Let’s take this outside

Just more than six years back – July 3rd, 2005 – CrossFit NYC held its first official workout as an affiliate at the Ross Pinetum Playground of Central Park.

Ever since then, we’ve celebrated summer (and CFNYC) with Central Park WODs, digging up such classics as “Mugging Gone Bad“, and enjoying the comedy of a round of Tabata squats immediately followed by a 400m ‘run’.

So, next Sunday, August 7th at 11am, On Sunday, August 21st, come join us once again at the Ross Pinetum, for an excellent workout, an inevitable crowd of gawkers, and a ‘mimosas = recovery’ brunch.

Please RSVP to Sophie at srblahdATgmailDOT.com (specifying Park WOD and brunch or just Park WOD). Thanks!


Back in the day…2007, to be exact…

Monday, August 1:

WOD: 2011 CrossFit Games Masters WOD #1

For time:
21 Overhead squats
21 Hand-release push-ups
150 yard Shuttle run
15 Overhead squats
15 Hand-release push-ups
100 yard Shuttle run
9 Overhead squats
9 Hand-release push-ups
50 yard Shuttle run

In honor of CrossFit NYC Coach and Masters Competitor Jacinto Bonilla, all Black Box athletes will use the scaling for age 60 and up: 75# for men and 45# for women.

Shuttle Run will be one length of the Box per 25 yards.

We’re not surprised: “Jacinto Bonilla, the Games’ oldest competitor, popped up out of the push-up into the squat position, showing incredible agility for a 72-year-old.”
Squatting: an expression of health
Let’s talk about shoes
Borage / Sausage-stuffed eggplant / Anaheim pepper salad
How exercise can keep the brain fit
“Why isn’t this paleo/exercise thing working?”

* * * * *

A big thanks to Cassie (pictured) who lent her camera to the proceedings to document all those in attendance at our first-ever “Post-Elements Dinner.” (Note the next one, on Fri., Aug. 26, is listed in the sidebar at left, up on top.) More pictures to come from the dinner throughout the week.

From left: Kameron, Cassie, Peter, and Richard (a.k.a., “Team Awesomeness”):

And here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s WOD classes:

A: Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1

B: WOD (compare to 110221)

“Cindy” (Post-Elements and Black Box)

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of the following:

5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats


“Mary” (Games Prep)

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of the following:

5 Handstand Pushups (35# Rogue plates under hands, head to 1 AbMat)
10 One-Legged Squats, Alternating Legs
15 Pull-ups

C: Balance Drills


  • Just wanted to re-post what Coach Kevin P. posted on yesterday’s comments about an upcoming play he’s performing in.

    It’s exciting when members and/or coaches are doing cool stuff besides being awesome at crossfit (or in Kevin’s case, Oly):

    Hi, everyone.! want to give you guys a heads up of a show I am very proud to be acting in. Fantastic cast and crew. Look forward to seeing you there. thanks.


    “Los Embrujados” and “Midnight Mass”

    TICKETS: http://www.telecharge.com/​BehindTheCurtain.aspx?prod​id=8570

    Written by Mel Nieves
    Directed by Walter J. Hoffman
    Featuring Camilo Almonacid, Arturo Castro, Alicia Fitzgerald, Wynn Hall*, Mike Havok, Gustavo Heredia, Jorge Humberto Hoyos, Flor De Liz Perez*, Kevin Prowse*, Gordon Silva*, Karen Sours, Damian Jermaine Thompson*

    *Courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

    * * * * *

    AUGUST 11 – 28
    Thursdays – Saturdays at 8 PM
    Saturdays at 2 PM
    Sundays at 3 PM
    Additional performance on Wednesday August 24 at 8 PM

    TICKETS: $15

    VISIT: http://www.telecharge.com/​BehindTheCurtain.aspx?prod​id=8570
    CALL: 212.239.6200
    BOX OFFICE: Theatre Row, 410 West 42nd Street (between 9th and 10th Avenues)

    MORE INFO: http://www.applecoretheatercompan​y.org or http://www.applecoreblog.com

    * * * * *

  • I’m planning on going to one of the matinees but haven’t picked a show yet. If you want to go with, drop me an email… allisonATcrossfitnycDOTcom.

    • Adam R

      I plan to go to one of the evening performances, I’m happy to coordinate if anyone else wants to attend.

      • Sam G

        I am willing to go, would have to do 8 pm Thursday or Friday, let me know.

  • Here’s a Jacinto Games photo that Crossfit posted on their Facebook page: http://on.fb.me/outkMZ

    Looks like he locked up 8th place (Masters 60+) at the Games. I’m honored to have been coached by him, if even for just a few WODs.

    This one’s for you Jacinto…it ain’t much, but I’m bringin everything I got…

    • Jacinto

      Reis,I know that you always give it all you got.Keep up the hard work because it will pay off many times over .

  • erika

    to the lovey huggy 6:15 class (including sara, big willy, and newlywed jeff)
    g’day mates. i’ve not been around due to moving out of chelsea and on to sydney (temporarily). i didn’t get to say a proper goodbye/thanks for pushing me to be a better crossfitter. it’s not just the lovey huggy 6:15am’ers. pretty much every WOD at any time of day there have been people inspiring, pushing and helping me along. i got better not just from the coaches (original jeff, kevin, josh) but my fellow crossfitters.

    i start my first WOD at crossfit sydney tomorrow (which is also my bday..bday WOD yay!!) and will do my best to rock up to the box and not embarrass crossfit nyc!

    looking forward to dropping in when i’m back in january!

    ps -nyc endurnace peeps: my morning runs have been in the 50s, and if i go slightly later, it’s 60something degrees. and this is winter!! not missing that humidity at all!!!

    • Lisa

      Nice going, Erika! Enjoy that cool running weather.

