented way often yields very strong athletes who aren’t great at expressing that strength in the context of the WOD. Hence these segments, which modify the highest volume portion of our Zatsiorsky periodization into something that bridges from limit strength work to the strength endurance needed for CrossFit.

    Next, a quick warning about this WOD, which is a great example of the First Law of CrossFit: if it looks easy on paper, you’re f*cked. If you push hard on this one, you should be unsure whether your muscles or your lungs are going to give out first. With that in mind, jumping pullups and dips are likely better subs than using bands, as they allow faster setups and faster cycling.

    And, finally a hint on tug of war: think like an Olympic lifter, and keep your arms straight. Just as with o-lifts, bending your arms undercuts your ability to transfer force from the larger, more powerful muscles of your legs and core.

    • Ack. I’m losing my mind, as this comment applies to *tomorrow’s* workout.

      I don’t have anything smart to say about today’s other than it seriously sucks.

      • Richard


  • Richard

    A. 95-95-95
    B. 21:46; PE with 55lbs and box dips

    Great job, 6:15!

  • Michael williamson


    115lbs for 2.75 rounds, 95lbs the last 2.25 rounds.
    GHD sit-ups thru out.

    Do Not underestimate this workout, it is a tough one. I recommend 95lbs for the overheads. If you can’t control the weight, there’s no work benefit to trying.

  • Michael williamson

    115lbs for 2.75 rounds, 95lbs the last 2.25 rounds.
    GHD sit-ups thru out

    Do Not underestimate this workout, it is a tough one. I recommend 95lbs for the overheads. If you can’t control the weight, there’s no work benefit to trying.

  • Michael C


    4 rnds capped at 25mins (KPU, ring dips,#75, KTE,Situps)
    Minus 10 KTE, 20situps

    Pullup-ringdip-KTE combo was killer.

  • 135 – 155 (fail on 2nd) – 135

    I did the following order & scaling:
    10 OHS (95) – 10 Pullups (2.5″ band) – 10 Paralette Dips – 15 Knees2Parallel – 20 Situps

    Hit the 25 Min Cap @ 3 Rds + 5 K2P

    • Jacinto told me to hit you up. He said you would be someone i could relate to. I just started and i have a good 75-100lbs to lose. Im committed over at crossfit 718 and doing paleo. Hit me up on facebook.com/jfisherman if you can. Thanks

  • Akash

    A. 115 – 125 – 135 (1x)
    B. 23:28 for 4 Rounds, 75lbs overhead, 7 strict pull, 7 strict dips

    This one sucked…and boy was it crowded. Rough morning

  • Manny

    A. 115-135-155 should try 165
    B. 20:something w/ 65#, 7 pullup/7 ringdip scaling

    Overhead squats just don’t feel mechanically natural.

  • Jason W

    ~27:00 min GP.

    In a word: uncomfortable. I got time capped while doing toes to bar on my last round, and then just finished it out.

    You know you’re in trouble when OHS feels like the easiest of the movements. That last round of toes to bar is a doosie.

    Pro-tip: be mindful of your grip. try to get those toes to bar done with as little slippage as possible. the more your hands turn on that bar, the worse you’re going to be.

    • Jenny A

      Yeah, the grip (and rip) on the toes to bar was tough. Are there any thoughts on the ideal grip for Toes 2 bar? Is it the same as for kipping pullups or is it better to try to hold on with just the fingers?

      31:47, 65# OHS, 7 strict pullups and bar dips, GHD situps. The toes to bar went very slowly in an attempt to protect my already shredded hands. Great 10 AM class.

      • Richard

        We missed you at 6:15.

      • Jason W

        As a first course of action: if you think your grip is starting to slip, let go. Even if you think you can squeeze out two or three more reps, a tear isn’t worth it.

        For the toes to bar, I’ve been using annie sakamoto’s t2b in the games final event as my model. To describe it, I’d say she uses more muscle elasticity than a kip. Her body is pretty much straight up and down for the entire motion. It’s pretty freakin’ sick and the fact that her body isn’t swinging back and forth means her hands aren’t seeing a lot of friction.

