Friday 110729

A: Front Squat 3-3-3


10 Rounds (Post-Elements: 7 Rounds) For Time:
10 Pull-Ups (Games Prep: chest-to-bar pull-ups)
10 Ring Dips
10 Push-ups
10 Squats

Who will win the CrossFit Games 2011? (which begin today, and you can watch here and here) — and good luck to JACINTO!
Training as escape — when a habit becomes an addiction
Bone marrow stuffed mushrooms / Cherry-olive relish / Toasted dates
Who is your favorite crossfitter and why?
The world is your oyster
Leisure sickness (via)


From Jai, who is all blinged out, CF-style, and who has signed up to participate in the FGB6 Fundraiser at CFNYC again this year: Fight Gone Bad last year demolished me . . . in a good way. The usual camaraderie of the gym is magnified by having a good cause to fight for. Last year my goal was just to get over 200 reps and raise more than $150, both of which I exceeded. This year I want to do everything RX’d and would love to “win” a hoodie [i.e., raise at least $500]. I am excited about everything except wall balls. Hate the wall balls.”

If you haven’t signed up for FGB6 as part of Team CrossFit NYC, it’s not too late. Remember, you don’t have to be a great athlete OR a great fundraiser. We’ll offer several scaling options on the WOD and there is no minimum amount of money to raise. So please consider signing up or if you cannot participate, consider donating to one of our athletes. If you’d like to donate to Jai, here’s her donation page.

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Saturday’s WOD classes:
Saturday, July 30

A: Front Lever Practice


3 Rounds For Time
15 Thrusters (Post Elements: 95#/65#, Black Box: 115#/75#, Games Prep: 135#/95#)
Run 400 Meters

C: Bottom-To-Bottom Tabata Overhead Squats


  • jim

    since no one else ha acknowledged it… BEST OF LUCK TO JACINTO AT THE CROSSFIT GAMES!!!!

    • Jim, did you not see the blog on Saturday?

      I posted a video interview I conducted with Jacinto.

    • Best of luck to Jacinto indeed!

      In his honor, all of us will get to do the Masters Games WODs as part of the next couple of weeks’ programming.

      3 – 2 – 1 KICK ASS!!

  • kristina

    Hi, I’m writing to the AM crowd that I never get to see. I’m the Operations Manager, and one of my jobs is to get our computer files in order. I need your help. Yesterday (Thursday) evening I compared the names on the White Board to the names of the people who signed in, and I found that more than half of you did not (or could not) log in at the Front Desk. Below are the names on the White Board that were not logged in. If you are having a problem, please email me at Kristina at CrossFitNYC dot com.

    6:15: Jeff, Paul, Steph, Seth, Tony, John, Peter, Alex
    7:00: Manny, Dougie, Benji, Bri, Joanna, Reis, Chris H, Matt, Chadron
    8:00: Cedric, McKensey, Sulley, Sara
    10:00: Tim, Alex, Bri, Craig P
    12:30: Peter, Jeff, Akil, Jer, Chad
    3:00: Christine

    If you have discussed this with anyone else, please do me the favor of letting me know what you have figured out.

    Thanks, Kristina

    • Stephanie

      kristina, yesterday morning when i got in (~6am) the computer was not *logged into*, it asked for the password to log in. couldn’t sign in = didn’t sign in, and then i just completely forgot all about it. possible to just post the password by the computer?

    • andy g

      dido to Stephanie, sometimes the computer is not logged into. I sign into the book if that is the case and I don’t see my name on the list so I assume that’s okay.

    • keller

      can’t trust the morning people… they are too happy

  • Lisa

    Looking good, Jai!

  • John

    anybody putting together a viewing party for the games this weekend. let me know. t’anks.

  • andy g

    22:01 7reps ea. and somewhere around the 7th or 8th round I had to switch to dips at the GHD. Last night for my 5/3/1 weight lifting I PR’d bench 190 and DL 350. To those who say us 6:15ers are too “chipper” for so early, what can I say 6:15 ROCKS.

    • Richard

      Nice work, Andy!

  • Matt M

    A. Front Squats – 195 – 205 – 225 (pr)
    B. 22:21 C2B rx’d

    • andy g

      Matt, you’re the one we are all chasing to catch up with!!! Great workout!

  • Matt M

    Andy congrats on the PR’s. Nice work.

  • First of all, congrats to Andy for a job well done!

    Front Squats – (warmups x3 – 135 – 185)

    225 – 245 – 265 (all PRs – Feb 11th PR for triples was 200)

    WOD: 27:31 – 10 Rounds of 7 Reps

    2.5″ band (pullups)
    Parallette Dips
    Pushups on knees

    Day 5 for me this week. Excited to give my body the weekend to rest and get back to it on Monday. Congrats to the 7AM class…y’all killed it this week!

    • andy g

      Thanks guys for the kind words. But Reis, you’re the beast!

      A: hey Reis, so what do you back squat
      R: last time i did 375
      A: **blank stare as I am computing that incredible number** then before I respond…
      R: what, is that like really low?

      Love your humility dude.

    • Meagan

      That is an incredible jump in your PR, Reis! Way to go.

  • Seth

    I left my red G-Shock watch on one of the shelves. Can please any confirm and hold on to it. Thanks

  • Cassie

    scaled to
    10 rounds
    7 kipping pull-ups
    7 parallette dips
    7 box push-ups
    7 air squats


    major rippage occurred today..but also did the most kipping pull-ups i’ve ever done in a WOD

    thanks erica for the GO TEAM cheers! (i was thinking GOOOO BAYSIDE!)

