NYC for FGB!

A big shout-out to the 65 (and counting!) wonderful people who’ve signed up so far to be a part of Team CrossFit NYC for Fight Gone Bad 6:
Akash B., Aimee L., Alex B., (Coach) Allison B., (Coach) Avery W., Breta K., Brian K., Cass X., Chadron E., Chris F., Christopher N., (Coach) Court, Courtney S., Dawn M., Devon C., Emerson H., Eric A., Eric L., Erica G., Francisco V., Jai B., James A., Jamie F., Jared K., Jason L., Jason W., (Coach) Jeffrey B., John D., John R., Jordan B., (Coach) Josh N., Josh R., K.J., Kent B., Laura O., Leonardo R., Maggie D., Michael W., Mike S., Patrice N., Paul B., Raquel B., Ray L., Richard R., Sam G., Sanjay A., Scott M., Seth P., Stephanie D., Stephanie K., Steve B., Steve L., Steve Slo, Tina A., + 10 “Anonymous Player”s (if you realize this is you, please add your name to your profile)

We are well on our way to being the team to enroll the most new team members by 5pm Pacific Standard Time on Monday July 25. If we in fact qualify as the team with the most members, I will win an iPad 2 as Team Captain. I will then give that iPad 2 away to one random participant in FGB6 at CFNYC who raises at least $150 and who had signed up by the deadline of July 25. So get on it!!

If you’re having doubts as to your athletic abilities and/or your fundraising abilities…forget your doubts and just sign up. The event is about our community coming together to work hard to achieve something important. As long as you train consistently and put the word out to friends and family that you’d like their support…you will find that on September 17th you will have a very memorable experience that you can be proud of. No more excuses, just do it.

P.S.: You don’t have to be a member of CFNYC to participate in FGB6 on our team. We already have a few people signed up who are friends of CFNYC members and want to join in the event. So if you are a member and have a friend who’s fit enough to handle FGB6, invite them to join our team if they wish. If you read this blog and are a NY-area crossfitter who trains on his/her own, feel free to participate on our team. Thanks!

Monday 110725

A: 5 x 1 Cleans

B: Black Box Benchmark #3

60 Hand-Release Push-Ups for time

Score = time in seconds multiplied by “Scaling”

Scaling = 1.0 for zero “snaking” (Must be judged by a Black Box coach or mentor)
Scaling = 1.25 (mild), 1.5 (moderate), 1.75 (severe) “snaking” (judged by an experienced Black Box member)
Scaling = 2.0 for knee pushups

Fundraising tips for FGB6 / Free mobile donation app
FGB6 t-shirt (or tank!) if you raise $150 or more / additional hoodie if you raise $500 or more
Let a yoga teacher improve your handstand
What doesn’t kill you…
Former member Ricardo C. is looking for respondents to this quick online research survey on psychological stress following sports injury
Henry and the cape buffalo

Sean H. back squats as part of our new Black Box programming. (Photo credit to Eric.)

* * * * *
Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s WOD classes:

A: L-Sit Practice


3 rounds for time:

400 Meter Run
15 Handstand Push-ups (Games Prep: Hands on 35 lb Rogue plate(s), head to abmat)
15 Pull-Ups (Games Prep: CTB Pull-Ups)

C: Farmer-Carry Relays


  • Allison Bojarski

    Hello all, thanks so much to all of you who have signed up for FGB6. If you haven’t signed up but you do end up signing up tonight or tomorrow, please post to comments that you have signed up!

    I’m convinced that we could easily win that iPad 2 by getting everyone signed up who wants to participate. We’re a big affiliate–let’s make it happen!

    And if you’re already signed up but don’t see your name on the list above (which is alphabetical by first name), please let me know via comments (or email: allison AT crossfitnyc DOT com) that you’re one of the “anonymous”es.

    THANKS in advance!

  • Sam G

    I signed up yesterday, I changed my name on my profile it should show up.

  • leonardo

    signed up!

  • Richard

    A. 105-105-105-105-105 (PR)
    B. 4:56 = 296; 296 x 1 = 296; (Judged by Coach Jeff)

    Looking forward to FGB!

    • Cassie

      nice work!

  • Adam R

    I just signed up. Just a thought: if/when Allison wins the iPad, it might be a good idea to keep in the gym to video people’s form on squats, cleans, snatches, whatever, and be able to show it to them.

    • Cassie

      awesome idea!!!

  • Jai

    I left my black journal with binder clip over the middle pages in the box yesterday. I’ll be there tonight if someone wouldn’t mind putting it in the lost and found for me. Sorry for any inconvenience!

  • Sam G

    Felt tired today, but semi dragged myself in, just one of those day, but overall good class. I knew Kevin was teaching, so i had to get in to have him fix my cleans, new starting position was funny, but it was defiantly helpful.

    135 pwr x3-135- 185- 185- 205 (missed) didn’t have time for more

    push ups 60 hand releases at 2:42 x1.25 = 3.025 per Kevin’s Judging, which is alwways strict so I was happy with that.

    5/3/1 back squat today

    3@ 210
    3@ 240
    6@ 270 Thanks Jamie and Micheal for spotting me, still trying to get use to these high reps towards the end of the workload, hope to increase them as time goes by

    Awesome job Jamie on that 195 clean, just get under it fast.

    • Sam G

      Correcting score is 202.5

  • Paul Booth

    signed up!

  • Jamie

    Part A:
    1 Squat Clean @ 175 LBS – Complete
    1 Squat Clean @ 185 LBS – Complete
    1 Squat Clean @ 195 LBS – Failed
    1 Squat Clean @ 195 LBS – Failed
    1 Squat Clean @ 195 LBS – Complete

    Part B:
    Time = 5:20 w/Mild Scaling (1.25) [as judged by Jeff B.]
    Score = 400

    All Cleans were PR’s today…next time hopefully we’ll be entering the 200′s!

