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Tuesday 110802

A: Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1

B: WOD (compare to 110221)

“Cindy” (Post-Elements and Black Box)

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of the following:

5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats


“Mary” (Games Prep)

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of the following:

5 Handstand Pushups (35# Rogue plates under hands, head to 1 AbMat)
10 One-Legged Squats, Alternating Legs
15 Pull-ups

C: Balance Drills

54 ways to cook a squat
Making it work
Steak and eggs in haiku format / Paleo breakfast cereal
Dear ego: Shut up
The cougar behind your trash can

A Q&A with Coach Deverell, who is a competitive road and track cyclist in addition to a crossfitter. (Please note that the bolding in the answers is added by me.)

1) You just won bronze in the NY State Track Championships in the kilo. What’s it like to race that distance? Is this your biggest win ever? If not, what was and why?First, I must say that I love your politically correct and emotionally sensitive wording. The thought that I “won bronze” never really crossed my mind. Doesn’t bronze mean that I’m the second loser? 🙂

Oh gawd, the kilo…
Well the kilo is one of the worst events in cycling.
It’s only one thousand meters. You versus the clock. Granted it’s only a minute and change, it feels like an eternity and hurts like bloody murder if you do it right. I attended a cycling camp a few years ago. The coach said that you know you’re going hard when you lose color vision. While I’ve never experienced that before, the first time I did the kilo, I lost peripheral vision. I could only see within a box of like one square foot that was vibrating nonstop. When you put it all out there, it’s like running a computer in safe mode. Your body starts shedding unnecessary functions. Typically after the kilo I carefully get off the bike and seek a hidden place to be alone. I’m usually in so much pain I don’t want anyone to see me. I often don’t know whether to sit or lay down. I’ve once had my body completely cramp up from the waist down.

I have won various races in the past. This was not my best result in this discipline, though it was a good time for me. I finished in 1:18:65. That is not a fast time for kilo standards but at Kissena that is a decent time. That track is a special place. The road surface is not very smooth and weather conditions are often unpredictable. I was both happy and disappointed with my result. I was disappointed that I missed a Silver medal by 6 hundredths of a second. I know that I could have given a little bit more of myself but hey you must learn a lesson every time you get on stage. Everyone wishes they could see as good as they do in hindsight.

I’m also disappointed in that photo of me:) The look on my face says all. I was deep in the hurtbox when that photo was shot. I will also apologize for the gratuitous display of cleavage. It was crazy hot, over 100 degrees with the heat index!

I am happy about the fact that this was one of my fastest times and I rode “cannibal”. Cannibal is when you ride without the benefit of aero equipment. That’s like powerlifting without a crazy suit. The two guys that placed ahead of me were decked out in aero gear. The equipment provides a huge advantage. I’m also happy about how I performed given my pathetic lack of training over the last two months. It has given me more faith in my understanding of choosing the right workouts to get the adaptations that I need. This is a never ending learning process. I was on the bike probably less than 20 times in the past 8 weeks. Another crazy thought is that this was my first time on the track since May 2010.

2) Did you race any other distances at the championships? Yes, I also did the Points Race. No bueno. I got 4th. My legs were toast.

3) What’s your favorite distance to race and why (besides you’re good at it)? I love the track as well as crits. They are very intense. They are aggressive, fast and require you to possess some daredevil qualities. Both require strong tactical ability. It’s an art to be able to make tactical decisions while your brain is being starved of oxygen. Like many Crossfitters, I seek pleasure out of my own pain and suffering.

4) You were already a competitive track bike racer pre-crossfit. Tell us how CrossFit improved your racing (if it did) and tell us how you incorporate CrossFit into your bike training to avoid overtraining and injury? Were you already strength training pre-CrossFit? Yes, I race both road and track. Sometimes it seems odd to say that. My work life has become so demanding that I have not been able to be nearly as involved in training and racing as I have in the past. It is one of those sports that you get out what you put in. It is more about fitness than skill. You’re not going to be able to roll out of bed and be good. You hafta put in work and lots of it. I’m keeping hope alive:) I’m trying to get myself in racing shape for some late-season races.

