The time has come!

Hey everybody, I’ve been meaning to blog about this but now is as good a time as any: we need to start gearing up for Fight Gone Bad 6, the crossfit-community-based international fundraiser that has done so much over the years to help cancer survivors and wounded military (among others). This year we’ll be raising funds for the CrossFit Foundation (benefiting Infant Swim Rescue), Special Operations Warrior Foundation, and one other as-yet-unchosen charity that you can go vote for now.

Two years ago we made our first go at participating in the fundraiser, and managed to raise around $5,000 in just 2 weeks. Last year we got a good, early start and raised $24,718, placing 9th in the world. This year we want to blow both of those numbers out of the water.

And we’d love your help in doing so.

The event will take place on Saturday, September 17th from 9am-4pm, so be sure to mark your calendars now.

And here’s the really cool part. If we get enough people to sign up to be on Team CrossFit NYC that we have the biggest team worldwide as of this Monday, July 25th (5pm PST), then I as team captain will win a free iPad 2.

If I win the iPad 2, I won’t keep it for myself but will instead donate it to one randomly chosen FGB6 participant at CFNYC who raises at least $150.

So if you want a chance to win a free iPad 2, then please sign up ASAP. It only takes a couple minutes to register and it’s free to do so. (You’re not obligated to raise a certain amount of money and if you really want to win that iPad 2 you’ll find out that it’s pretty easy to raise that $150.)

Saturday 110723


7 Rounds (NOT for time)

1 Back Squat

1 Weighted Pull-Up

Post total weight for each exercise.

B: Dodgeball

Here’s an interview I did with Coach Jacinto, where he talks about qualifying for the CrossFit Games (in the 60+ age category, at 72 years old) and his retiring from coaching at CFNYC. Papi, we’ll miss you!

* * * * *

Here’s what’s on tap for Sunday’s WOD classes:

A: Pistol Practice (video instruction: part 1, part 2, part 3–see also this CFJ article)

B: WOD “Helen” (Compare to 101127)

Three (Games Prep: Four) rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
21 KB Swings 24 KG/16 KG (Post Elements 16 KG/12KG) x 21 swings
12 Pull-ups

C: Tabata Pushups


  • Hari

    Congratulations, Jacinto!

    Thank you for all your years as a member, a coach, and a role model.

    If you decide to pull a Michael Jordan, and come back from retirement, CFNYC will be waiting.

    (Jacinto not only qualified for this year’s Games, but also finished number one in the world among men over 65!)

  • In case you couldn’t figure it out from the interview, Jacinto is a very good friend of mine, as well as an inspiration and an esteemed colleague. I’ve always admired his ability to motivate athletes of various skill levels and abilities, from elite to reformed couch potato.

    He is someone who can both be a great athlete and relate well to those who don’t (yet) consider themselves athletes. That’s not an easy thing to do.

    I wish him the best at the Games and know that no matter what happens, he can be proud of his accomplishments.

  • Akash

    Awesome job Jacinto!

    Back squats – 225- 245 -245 -255 (PR)- 255 – 255- 265 (PR!)
    pull ups – 20kg – 20kg – 24kg – 24kg (fail) – 20kg – 20kg – 20kg + 5lbs (fail)

  • Annie

    Back squats 103, 113, 123, 133, 143, 153 (PR), 155 (Fail)
    pull ups (have never tried with weight so all PRs) 5lbs, 51/2, 6, 61/2, 7, 8, 10

    also did Annie with Steve (first time to get sub 10!)

  • Mike K

    Go Jacinto! Inspiring as always!

    • Carlos

      Jacinto, thank you for all the recent Thursday evenings when we evening people got to experience the fantastic coaching that the morning people had been raving about! We’ll remember all your great tips and inspiration, and you’ll be missed.

  • Steve Slo

    Pre-WOD: I did Annie with Annie; she kicked serious ass. I was quite generous with what constituted a double-under attempt, but i’m light years ahead of where I was two months ago.

    Back squats: 225-235-245-255(PR)-265F-260F-260 (PR!)
    Bested my old PR by 15lbs.

    I feel like once I really figure out how to better navigate the hole of “the squat”, my numbers will start shooting up.

    Deverell’s classes are always fantastic. Today was no exception.

  • Jim S

    Back squat 185 190 195 200 205 (pr) 185 185
    Weighted pull ups 45 45 45 50 50 50 50

    +1 on Deverell’s classes. Awesome.
    Loving the strength days.

  • Avery

    Fantastic numbers today everyone! Would love to see more posts on people’s numbers – I love seeing PRs. Also, it is so helpful for all the coaches to see how people are improving and their experiences during WODs, especially with the new programming.

    Steve: I hope to see you squat 300 pounds before the end of the year.

    Congrats Jacinto on qualifying for the Games – I will be following you on the internet from home. You will do awesome and we will be rooting for you. It has been a pleasure to get the opportunity to know and be coached by you, ever since the old gym on 38th and 6th ave!