If you can’t participate…donate.

Jared K. tells us why he’s participating in Fight Gone Bad 6, the fundraiser, at CrossFit NYC: “Because nobody deserves to have to live with a disability, especially when they put their life on the line for our country. It’s hard enough to have to live with a disability let alone worrying about providing for their family.”

And if you donate to Jared for FGB6, the really cool part is that the company he works for will match all donations up to $500! So if you can’t be a participant, consider being a donor, and please donate to Jared so that we can double his donations due to the generosity of his company. Thanks!

I’ll be featuring various participants in FGB6 @ CFNYC here on the blog. If you’d like to be featured, just email me at allison AT crossfitnyc DOT com.

Monday 110808

A: Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1

B: “Burping Fran

21-15-9 reps of the following:
Thruster 95#/65# (Post-Elements: 65#/43#)
Pull-Ups (Games Prep: Chest to bar)

CrossFit Sports Series: Queens

We just don’t jump like we used to
The Games recap
Braised vegetables / Cooking pork in a fire pit / Gluten-free fried chicken
Ancient moves for orthopedic problems

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s WOD classes:

A: Press 3-3-3

B: Compare to 100806

5 Rounds for Time (Post Elements: 4 Rounds)
5 Muscle-Ups (Post Elements: 15 Pull-Ups, 15 Ring Dips)
15 Toes-To-Bar (Post Elements: Knees-To-Elbows)
20 Situps (Games Prep: GHD Situps)

C: 3 Rounds for Time: “FGB6 practice”
1 Minute Box Jumps to a 20-inch box (cycling these as quickly as possible)
1 Minute Rest


  • Hari

    Next Post-Elements dinner is Friday, August 26. All CFNYC members are invited to congratulate our recent Elements graduates. Post to comments, if you’re in.

    • Richard

      I’m in.

    • Jason W

      I’m in as well.

    • Carlos

      I’m in too.

  • Deadlifts – 135 – 225 – 275 – 315 – 335

    Burping Fran – (around) 15:30
    Scaling: 75 lbs – Jumping Pullups

    They capped the WOD at 15 minutes, but I was halfway through the burpees in the round of 9 at that point, so I finished. I purposely kept it lighter than last week on the deadlifts. Burping Fran wasn’t as debilitating as I thought it would be…if I went with 95 lbs it would likely be a different story.

  • Aaron

    Don’t remember the exact progression, but got to 305 on the deadlifts which was a new PR for me.

    9:25 on burping Fran @ 65#. That was a whole different beast than standard Fran- it’s amazing how much burpees make every other movement so much more difficult. Thrusters were the hardest part, I really suck at anything that involves weight overhead.

  • Cassie

    Visited crossfit asphodel in hong kong today, the WOD was Annie, first time attempting double unders, 14:58 as rx’d, not like 6:15 but pretty great for a vacay workout!

    • Richard


  • Jamie F.

    Hey guys. I forgot a pair of sneakers in the gym this a.m. in the cubbies. Nike air max 95’s neon green size 9.5. Can someone put them behind the desk so I can grab them tonight or in the a.m. Thanks!!!

    • Jamie, they’re behind the desk and I attached your name to them.

  • Manny


    12:12 Burping Fran RX – Burpees definitely sucked. I spent minutes sitting down and not working.

  • Madeleine

    I found my one rep max on deadlifts just six days ago, so I decided not to do that again so soon.

    A: three sets of three deadlifts, 235-235-235.
    B: 65#, jumping pull-ups, 12:58.

  • Mike K

    Quick recommendation for today’s. If you pulled heavy deads on tuesday last week, you may want to use today to focus more on perfect form rather than maxing out.

    Personally I give at least 10 days, but usually more, between heavy deadlift days. 10 days is generally the amount of time it takes the sacrotuberous ligament to recover from the stress of really heavy deads, and I usually take more time than that due to both what my schedule allows, and the stress really heavy deads put on your CNS.

    That said, if you haven’t been lifting for a while, you will be fine pulling heavy once a week or so and will likely hit a PR most of the time, as you have a ways to go before you run up against your overall potential.

    Just my 2 cents for those of you with more lifting experience who are using heavier weights.

  • Jamie

    As for the WOD:


    1 Rep @ 315 LBS – Complete
    1 Rep @ 365 LBS – Complete
    1 Rep @ 385 LBS – Failed
    1 Rep @ 385 LBS – Complete
    1 Rep @ 405 LBS – Complete

    Burping Fran:
    13:40 – Thrusters @ 95 LBS.

    • Jamie F.

      I just noticed I typed 405 as complete up here. That was a mistake. Failed that rep but 385 was a 5 LBS deadlift PR.

