Post-Elements Dinner this Friday!

Just a reminder that our first-ever “Post-Elements Dinner is this Friday, July 29th @ 7:30pm at Rare Bar & Grill, which is just down the street.

So far we have the following RSVPs: Aimee, Alex P, Amanda, Carlos, Cassie, Eric A, Jai, Jason W, Hanna R, Jared K, Kameron, Kent B, Madeleine, Meagan, Melanie, Michael B, Ngan, Noah S, Ralph, Richard, Sam G, Santorello, Steph B, Steve L, Wayne. If you’d like to join that list, please RSVP to HariATcrossfitnycDOTcom or post to comments.

The next Post-Elements dinner will be Friday, August 26, location to be determined.

Tuesday 110726

A: L-Sit Practice


3 rounds for time:

400 Meter Run
15 Handstand Push-ups (Games Prep: Hands on 35 lb Rogue plate(s), head to abmat)
15 Pull-Ups (Games Prep: CTB Pull-Ups)

C: Farmer-Carry Relays

“Why should I care about how strong I am if I just wanna look better naked?”
Changes to the Army’s physical-readiness testing

Athletic performance and the monthly cycle
The pros and cons of probiotics
Cold-brewing coffee and tea: (Not) taking the heat
It’s not too late to join Team CrossFit NYC for Fight Gone Bad 6, the fundraiser

Erica channels her inner scorpion:


Emily, the birthday girl, gets a 200# deadlift on her second time ever doing deadlifts with me in a private training session. Go, Emily!

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Wednesday’s WOD classes:

Wednesday, July 27

A: 21 Unbroken Deadlifts, 15 Unbroken Deadlifts, 9 Unbroken Deadlifts

B: WOD: “Scott’s Mom”

Post-Elements: 75 lbs/53 lbs
Black Box: 95 lbs/65 lbs
Games Prep: 115 lbs/78 lbs

Max reps in a single long, long set:
Overhead Squat
Front Squat
Back Squat

First set ends when the bar touches the floor – including between exercises!

Rest, then, max reps in a single set again:
Push Press
Push Jerk

Post reps and “your mama” jokes to the comments.


  • CPP

    Don’t know how many on the board remember Gillian from her time at the gym (and on CF mainpage) but a good read in any event.

  • Jai

    Hey, guys.

    I’m taking a month off from CrossFit to do yoga, but I’m taking the level 1 cert the weekend of August 20th and coming back to the box as a mentor.

    Which leads me to the following question: What do you all think of when you think of a mentor? Give me some thoughts to meditate over while I’m away. What would you WANT from a CrossFit mentor?

    My current plan is to touch base with Elements classes, introduce myself as someone willing to count reps, talk about form, talk about goals and nutrition, and be a friendly face. And I’m sure the mentor program has its own guidelines.

    But those are just preliminary thoughts and I’m curious what the hive mind can come up with. Any thoughts?

    • Jai:

      Email me at reis baron gmail – would like to discuss…

  • andy g

    16:51 used 45/10plates for HSPU. Visited another box last week, CFTwinCities in Mn, it was nice but very happy to be back to CFNYC!!!! Nice handstand photo SheRa.

  • andy g
    • Andy:

      I signed up, but if I’m logged in I would think that link would work for me. Anything special I’m missing? Can’t find it looking it up by that name…can’t find much looking up cfnyc, or your name for that matter…

      • andy g

        Interesting. Here’s a link to my profile-don’t mind sharing:

        That should work to allow you to see my work and maybe from that you can find the workout??? I don’t know. I do follow a friend of mine who uses the site so I know you can get in to my profile. I did suggest the gym join and then I think the workouts can be input for the gym as a whole. I have not researched it, maybe some computer genius like, well you Reis would work that out for us.

        • Thanks Andy…what is less than genius is the “Access Denied” message I get when I follow the link to a workout. I see your profile, but clicking on today’s workout blocks me…and it shows me as signed in. Interesting that the payment process was flawless ;). I’ll email their help peeps…

          • andy g

            It’s a useful site that I have been using daily. How much better if we could see ourselves compared to people in our own gym, especially now that it is gym specific programming. I guess the gym doesn’t need sign up as long as everyone that does use it could use the same “workout” to post their WOD. That’s why I started labeling mine CFNYC and the date. Sure a genius like you worked all that out, I am just saying this to hear myself talk. I shut up now and thank you.

  • Richard

    Andy G – I just created one! D’oh! I think you’re right: there must be a time lag.



    Round 1: 2 45lb Plates for HSPUs
    Rounds 2 and 3: HPSUs with a box (should have done a volume scale, like 2:1 or something…)

    • Cassie

      nice kips today! i TOTALLY saw them from the other side of the gym without my glasses!