    • Erika, you almost make it sound like exercising at 6:15AM is a good idea. 😉

      Glad to hear you had such a great experience with the early-morning crew (which doesn’t surprise me). Wish I could have met you but I usually roll it at 7am at the earliest.

      Please email me a pic of yourself training in Australia that I could post on the blog! (allisonATCrossfitnycDOTcom).


  • andy g

    6:42 Rx’d . The OHS went really well, I noticed an improvement. Beyond the Whiteboard has a makeover and I don’t see how to post a result other than the main site WOD. Might need some help.

  • Michael C

    6:28 (#65 OHS). Nice work everyone

  • Hari

    If you are around 25 years old, and you want to estimate what your time on this WOD would be at age 72 (assuming you are highly conditioned at that age) my current estimate is to add 35 percent to your current time.

    I got this from using the Master’s Track Age-Graded Tables below and taking a rough estimate of the conversion on the closest time domain (1 mile run) and closest model domain (shot put).

    In all timed events, a young person’s time is about 70 percent that of a 72 year old (So a young person would need a 5:42 mile to be equal to a Jacinto 8:00 mile). A young person’s strength is about 40 percent greater than that of a highly conditioned 72 year old. (A young male would need about a 205 lb C& J to match Jacinto’s Games PR of 145 lbs this weekend.)


    • Hari, that is awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sam G

      I was going to ask, when Allison posted it originally but I won’t be here the 20th, but since you said it doesn’t matter if we make it to each event then I’m willing to go, need to assemble a team, I would love to go with whoever what’s to go and have some fun, and kick some butt.

      • Sam G

        This post was suppose to go under Mike K’s

      • Craig p

        I’m down.

        • Sam G

          Need one more.

          • Sam G

            I believe we need three Females as well, Tmrw will be the last day to resister for this weeks workouts, which look fun, anyways, If we get three guys I will register for three and see if we can still go, little confused on exactly how it works.

          • Wish I could join the team but I’ll be at a wedding in CT. Let’s try to get some ladies to join in so we can field a team! Saturday’s WODs sound like a blast: http://www.crossfitvirtuosity.com/news/subway-series-event-1-workouts-announced/

  • Matt M

    5:10 as Rxd

  • Barbell Rows – 155 – 165 – 185

    WOD – 8:45 RX’d

    • Oops…sorry…pushups to knees. Scratch the RX…

  • Mike K

    I know some people have expressed an interest in competitions lately.

    This one is free and being set up like the team qualifier of the CF Games open, where each team’s score is made up of the top 3 men’s & women’s scores for that day. You don’t need to make it to every event for your scores to count either. It would be a good way to get out an represent CFNYC and get a taste of competition in a more relaxed setting.

    Also, the first day’s events just sound fun. I’d do it myself this weekend, but I signed up for an oly meet on Sunday so I should probly take a rest day on Sat…


  • Craig p

    Inspired by the awesome games competitors
    4:03 rx’d.

  • Jai

    Ummmm… I’ve been futzing around the Fight Gone Bad site quite a bit and can’t figure out how to see who has donated. This is putting a little crimp in my wacky contest plans. To whoever donated this weekend, thank you! If you would actually like to try a 114# weighted pull up, email me at jaicat AT gmail DOT com.

    And if anyone knows how to display donors, please let me know! As the FGB day approaches, I want to make sure I don’t bug people who have already be generous.

    • Jai, what happens when you click on the “donor report” button? When I click on that button, it takes me to a screen that shows “date”, “first” (name, presumably), “last” (name, presumably), “amount”.

      I haven’t received any donations yet (I’m just starting to get the word out about my page now because I’ve been so busy in my captain role getting others signed up to participate) so I can’t tell for sure.

      But try that and let us know.

      • Jai: good news. I contacted Greta at SportsGrants and she gave me an answer to your question:

        1. Go to http://www.fgb6.org and log in.
        2. You land at your User Dashboard.
        3. On left-hand menu, click “Fundraising” and then under that click “Donor Report”.

        (Privacy policy prohibits SportsGrants from providing contact info, so they list name and amount only, assuming fundraisers can contact their donors…)

        • Jai


  • andy g

    The all-new Beyond the Whiteboard is looking awesome. New features, more streamlined look. For those that haven’t tried it, it tracks all your workouts. Automatically keeps track of PR’s for barbell lifts and all your Girls/Hero workouts. You can compare against other people who have done the same workout and filter the results for age, gender, Rx’d or not etc.. Plus, what I think is the coolest feature, you can fill out your personal physical info, weight, height and various measurements and it calculates your Foot Pounds of energy during the workout. So say you do the same workout but the first time you used a scaled weight and the second time an Rx’d weight. Hard to compare times, right. Well this would allow you to see the improvement via the energy stats. Been using it a couple months and highly recommend you take a look at it.

    • Cassie

      and this message was brought to you by BTW

      • andy g

        I will probably sweat in your general direction tomorrow

        • Cassie

          um..just tomorrow? try the last 3-4 months! 😀

  • Meagan

    Barbell rows – 53, 43, 48
    WOD: 8:16 33#/knees.

  • Ralph

    3-3-3 Weighted Pull-ups: 25, 35, 45 (2, then one very slow negative)

    WOD: 8:06 RX’d

  • Matt M

    Sam I would join the team for the last week end, unfortunately I am gone the other 3 weekends.

    • Sam G

      DAMM! need one more person. Thanks for the offer Matt.

  • Eric

    5:11 Rxed

    Did all OHS unbroken for the first time ever in any WOD. Great advice Dan Def

  • Sean M

    Front squat 4×5

    Weighted pull up 3×2

    4:00 RX’d

  • Courtney

    5:50 (43# OHS).

  • Sofia

    7:29 RX