A: Black Box, Advanced: Skin the Cat progressions

Post-Elements: Overhead squat, Knees-to-Elbows, Toes-To-Bar


For time:
100 overhead squats (OHS) with empty bar (45#/33#)
Each time you drop the bar, do 10 sit-ups

Black Box:
For time:
100 OHS at 75#/53#
Each time you drop the bar, do 10 toes-to-bar

For time:
4 Unbroken Sets of 25 OHS at 115#/75#

Each time you break a set:
20 toes to bar
Lower the weight
Redo the set

C: Mobility Work (hip, back, shoulder)


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Here’s Brett putting a new twist on the handstand pic:

And major points to whomever can be first to clarify via blog comments what the heck this sign is all about… (Thx, Jai, for the photo):


  • Here is what is on deck for Friday’s WOD classes. Please note that I have started hyperlinking some of the terminology in each WOD to help newbies prepare for the class–especially moves that weren’t covered in Elements (such as good mornings and knees to elbows in today’s post above). Definitely click through on those links unless you’re already an expert in that movement…

    Friday 110715

    A: WOD (Compare to 080705)

    5 rounds for time of:

    5 deadlifts (Post-Elements: 185#/125#; Black Box 275#/185#; Advanced: 315#/205#)

    10 burpees (with clap overhead while airborne)

    B: “goat” practice

    • Sam G

      Oh no. The 08 games wod, I did This wod at 275 1 month ago, and got like 3:48 it’s really really fun, can’t wait.

  • Mike K

    On the sign, Jim is clearly not elite at taking his shirt off since he lost about 10 seconds from his WOD while struggling through some wardrobe malfunctions… and in the process managed to take out a bottle of water. Court was not impressed…

  • Josh R

    There’s been quite a bit of deadlifting in the new programming. I assume that’s on purpose and I like it!

    • keller

      be careful suggesting or implying that things are programmed purposefully or with a goal in mind… you may start a war

  • Richard

    A. Skin-the-Cat
    B. Post-Elements: 9:04 (Sets: 20-20-10-10-10-10-20)

  • Stephanie

    15:09 @43# and sit-ups

  • Stephanie

    15:09 @43# and sit-ups

  • Chris G

    That was my water too :*(

  • Matt D

    Our advanced version of the wod is heavier then the games version was?

  • 12:09 (75# + situps) 25 – 15 – 10 – 10 – 10 – 15 – 15

    For what it’s worth, my legs were pretty trashed from Mon/Tues, so I decided to drop into a Bikram Yoga class yesterday for the first time in about six years. I can honestly say that it’s the sole reason I was able to do today’s WOD comfortably. Anyone looking for various ways to recover should strongly consider trying it. It felt amazing, and thanks to Crossfit the poses that used to be excruciating were no problem.

    • Akash

      Hey Reis- a while ago you reco’d a brand of fish oil and a place to get it but I never took note of it. I need to buy some more and was interested in checking it out. Do you remember what it was?

      Also, to the community at large – any reco’s on fish oil, vitamin d, or any other supplements that you’ve found to be particularly effective? Any help is much appreciated!!

      • Akash:

        I’m about to post a lengthy blog entry on proteins that I use for recovery…should be tonight. The fish oil I use is Carlson’s (get the lemon flavor…orange no bueno). You can find it cheapest through Amazon, or locally at Health is Wealth. Vitamin Shoppe also has it, and price matches their website, which is always cheaper.

        Post WOD I’ve had great success with a combination of proteins (more on the blog l8r), and electrolyte replenishment with Endurolytes from Hammer Nutrition. At night I have a tbsp of coconut oil, and a shake with casein protein (slow-digesting…activates metabolism) mixed with L-Glutamine powder.

        Google any or all of the above for details on their benefits…I’ll have a ton of info on the blog in the coming week.

      • Jai

        A lot of people use the Costco brand fish oil. Cheap and high quality. I have a membership if you’d like to go sometime.

      • Akash

        Thanks for the reco’s all! I am going to check out Carlson’s

    • Jim M

      Is there somewhere around the box you recommend?

    • Eric

      Reis, where did you go for Bikram? I may try this at some point…


        Four locations…I went to the one 4 blocks south of CFNYC in the Flatiron. Nice studio with quality amenities. 1st time deal is $27 unlimited for a week (dropin is 25)

        • Eric

          Thanks Reis!

  • Jenny A

    Black Box WOD minus 10 lbs (so 43#). 9:19 (30, 25, 20, 25). I wish I’d tried 53#. Next time. Practicing OHS as part of Sara’s morning warmup helped a lot, I think. I’m very excited about the new programming!

  • Alex

    Black Box WOD:
    100 overheard squats 75#…dropping bar 4 times resulted in 40 toes-to-bar.
    Time: 10:32

  • Cathy

    Happy belated 31 Brett!! 🙂

  • andy g

    Re: Akash/ Reis. Being new, I assume the fish oil to be helping with inflammation-that’s why I am taking it (that’s partly a question). I agree, the Carlson lemon flav has a nice taste. I have also been trying contrast hydrotherapy-a full cold blast at the end of my shower. Actually, I have been doing about a minute of cold, then back to hot water to warm up a bit and another full cold blast. Can’t point you to any scientific studies but I think it helps a lot, especially with my shoulder stiffness. I have a friend who used to play pro football and he told me they use ice baths after they workout to control inflammation and stiffness. At least it will perk you up like nothing else.

  • Andy:

    Yes fish oil is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory. KStar & Robb Wolf talk often about the pitfalls of ibuprofen, and recommend 3 grams minimum of fish oil daily to combat inflammation.

    Ice baths are huge for recovery, and very serious business. Competitors at the Crossfit Games are known to jump into ice baths after WODs to accelerate recovery (they have to do eight WODs in two days…yikes!). While I don’t know how much less the effect would be from cold water vs ice, I would think there are benefits to the shower method. It’s definitely effective against sweating post-shower that’s for sure.

    • Meagan

      Ice baths are what made someone come up with the term “hurts so good.”

  • Akash

    Is the gym really going to adopt a No Barefoot policy? I saw John Durant mention it over on his hunter-gatherer blog about our gym and thought that it was odd that nothing was mentioned here. Any word owners? Don’t let people like Aimee cause changes that aren’t necessary (unless its a big complaint at the gym and I would stand corrected)

  • Eric

    LOL underestimated this one: 15:37 Rxed

  • Steve Slo

    100 overhead squats @ #65

    Sets: (22 – 15 – 13 – 17 – 15 – 18)

    There should be a rule against playing The Smiths during a metcon. I’m pretty certain my thoracic (sp?) spine goes soft at the very sound of Morrisey’s voice.

    • Eric


  • Hari

    11:59 75 lbs (20,20,20,20,20)

  • Sara

    6:36, 55# (BB rx’d)

  • Jay

    9:43 BB Rx’d 75#