  • Matt M

    GP Rx – 18:26
    Need to work on negatives to get stronger at doing a volume of HSPU

    • andy g

      Nice job Matt!

      • Richard

        Indeed, nice job!

    • Cassie

      you looked like you could do another full round during that last set of C2B pull-ups!

  • Sam G

    14:42 2 rounds, game standards, wanted to try the push ups, and my c2b needs improvement.

  • Daryl

    Great work out but no towels? Again? 4th morning in the last ten days…. Grumble. Tough to get ready for work when your soaked on a muggy day… Just saying…

  • Akash

    Agree with Daryl, can we please do something about the towel situation? I am at least being more cautious and bringing my own in the morning but its starting to get a bit ridiculous…

    B. 16:26 with a 25lb+abmat HSPU

    C. Farmer carry’s were fun!

  • Cassie

    scale: HSPUs off box
    kips are coming along

    • Sam G

      You, me, kick up practice, 6.15 am TMRW, be there or be square!!!

  • WOD: 26:01

    45+25 plates for HSPU
    Black Rogue band for pullups (round 1)
    Red thick band for pullups (rounds 2&3)

    Summer runs are demolishing my stamina. 400s in July feel like 800s in March. I know it only means I need to do more of them…tough stuff for me. Big thanks to Tim B for running with me on the last round.

  • Hari

    We’ll get the towel situation straightened out ASAP. Until we get additional inventory, you may want to hedge your bets and carry a towel. We will let you know when we have replenished our stock.

  • Manny

    15:05 Black Box scaling. Sandbagged runs 2 & 3.

    Got lucky and snagged a towel where there were some available at 6am, but last week I had to improvise…

  • Hari

    After some thought, I’m wondering whether this towel problem has occured primarily on Monday AM?

    (If so, I’m guessing that we simply don’t have enough inventory to get us from Friday to Monday. If that’s the problem, the fastest solution might be to have someone go to the laundry on Saturday.)

    • Manny

      From what I saw, towels ran out mid week last week, and today. Bag was maybe half full yesterday by the 7am class, and 3 or 4 left by today’s 6:15. I would think less people take showers at the box on weekends?

    • Akash

      Yeah – don’t think it is Monday AM specific…think its more of a load issue as we have more members now and more people who utilize the showers

  • Jamie

    12:30 Scaled.

    HSPU’s @ 45 LBS Plate.
    Pull-Ups RX’ed (Chin Over Bar).

    In other news, got my first consecutive Full Range of Motion HSPU’s in Warm-Ups.

    • Sam G

      Pr’s all week!

      I need to get on the bandwagon.

  • Aaron

    13:56 with a 10# plate for HSPU. First two sets felt great, third set was pretty terrible. I managed to do all the sets of pull ups unbroken without tearing.

  • Stan S

    25:39 GP Rx’d

    C2B no problem, but sucked at HSPUs today, ended up doing one at a time toward the end.

    Thanks Sara, Cindy, Candace, Pablo for cheering on the guy who finished last.

  • Ian

    Towels??? Is that just a morning thing??

    • Court

      we have towel service at front desk for a buck a towel.

  • 11:22

    All to Games Standards, scaled HSPU to 12 rather than 15. Did all sets of pull ups unbroken.

    Right on Aaron! I use the Again Faster gymnastics hand guards to prevent tearing.

  • Sean M.

    If you are tearing doing 45 pull ups (kipping or otherwise) you may be having a technique problem with how you grip (and hold) the bar or using too much chalk.

    • Thanks Sean. Can you give me some pointers next Monday night?

      • Sean M


  • Craig p

    After smashing my head on the bar doing muscle ups, I thought hspu games standard and c2b pulls ups would be a good idea. First round was awful except for the c2b. Move to regular hspu and c2b. 18:04.

    Good work to all chaps in the 3 o’clock class. Way to finish.

  • Sara

    18:28 games prep rx’d

  • Michael w

    11:23min Games standard.
    First time working off the plates for the HSPUs. I get the standard. And while I thought the cooler weather would make for a better WOD, humidity had something else to say.

    Farmer carrys were fun, I highly recommend to anyone with grip strength and stamina under weight issues. Carry heavy things back and forth, problem solved.

  • Seth

    RD1 1AB MAT
    RD2 & 3 2AB MAT

  • Sofia

    Ab mat and 10 lb for hspu

  • Sean M

    Games prep: 9:34

    • Sam G

      Goddam Beast!

  • Hari

    19:48 Black Box