CrossFit has certainly improved my climbing and sprint power on the bike. CrossFit is a gateway drug. Through CrossFit I’ve gained lots of knowledge about the importance of holistic living, nutrition, mobility, movement and strength. Racing is a small part of my life. As a whole, CrossFit has helped me to improve my whole life. I also feel that my bike racing has greatly improved my crossfitting. Suffering on the bike has an immediate crossover to CrossFit. Also through racing I have a well-developed understanding of power. I have trained using a power meter for a number of years now. I measure and track all of my training data using heart rate, wattage, cadence, and work performed in kilojoules. Through software, I can graph my acute and chronic training loads. The data can show you precise estimations of when you are at your best levels of fitness, when you need rest, which energy systems you need to develop, etc. That experience has huge crossover into my CrossFit life. A good training stimulus need not always leave you feeling like you’ve been through 12 rounds with a young Mike Tyson. Because of my experience analyzing training data, I am a big advocate for the concept of scaling. Make it lighter and move it fast. For sport, strength is useless if it cannot be delivered at a high velocity. A great comparison that Crossfitters are familiar with would be the school of thought coming from Westside Barbell. Those guys are mega strong but train with loads that pale in comparison to their max ability. Their training loads allow them to produce huge wattage while leaving them able to quickly recover for next workout.

5) Does competing help you as a coach and if so, how? I like to think so. My athletic endeavors helped to mold my frame of thought on how to use CrossFit. I believe that CrossFit is a tool. I choose to use it to help with my racing. Each athlete has to figure out how they will use it. Do you want to compete in CrossFit competitions? Are you trying to lose weight? Be a better soccer player? Prepare for your first oly lifting meet? Knowing how you intend to use CrossFit can help us all to be better coaches. In addition, I love competition. I equally love seeing athletes that I work with win. Victory is sweet. Victory is a training stimulus in and of itself. Like CrossFit, victory is infinitely scaleable. Victory is measured in many different ways by different people. It could be just showing up for your first Elements class or it could be standing on the top step of the podium of your chosen sport.

6) Do you plan to participate in FGB6 at CFNYC? I’d love to. I may be doing a target race the following week. Hopefully it won’t hurt me too bad. Please give me a sub for box jumps. My calves don’t like them anymore 🙂
(I guess that means that I just signed up…doesn’t it?)

* * * * *

Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s WOD classes:

A: Find your 1 repetition maximum (“1RM”) on the press

B: Find your maximum height on the box jump


  • Hari

    Next Post-Elements dinner is August 26. All members are invited. Post to comments, if you’re in.

    • Richard

      I’d be up for it. Can also double as a “Welcome back Cassie” dinner.

  • Jay

    i think a while back people posted names of CF-friendly chiros/PT’s/sports med dr’s etc. can anyone repost that or recommend a dr in nyc for what i think is herniated disc in my back. getting tired of going to dr’s who just say lifting weights is bad for you.

    • Lisa

      Jay, I see a chiro/ART guy for anything that ails me in particular, and for regular tuneups.
      He treats a lot of athletes so he knows where we are coming from.
      Dr. Steven D. Levine, at 30 Fifth Avenue –

      • Jason W

        I’ll second this rec. been going to dr. levine for the past month for some work on my back. The last time I tweaked it, it nagged me for the better part of a year. With dr. levine’s help, i’m back to about 80% within a month. good stuff.

        • Eric

          Jay, I’ll third this-I tweaked my sacro-iliac joint a few months ago and Dr. Levine is awesome.

  • Chris P

    RSun is a pure bad ass, great interview

  • erika

    WOD @sydney: for time, 21-15-9 SDLH (24kg) and OHS (55#) = 8:27

    • Alex

      How is the Sydney Crossfit? I will be down there most of September and hope to get some workouts in.

      • erika

        oh it’s amazing. the facility is great and huge. they have everything you could possibly want to work out with. they run 3 WODs during each hour class (HQ, OLY, END) so you pick what you want to work on. every one starts with a good warm up, then mobility exercises, then WOD practice, then the actual WOD, then core, then serious stretching. facility is open for you to drop in any time at all and do your own work out as well (which is great since brian is giving me nyc endurance routines to do and they are cool with me doing what he wants me to do), you just need to give them a head’s up.

        and the coaches are fantastic. very hands on. very nice. very attentive.

        the location is a bit of a pain to get to (the moved from a very central location to this new one last month, just south of the city center) but worth it and very doable if you know where you are going. also the closest crossfit to central sydeny.

        shoot me an email when you get here.

  • Richard

    A. Warm-Up at 225lb (3 Reps); 1-1-1 at 250lb, then failure.
    B. 13 Rounds + 3 Pull-Ups, Rx’d.

    Cassie – we’ll miss you! See you in 3 weeks (you better have push-ups and hand-stands by then! ;-)).

    • Richard

      P.S. Sara – good call with the 6+4 on the push-ups.

    • Cassie

      you have such sexy abs

  • Adam R

    Legendary weapon, Deverell brings the ruckus!