    • Cassie

      Front squats

      • Sam G

        Nice front squat numbers!

    • andy g

      Nice job Cassie!!!

    • Richard

      Nicely done! Let’s celebrate tonight!

    • erika

      oh i’ll totally give you a GOOOOOOO BAYSIDE!!!! cheer next time!

  • Akash

    A. 145 – 165 – 185 (maybe a PR? Honestly, its been so long I don’t even remember)
    B. 30:17. DAMN YOU RING DIPS!!! I did 10 reps of everything except 5 reps of ring dips. Despite scaling, I had to use the thin band on the last few bc I was at complete muscle failure. Always next time…

    I’m off to Chicago for 6 days and going to drop in at Windy City CrossFit…see everyone next week!

    • CAIN

      I’m at windy city almost every night
      7-830pm oly platforms

      • Akash

        Unfortunately my schedule only lends itself to AM workouts tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday and maybe on Wednesday too…

        Excited to check out the facilities

  • Michael C

    First ever WOD. Thanks for the help/support. Y’all are beasts.

    135-185-195 PR
    10 rounds
    7 KPU (last 5 rnds jumping)
    7 GHD dips
    7 squats


    • erika

      WOOOO YEAH MICHAEL! many more WODs to come!

    • andy g

      Come back to the 6:15 Michael. Good to workout with you, plus Sara said you have better front squat form then I do-got to teach me that!!!

  • Jai

    Whoever donates the most to my fundraising efforts for Fight Gone Bad by 9pm Sunday (New York time) can use me as the weight for a weighted pull-up…


    (I’m usually about 114 pounds, if that affects your decision. I’m also open to being the weight for a Turkish Get-up. And I’m open to other suggestions.)

    • mike r


  • Jai

    You know what, that would be hilarious. I’d hate being thrown but I’d love watching a video of me being thrown….

    • Jai

      I should also say, if you want to contribute but are skeered of the idea of trying to do a pull up with me hanging off you, you can nominate a champion in your stead.

      After that, piggyback jousting with the PVD pipes.

      • Jai


  • Madeleine

    A: 135-140-145-150(PR)
    B: 23:57 (scaled to 5 banded chin-ups, 5 top-of-foot ring-dips)

    See you all tonight.

  • erika

    A: 53-83-103 (new pr!)
    B: scaled down to 7 reps, banded pullups, parallette dips and pushups off the box – 11:55

  • Hari

    Has anyone gotten anything on any of the feeds for the Games? All I get is “Player Loading” on every single feed.

  • Avery


    The swim event was on but the feed is terrible. It loops every few seconds and was almost unwatchable. After about 15 minutes I gave up.

    Team events are on but there is no sound.

    I’m hoping the ESPN3 coverage is better. Seriously hope they get this fixed before the end of the competition – super annoying.

  • Brett_nyc

    worked like a charm on my iphone.

  • Hari

    I got it working on my Ipad. (Jacinto is on at 2:00 PM EST)

  • Hari

    Jacinto: 8:53

    (I believe that every single person that beat him is at least 10 years younger!)

    • andy g

      What place did he come in?

      • Hari


  • Hari

    He beat people in the 55 to 59 catagory (who were using the same weight)!

    • andy g

      at work so I can’t tune in but any details are good to hear, thanks!!!! So they had all masters compete together?

  • Jamie

    5/5/Max Deadlifts @ 295 LBS – Got 10 Reps on last set.

    Front Squat:
    3 Reps @ 205 LBS – Complete
    3 Reps @ 225 LBS – Failed on 2nd Rep
    3 Reps @ 135 LBS – Complete

    The Tens: 32:07 – Everything RX’ed but 5 Ring-Dips instead of 10 per Round.

  • Eric

    Great job Jacinto! Such an inspiration.

  • kevin p

    Awesome work Jacinto! I believe he is the oldest competitor in the games too.

  • Sara

    32:41 gp rx’d

    • Cassie

      Hope you work out with the 6:15 crew next week!

      Nobody wanted to sit next to me on the subway again, but not because I smelled!

  • Stan

    25:50 GP Rx’d with strict C2B pull ups

    was great to do the WOD with you Sara, and thanks for encouraging my friend Mark

  • Sara

    Cassie… if the wod on tuesday isn’t crazy and we don’t have newbies I’ll work out with you guys… i’m making the rounds!!! Lots of fun working out with 10am today! And I would totally sit next to you, or on top of you!

    • Richard


  • Rafi aka BDay WOD

    Thanks for the birthday shout out!


    Could of done the full boat and faster but last night was a bit of a birthday bender… and tonight will be worse. Sorry for all the terrible jokes this morning. Blame it on the Jameson.

    195 on the front squat.

  • Michael williamson

    Front squats @ 185-205-225

    17:00min GP. Ring dips are killer, super killer.

    8:50pm, count down to games watching. 321 couch stretch time!

  • Hari

    A: Skipped (Will make up tomorrow)
    B: 31:40

  • Eric

    A. 175, 195, 205

    B. 36:47 (1st 5 were rxed, then used green band for ring dips)
    Pullups were almost as easy as squats, but lost LOTS of time on ring dips

  • Sam G

    5/3/1 Press

    5@ 110
    3@ 137
    8@ 140

    Assisted Exercises

    Barbell rows, I believe the right way, 4 x 10 at 140

    Back extension 10 lbs off my GHD 3 x 15

    • andy g

      Impressive press weights Sam.