  • Big shout outs to Coach Mike K., Coach Kevin P., and friend-of-CFNYC Brian D. for their performances yesterday at the Connecticut Open Oly competition. Stay tuned to the blog for pics and/or vids.

    • Stan S

      Dead lifts 225-245-265-285-285

      Burping Fran: 15:40 gp rx’d, strict c2b pull ups

  • Craig p

    This was “fun”. Josh, what the hell!!??

    Took mikes advice on deadlifts and only went up to 300.

    Wanted to do burpfran sub 10 minutes. Missed it by ten seconds.

    10:10 rx’d

    Good job to all 12:30!

    • I think of these classic CFNYC WODs as similar to classic literature – you don’t always enjoy them while you’re partway through, but you’re always glad to look back on them. Or something like that.

      Yes, this shit sucks.

  • Whitney Eden

    Hi all,
    There’s a strongman event in NJ in two weeks that looks really fun. I’m signed up to do it, but there’s only 2 women signed up (including me) so far and they need at least 1 more to make a women’s class. Let me know if anyone wants to do it. I’m gonna rent a Zipcar and probably hit the beach afterwards. Nothing goes better with bruises than a suntan…


    • Mike K

      Link is broken. The right one is – http://www.nastrongman.com/pdf/2011/2011lfr.pdf

      I’m signed up for this too. They are still accepting signups till the day of so long as you call first. Would be cool to see some people go out & compete, especially some ladies to fill out the women’s class.

    • Whitney:

      Thanks for posting. I probably need another year, considering my body weight and those stone weights…yikes! But I’ll consider it next time for sure. BTW here is a link that works:


      • Lisa

        Reis, thanks for the fixed link. Although now that I have read the challenges I doubt I am up for any of them *this* year.
        Whitney, it looks like a lot of fun and I hope the women’s competition goes ahead.

  • Nicole W.

    Great job to everyone that lifted yesterday at the Connecticut Open! Also Congrats to Adam R. for winning first place in his weightclass. I have videos of everyone and will post it soon.

    • jenntang

      Congrats Adam, I knew you’d kick ass! Can’t wait to see the videos of all the CFNYC competitors!

  • jenntang

    185-205-215-225F-225F Was not at all awake this morning.

    Burping Fran:
    10:00 65#, jumping C2B pull-ups

  • Jason L.

    Here’s another good recap of the games
    from Blair Morrison (5th place)

    especially this paragraph:
    The proof that this test of tests was balanced can be found in the top 10 finishers and their body types. Looking down the line you had Chris Spealer, Pat Barber, and Josh Bridges, 3 guys looking up at 5’7” with exceptional gymnastic skills and conditioning but also impressive strength. You also had Spencer Hendel, Jason Khalipa, and Matt Chan, 3 guys easily over 210 lb and extremely powerful. You also had Rich Froning, Zach Forrest, and Dan Bailey, athletes of medium height but with muscular thickness that screams CrossFit. Finally you had the leaner guys like myself, Graham Holmberg, and Ben Smith, rarely the strongest or the most skilled but always good enough to stay in the hunt. This was as balanced a top group as one could ask for and I think that speaks volumes about the programming.

  • Adam R

    Ha, thanks Nicole. Full disclosure: there was only one other person in my weight class. I was just happy to post a total. I benefited from some good coaching too. All our Black Boxers did a great job — I think each of our lifters has something to be proud of and build on for the next meet.

    • Congrats, Adam! Didn’t mean to leave you off the list of congratulations!

    • Ralph


  • A: 345# DL

    —Thanks Mike for the pointers on the weights on the deadlift. I didn’t pull very heavy last week, so went a little heavier today.

    B: 11:15, 85#. Much loud swearing at burpees.

  • Sofia

    A- 173-183-193-193-193 worked form
    B- 12:52 53#

  • Ralph

    A: 275, 295, 315, 335, 345

    B: 13:33 (75#)

    I hate burpees. With a passion.

  • Avery

    Congrats to everyone who participated in the meet this past weekend – lots of competition prs all around!!!

  • Akash

    Worked up to 315 before failing at 325 but that is a 30lb PR!!
    Got crushed by the wod – 15:02 @ 75lbs

  • Annie

    11:55 (53#)

  • Steve Slo

    A) 315 – 335 (PR) – 355F – 345 (PR)

    B) 16:??
    #95 thrusters
    Thin green band for pullups

    I’m starting to hate burpees slightly less.

  • Whoooooo burpeesssss, learn to love them

  • Whoooooo burpeesssss, learn to love them

  • Michael C


    12:10 (#65, KPU)