  • Jenny A

    Cindy: 13 rounds + 5 pullups, Rx’d.

    Yeah Sara, very good call on breaking up the push ups 6+4. I can’t wait to be able to string pullups together. Happy to finally do a workout with real kips, at least

    • Richard

      Nice work, Jenny!

    • erika

      yeahhhhhh jenny! GO TEAM, GO!

  • Deadlifts – 275 – 315 – 365 – 405* – 425*

    *1-rep max PR (previous PR 4/26 – 385)

    Cindy – 8 Rds + 5 Squats

    (previous Cindy 2/22 – 7 Rds + 4 pullups)

    Hats off to Chadron for pulling 455 after making my PR look like a warmup set.

    What a sick day of benchmarks! I can’t say enough about the new programming. My progress has been through the roof…thanks to everyone for your constant encouragement. It feels amazing to get so much stronger and faster in such a short period of time. I’m humbled by this whole experience.

    • Cassie

      as richard would say, AMAZEBALLS reis! now you can reward yourself with some so delicious =)

    • Sam G

      Oh yous a bad ass! 500 is the next 400, easy peasy, nice work!

  • Andy

    Hats off to Reis for his encouragement for my deadlift PR-365. I didnt realize you were blowing through that 400# barrier today, great lifts man!
    Cindy 14 rounds +5+10+2. And ditto about Sara’s 6/4 pushup recommendation, thanks.

    • You are a sick human to plow through 14 rounds of Cindy after that pull. See? There’s glory to be had at 7:00 too my friend…well done.

      • Cassie

        whoa whoa, andy belongs in do you reis 😀

        • andy g

          My thoughts exactly. I have no idea why Reis continues to slum around with any other class.

  • Kameron

    Deadlifts – Focused on form (thanks Jeff!), so today wasn’t really about weight for me. Managed to work up to 185 though. Capable of a lot more. Need to push myself harder next time.

    Cindy – 9 rounds + 5 pull ups. Today was the first day I was able to kip the entire 20 mins. In the words of Bill Murray, “so I got that goin’ for me, which is nice”.

    • Cassie


    • Jeff B.

      @Kameron: Good work on the form today. Solid effort.

    • Richard

      Nice work, Kameron!

  • Andy

    Oh yeah, Richard, those sexy abs were noticed by me too!

  • Cassie

    oh cindy cindy cindy

    12 rounds + 5 + 4
    box push-ups

    compared to feb 22nd, i got almost the exact same numbers but back then i used the thin black band and did knee push-ups so i guess there’s been improvement

    • Sam G

      It is improvement, stop it!, negativity goes out the door when you come back, now only for that handstand, we will revisit it after you come back hopefully.

  • erika

    A: warmup @ 83 lbs. 103-123-143-153-163. back is sore. WORTH IT.
    B: 12 rounds w 5 pullups. i had to kip my banded pullups after a while. pushups done off a box and then off the wall.

    i agree with the folks above — good call on splitting the pushups at 6 and 4, sara!

  • Richard

    Nice job on the PR, bud!

    • Richard

      (That’s for Reis and Andy G.)

    • Nice job on those abs buddy. I’m sure mine will look like that once I find them…

      • Richard

        They’re there! Trust me!

  • kevin p

    Great work today everyone. Sara has a a great memory;)

  • Alex

    A.) Deadlifts – 365#, 385#, 405# fail (was lifting with Reis and got way too agressive on that last one).
    B.) Cindy, 12 rounds, 4 pullups. It was hot & sticky in the box today!

  • Tim

    a) Deadlift PR: 245#
    b) 8 rounds (last 3 rounds of pullups with the thin blue band)
    Sara’s push up suggestion really helped but i was dragging today.

  • Sam G

    Workout out with another trainer today in the park, working on rope climbs, we found a tree and i started my journey of fail. Climbing rope is hard, just like everything else, but it sure was fun. After a half hour of Rope practice

    5 rounds of
    Walking lunge 100 feet with 60 pound sandbang
    Sprint back with bag
    5 rope climbs with hands from seated position with rope

    the rope climbs descended down.

    Time: 11:04 buddy got 8 something with actually climbing the 15 foot rope.

    Still need one more person for the Subway challenge on Saturday so far we have

    1. Me
    2. Craig P

    Have no Ladies 🙁

    • Craig p

      Sam, I craptastically got called into work on Saturday so Im pretty much out. Sucks.

      • Sam G


  • Jeff B.

    @Cassie: Fare the well! You’ll be missed.

