Deadlifts and burpees!

Friday 110715

A: WOD (Compare to 080705)

5 rounds for time of:

5 deadlifts (Post-Elements: 185#/125#; Black Box 275#/185#; Advanced: 315#/205#)

10 burpees (with clap overhead while airborne)

B: “goat” practice

Why I own a Brazilian sunga (a lesson in gym hygiene)
Diamond in the rough
Artisanal fish sauce / Wine alcohol strength ‘systematically’ understated on labelling
The shocking truth about inflammation

Sanjay on the weighted pull-up:

Sean M. on the weighted pull-up with 2 32kg kettlebells:


  • What’s on tap for Saturday, July 16:

    A: Press 3-3-3

    B: WOD

    Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

    10 wallball shots, 20#/14# ball (Post-Elements, Black Box: scale as needed)
    10 sit-ups (Advanced: GHD sit-ups)

    10 good mornings with an empty 45# barbell (Black Box) or 33#/22# barbell (Post-Elements). (Advanced: GHD hip extensions)

    C: 50 kettlebell swings

  • Avery

    Strong work, Sean. Strict to boot!

    • Mike K

      Nice Sean! That almost looked too easy. But we do have 2 40 kgs now…….

  • Sam G


    Bench press
    5@ 65% 145
    5@ 75% 165
    12@ 85% 185

    Assisted exercises

    2 x 10 weighted chin ups 10lbs
    1 x 7 weighted chin ups 10 lbs

    3 x 12 back extensions on the GHD

  • Richard

    6:06 (185#)

    LOVED the first week of the new programming!

  • andy g

    6:35 Rx’d. Thanks for the encouragement Sam in my darkest moment of self doubt!!!!

    Last night 5/3/1
    Back squats
    5 x 175
    3 x 195
    5 x 215
    1 x 225
    1 x 250

    5 x 80
    3 x 90
    8 x 100
    1 x 110
    1 x 120
    1 x 125 PR

    • Richard

      Someone beat me to creating the WOD on BtW. Have a great weekend!

      • andy g

        I saw. Think it’s one of their main site WODs. Would still like to see CFNYC join. It would be fun to see how we stack up in one place. Have a good week, I am off to Mn.

  • Sam G

    I left my 5/3/1 black binder somewhere PlEASE don’t throw it out, if you find it can you leave in the cubby, I will pick it up tmrw.

  • Matt M

    5:47 as Rx’d

  • B Spears

    Is there a 10am WOD on saturday’s or is it just a beginners class?

  • 225# – 11:43

    Tough week, and today was proof. I went with just under 60% of my 1rm deadlift (thanks Sam for the suggestion) and still took forever. Burpees in any quantity crush me like a bug.

    I’m doing Bikram at 12:30 at the Flatiron location if anyone wants to join me. Last time for me for a while…

    • Sam G

      Don’t worry, sometimes you just feel beat up, I usually relate that to a good training week, great job, and Burpees crush anyone, I find very little people that actually like them.

      • Jonathan P

        Those darn little people and their burpees

  • Kameron

    6:00 @ 135. Womp wommmmp. Vowed never to feel like I did Monday after Sayonara Sunday. Should have gone heavier. Silver lining: MUCH room for improvement.

    Allison – Thanks so much for linking the less “well known” exercises to youtube. Me on Weds morning –> “Wtf is a skin the cat?”. I feel more crossfit-literate already. Brilliant idea.

    • Kameron, glad you have enjoyed the linkage for the less-well-known exercises. Sadly we can’t cover everything in Elements and so I want to help recent Elements grads be less intimidated by the regular WOD classes. What I love about a lot of those videos I link to is that they will often have explanatory/coaching cues, not just visual evidence of what good form looks like. Definitely worth clicking through for any moves that still need improving…

  • Alex

    6:17, 275# deadlifts
    probably the most winded I have ever been after a WOD…wonder if it’s this particular combo? I had the hardest time catching my breath afterwards.

    • Meagan

      Burpees/deadlifts are known to be an especially-deadly combination. It’s not just you!

  • Madeleine

    205 lb., 9:57. I feel unreasonably good afterwards.

  • Jamie F.

    6:26 RX’ed @ 275 LBS.

    Worked on wall walks thereafter.

    Big ups to the CFNZ crew … good to have you guys in! Way to go crushing this WOD!

  • mike r

    row 5k… 3,2,1… see you in 2 hours

    • OMG Mike I’m in tears over here…

    • Andy

      Stinking hilarious.

  • Aaron

    3:51 @ 205#. Deadlifts felt awesome today, I’m really liking the new programming.

  • Sara

    7:48, 205lbs.

  • Jenny A

    5:18 @ 135lbs

  • Reece

    Can we workout at CFNYC in sungas?

    • I’m surprised John’s article didn’t spark more debate here on the blog but Reece, that’s a good question! 😉

      • Jai

        I was told this rule months ago. Hard to get worked up when socks are acceptable. The Brazilians didn’t jump naked in the pool, John, wear some sungas on your feet!

  • Jonathan P

    5:57 at 245
    Plus some some failed vids & failed lifts after class. Sean’s videographer was more on the ball
    : p
    What a babe. Two blocks from my house, too, and where was I…

  • Craig p

    4:23 #225. Yeah! Burpees! Should of gone heavier but I like my back.

  • Ralph

    5:42 or 47, can’t remember. 215#

  • Steve Slo

    #225 – 7:42
    Goat of the day = double-unders.

  • Hari

    7:11 (245 lbs)

  • drake

    7:50 with 275#.

    Last ten burpees went quite well; I felt as if I found a new technique in doing them, or at least, I became more comfortable with my old technique.

  • Jeff

    5 rounds, 15 reps
    pull up, push up, sit up, squat

  • Courtney

    6:39, 133 lbs.

  • Akash

    10:04 @ 205llbs. I hate cycling deadlifts with a fiery passion

  • Michael williamson

    4:40 @ 245lbs.

    I think somebody walked off with my keys from the gym. My keys chain has 5 keys, a yellow tab and a crossfit login tab. If you have taken or seen it please leave it at the front desk!

  • Josh R

    I liked this WOD a lot. Just one mild criticism; 275# seemed way too heavy for the BB amount. I did 75% of my 1RM, so 225#, and I think I was one of the heavier lifters that day.

    Scaled the burpees to 8/round also. Yes, I’m so bad at them that 2 make a difference.

    10:26 I think.