        In general, if my hands are going to rip, i want them to rip on the fingers rather than the palms. Fingers are easy to tape up. Palms, not so much. Obviously, gripping with more palm is going to be a strong grip, but i’ll go ahead and slide down to my fingers if i think my palms are about to rip.

        • Jenny A

          Thanks, Jason. I’ll definitely try that next time. The letting go part I mean, though it would be pretty cool to replicate annie sakamoto’s completely unkipped t2b.

          Richard, I missed the 6:15 crew too. I’m still loyal to that time slot, but I’m pretty glad I avoided the large crowd for this workout. It was pretty steamy with just a handful of us at 10.

          • mike r

            If you rip your hands or completely lose your grip, you probably would benefit from more scalling. People generally rip their hands when they are “reving” the bar. If this is happening on a consistent basis, ask yourself if youre kipping or if your just flailing around trying to string 1 or 2 reps together. The latter is poor form which you will not benefit from.

  • Ralph

    A: 115, 125, 125

    B: 23:57 (75#, Jumping muscle-ups, and V-ups after round 3 instead of T2B)

    Had muscle ups last week and hand to scale down to jumping muscle ups today. Torn a chunk of skin off my right hand so had to do V-ups instead of T2B to finish the WOD.

    Also, first class with Sara. Great coaching, even if she is a bit intimidating.

  • A: Subbed back squats, worked up to 1 x 225#

    B: 24:13 (Strict-esque MU, 33# OHS-hahaha!, reg sit ups)

    As Brian pointed out, I think I sweat out my bodyweight on this one. Good work to all in the 10 am, and thanks Sara for yelling me through my last situps!

  • This one made very little sense. T2b into GHD’s?
    Anyway, did everything rx’d except ohs at 95#. After the fouth round of t2b and GHD’s it stopped being fun so I stopped and finished the muscle ups and ohs.

  • Sara

    26:10 gp rx’d

  • Richard

    It looks like a lot of people ripped their hands today (myself included). For tomorrow, apart from taping, is there a good stimulus-preserving substitute that would involve less friction — maybe ring rows from a tough angle?

  • Sofia

    B-20:05 PE except 5 rds and ghds (red band and box dips)

  • Eric

    5 rounds, 7 pullups and 7 dips, 75# and regular situps, 24:13

  • Jordan

    WOD: 30:12

    5 rounds; Muscle ups rx’d (unbroken), 65# ohs, toes to bar and regular situps.

  • Stan S


    Muscle ups rx’d, 45# OHS, T2B and GHD situps

    Sara’s yelling took minutes off my time.

  • Annie

    22:10, pull ups/box dips, 43# OHS. T2B and situps

  • Steve Slo

    5 rounds:
    7PU/7 box dips
    10 #85 OHS
    15 toes to bar

    Palms ripped in round 3, probably because i’m swinging like an idiot to get my toes in proximity to the bar (or even my knees to parallel). Looks like tomorrow may have to be a rest day. Disappointing.

    Some elderly guy stopped me as I was leaving the gym to tell me I “looked lovely in the glow of my phone.” So… That’s good news, at least.

    • Steve Slo

      err… sorry… 2 corrections:

      1) PUs were done with a thin green band.
      2) I did not rip my palms, but rather tore calluses. I’m reading up on hand care and learning that these terms are not interchangeable.

      …everything else is accurate.

  • Josh R

    30:02, 5 rounds. Medium band for pull-ups and ring dips, 65# for the OHS, which felt pretty good until the very last few reps, which were more of a “squat halfway down and then ditch the bar” situation.

    And I cut the K2E to 10 reps. I figure, those last few aren’t taxing my system, just killing my grip and slowing me down. I’m glad I did that.

  • Hari

    A: 125, 130, 130

    B: 43:30 (95 lbs)
    20 minutes lost on MU’s.

  • 29:27 bb rx
    ohs were evil. lots of failed attempts.