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Monday 110718

A: Muscle-up practice (Post-Elements: muscle-up progressions)

B: WOD (Compare to 110220)

Five rounds for time of:

Overhead Walking Lunges, 50 Feet
Post-Elements: 35#/20# plate(s); Black Box: 45#/25# plate, Advanced: 65#/43# barbell
21 Burpees

Let trailing knee gently kiss the ground on each lunge.

Video demo of the WOD: [wmv format] [mov format]

C: Tug Of War

Ladies who lift
The 10 commandments of recovery
“All About”…just about everything fitness/nutrtion you could imagine
You are not alone
It’s time to end the war on salt

Coach Mike K. at a recent CrossFit Football cert:

Mike on what he learned at the CFFB cert:
The CF Football cert was an awesome chance to learn from a serious S&C coach in Raphael Ruiz. For one, we did a lot of great warm-ups and stretches that in some cases were worse than a lot of WODs… so be warned 😉
He also had some cool strength techniques and was big on making training as efficient as possible, especially when getting stronger.
We spent a lot of time talking about movement and how important it is to be in a good orthopedic position on everything… which should be no surprise to any members at the box. After all, the most successful athletes are often the least injured ones.
We also got to program out a cycle of WODs to compliment the CFFB strength template for 2 different athletes. A few of us, myself included, got to present ours and it was cool to get feedback and questions on why we programmed what we did. One key takeaway there, especially as we have multiple options now for the WOD, is that there isn’t really a right or wrong answer for choosing something, but what you choose to do should always make you better in a way that ties in with your longer term goals. Sounds obvious, but people frequently either forget that in general, or don’t have a specific goal at all. Without that its tough to have a reason for why you do what you do. On that note, the same WOD may have a different goal and maybe should be implemented differently for different athletes. Figuring that out is where you talk to the coaches, as with 300+ members, nothing can be one-size-fits-all.
The CFFB cert has definitely been my favorite Crossfit cert so far. Overall it was really interesting to see how they adapted the Crossfit method for a power athlete, and also awesome to learn from a well-established coach how he trains his athletes, who range from pro sports players to military to Olympic hopefuls to general population.

* * * * *
What’s on deck for Tuesday’s WOD classes:

A: Clean 2-2-2-2

B: WOD: “Amanda” (Compare to 110529)

For time:

Post Elements:
3 Rounds:
21 Pull-Ups
21 Ring Dips
7 Power Snatches at 75#/53#

Black Box:
9-, 7-, 5-reps of:
Muscle-Ups (Sub 2-for-1 Muscle-Up Progressions)
Squat Snatches at 95#/65#

9-, 7-, 5-reps of:
Muscle-Ups (Jump to Rings, Full Turn Out)
Squat Snatches at 135#/95#

C: Tabata Sit-ups


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    • robert

      17:59 with 45# victory with the tug o rope

  • Jason W

    i think today’s wod should be compare to 110220


  • Stephanie

    19:00 @ Rx
    it took me longer than most, but i got it done!

  • Brett_nyc

    nice pull Max.

  • Reece

    16:25 with 25# . .. no tug o war

  • Madeleine

    19:05 Rx

  • Sanjay

    15:32 Rx

  • Shayna

    14;41 (rx) 45#

  • Craig p

    Did tomorrow’s today.
    Cleans 2×4: 165(pr)
    Amanda black box: 12:00 rx’d
    This was… Difficult.

  • JR

    13:40 RX

  • 10:59 (plate)
    compare with 110220:

  • Rafi aka JustLunge’n


    25 #

  • Michael w

    9:10min Rxd.

    I say we invest in a good rope to do more tug of war. If not for tug of war than for more dragging type wods. That is a piece of equip and a workout that fits our gym.

  • drake

    14:14, Rx.

  • B spears

    12:50 10 lb

  • Steve Slo

    BB rx (#45)

    I really hate burpees.

  • Hari

    15:58 (4 rounds)

  • Jay

    13:39 BB Rx

  • mike n.

    16:30 rx’d

  • Eric

    16:51 Rxed

  • Courtney

    12:46, 25lb

  • Seth

    10:58 (25 plate)