    Thanks for the motivation Sam and Mike.

  • JoeR

    I found this and thought it might be interesting to keep in mind when determining how much you want to scale a wod…

  • Emerson

    There is an amazing article on T-Nation today by Dave Tate. It has 9 minute videos of Tate teaching the squat, bench, and deadlift. Everyone should watch these:

    • Sean M.

      Fair Warning:

      “The squat starts between the chalk box and the bar. From that moment on you require 100% focus. If someone approaches you during that brief time you have every legal right to punch them in the neck.”

  • Avery

    I would apply that Fair Warning to max attempts on any lifts, and Olympic lifts especially.

    PSA for the day: Don’t be that person that walks in front or behind someone while they are starting or in the middle of a heavy lift.

    • Mike K

      We need a like button for comments here.

      • Jai

        Definitely need a like or +1 button. Can’t tell you how many people are intent on smacking themselves in the face when I’m swinging a kettlebell.

  • Andy

    Signed up yesterday.

  • Steph

    Signed up!

  • Avery

    Yes do not be that person. Walking in front of someone or talking to them while they are in the middle of a heavy lift(Olympic/ Powerlifting) of any kind is bad lifting etiquette. you’ve been warned.

  • Kevin P

    That last comment was mine .

  • Craig p


    Hand release pu’s: 1:52= 112×1.25= 140

    • Sam G

      Pimp! 1:52 is serious business.

  • Reis

    Warmup: 3×95 – 2×115 – 135
    WOD: 145 – 155 – 165f – 165 – 175 (PR)

    Front-squatted at the end of each clean. I need to work through a mental block that’s keeping me from catching both the snatch & the clean in a squat. Bizarre…I can be telling myself to do it as I’m approaching the bar and between the floor and the top of the lift something erases it in my mind…need more practice.

    Pushups: 490 (4:05 on knees) – Thanks to Joel for solid coaching on these.

    Nice work Jamie on the 195…that was sweet!

  • Sara

    Avery…. can I still put my booty in your face right before you lift? That seemed to really enhance your performance on Friday, just sayin.

  • michael williamson

    I was happy to yell at you Jamie,

    A: Cleans: 185-195-205-215-225 (fail)

    Chased 225lbs 2 more times, but they were no go from the start. Good benchmark to work from.

    B: 60 HR-pushups in 2:12min

  • Rickey

    Anyone interested in buying a pair of inov8 Road X-Lite 155 size 11 ( inov8′s new lightweight road shoe). I wore them for one track workout and realized they are too small for me. Still in new /perfect condition. I payed $110 but will sell them for $70. 
Email me at

  • Avery

    LOL Sara!

    Ok so there are exceptions to every rule…

  • Stan S

    135-135-135-135-145 (fail)

    Push-ups 2:25 x 1 = 145

    I hope Craig was not too lenient with my “1″ status. Thanks for judging and for the help with the cleans.

  • Annie

    i wish i could sign up but have a wedding that weekend!! :(

  • Eric A

    I’ve been practicing the $%@! out of double-unders, and got 30 unbroken today in warm up. Whoo!

    A: 135# (this is embarassing)
    B: 322 (strict, Court judged)

    “Finally, find your weaknesses, make friends with them, then beat them to death.”
    —Chris Spealler

    • Eric A

      Oops, I misread the mathy bits.

      B. 202

  • Jonathan P

    Cleans x1: 175 (PR…..) 180F-180F-180F
    Pushups: 185 x 1 = 185

  • Jim S

    Cleans 115,115,115,115,115 Trying to correct form, stayed at a “manageable” weight.
    pushups 3:43 for 223

  • B spears

    B- 262 @4:22 x 1

  • Sean M


  • Ralph

    A: 135, 145, 155, 165 (PR), 175 (F)
    B: 263 (4:23)

    I’m signed up for FGB 6, though I might be one of the anons. Should be fixed in the next couple of minutes.

  • Eric

    Cleans-my favorite part (in socks). Might have done more had I not stupidly forgotten my shoes at home.

    175, 185, 195 (PR), 185, 185

    Need to get behind the bar on 2nd pull…and push my knees away actively on the 1st pull

    Pushups-3:40???/Can’t remember First 20 were good pushups, then mild to moderate rib ups and bullshit

    • Eric

      Oh, forgot, also failed at 200…

  • Hari

    A: 145, 150, 155, 160, 165 (PR)
    B: 2:22 @ 1.0 = 142 (judged by Carlos)

    Kevin had me spend an hour on Saturdaydoing 50 or 60 cleans at 95 lbs and concentrating on form. It paid off today. Thanks, Kevin!

  • Steve Slo

    A) 135 – 145 – 155 – 165 (power clean) – 175f – 165 (power clean)
    B) 4:48 with mild snaking = 335

    I also need to work on getting behind the bar on the 2nd pull. I’m thinking maybe that my hesitation to get under the bar at heavier weights means I need to front squat more… And continue with the tall cleans.

    I WILL be able to consistently squat-clean 185 before FGB… and 200 by the end of the year.

  • Seth

    A: 135s
    B: 2:12 @ 1.0 = 132 (judged by Court)

  • Akash

    155lbs on the cleans
    4:31 (court said strict) for 271 as a score

  • drake

    3:28 on the push-ups with what I believe was perfect form: Chest-to-deck and mid-section always tight. Thighs never touched the ground. Hit muscle failure about 35 and then did sets of 5.

    Clean technique becoming better, I believe. Thanks, Court, for observing and commenting.

  • Phil

    A: 175, 185, 195, 205 (tie PR), 215 (Fail X4)
    a few front squats at depth should work.

    B: 257 seconds x 1

  • mike n.