    My work:

    Deads: 315, 335, 355, 365# (did not do a 5th set)

    Cindy RX: 16 rounds on the nose. Not a PR, but cathartic.

  • Craig p

    New deadlift PR today at 350.
    18 rds 10 push ups. Rx’d

  • Stan S


    17 rounds + 1 pull up, rx’d strict pull ups

    at the beach so no Sara to yell at me

  • Lisa

    Nice cleavage, Deverell!

    • We are all about the equal-opportunity cleavage here at CFNYC…


  • Paul Booth

    265 & 15 rounds + 2 push ups (Rx)
    Both PRs

    To echo, great advice on the pushups from Sara

  • Cathy

    Nice work Deverell! Always great to see what our coaches are up to outside of Crossfit

  • mike n.

    16 rounds + 1 pull up.

  • Kent B

    405# DL PR

    Cindy: 19 rds + 5 pullups

  • Eric

    Great work Kent!

  • Avery

    Deverell – loved reading about what you do outside of Crossfit, your discussion of appropriate scaling and concepts on fitness.

    Also, you are about ten times geekier when it comes to tracking your fitness data than me, I’m amazed!!

  • 325# DL

    Cindy RX’d 20 rds; + 5 pullups, 10 pushups & 10 squats

    Damn you, last 5 squats!!!

  • Matt M

    A. DL – 345 – 365 – 385 – 395 – 400 (f)
    B. Mary – 8 Rounds as rx’d

  • Michael C

    A: 185-205-235-235-245
    B: 11 rnds Rx

  • To everyone who enjoyed the Q&A with Deverell, thanks. I did the easy part of asking the questions, Deverell did the hard part of all that work.

    If you have a story to tell about your athleticism outside of CrossFit, whether you’re a coach or a gym member, email me at allisonATcrossfitnycDOTcom and we’ll see if we can’t do a Q&A with you as well!

  • Jim S

    DL 255 275 285 290(fail) 285(fail) 255
    14 rds Cindy + 5 pullups
    Regressing a bit on my DL (PR is 300). Just gotta keep pulling.

  • Sofia

    B-13rounds+ 2p/u RX

  • Cedric

    Just got back from Vegas yesterday but I managed Cindy
    Rxd 21 + 1 pullup.

    A big F-U and thanks to Sara for pushing me to 21. My goal was just to survive to ten and take a break every round. *sigh*

  • JR

    Warm up at 295 PR up from…205. Thanks to Dev pushing me on that
    Cindy: 16 rounds

  • Ralph

    A: 315, 335, 355 (PR), 375 (F), 365 (F) – Probably would’ve had better luck if I attempted the 365 right after my PR, instead of 375. Being able to lift 355 felt great, though.

    B: Cindy – 11 rounds, 5 pull-ups, 8 push-ups, RX.

  • Eric

    DL: 315, 355, 385, 405 (tied PR) didn’t have time for 5th. Back was rounded-but weight at least went up quicker

    Cindy: 16 rounds, plus 1 pullup (previous was 13 rounds)
    Kips are better, but still need lots of work
    Pushups divided 5-5 each round. And since they were divided up, were of better quality than before as well.
    Squats were easiest

    • Sam g

      Nice pull Eric.

  • Sean M

    Sumo DL 1-1-1-1-1

    10 mins of Mary: 10 rounds, then
    10 mins of Cindy: 12 rounds

  • Jordan

    Deadlift: 305# (PR)
    Cindy: 15 rounds Rx’d

  • Annie

    13 rounds and 3 pull ups Rx’d

  • Hari

    A: 295, 305, 315, 325, 335(PR)
    B: ‘Cindy’ 16 rounds plus 5 pull-ups

  • Steph

    Deads: 135,155, 175, 185, 190
    Cindy: 11 Rounds + 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 10 squats! Missed a round by 5 squats = Rx’d!!!

  • John

    Dead lifts 220 240 240 250
    Cindy 15 rounds ( and 1 pull up to round it out!) Rx

  • Courtney

    Deads: 135,155, 175 (PR), 185 (PR)
    Cindy: 16 rounds + 5 PU Rx

  • Jon Mark

    Deads (first time): 185-205-225-255-255
    Cindy Rx’d: 18 rounds + 5 pull ups + 10 pushups + 9 squats

  • Jay

    thanks for the responses guys

  • Jeff

    DL: 315#, 4 singles

    AMRAP 20
    5 ab wheel rollouts from knees
    10 (5 each side) single leg DL w/ 1.5 pood KB
    15 ring rows

    at least 9 rounds (lost count) + 7 1LDLs

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