Heavy Deads

Thursday 110630

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 110622.

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Level 2 WOD:

BP 3/5

30 Sn 115#
10 GHDSU every time bar is set down +4 sec

Compare to 110315.

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(Supposed) limitations (via)
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How you think of discipline affects whether or not you will have any

When it comes to heavy snatch balances, sometimes you’re just happy to survive them, as Steve’s smile makes clear (photo courtesy of Eric):


  • From Brand X:

    “I wish I knew how you could overstate the value of the deadlift.”
    -Greg Glassman-

    Here are some vids everybody should watch regarding the deadlift whether you are familiar with the lift or not:




    If you are familiar with this lift then you are a Big Dawg today:

    Big Dawgs:
    as Rx’d

    Everybody else, if you are unfamiliar with the lift watch the videos above and the use the time today to practice this lift with a piece of PVC pipe or a light barbell.

  • Scott M

    Thanks For some kick ass coaching Mike and Avery. Now I know not to take a huge protein shake right before filthy fifty.

  • Richard

    Warm-Up: 135-185-185

    Work Sets: 185-205-215-215-215 (PR!)

    Thanks to John for “forgetting” to tell me we left the extra weight on!

  • Reece

    Warmup: 135


    Thanks Allison for teaching me how to do deadlifts!

  • Cassie

    no warm-up, oops
    115-135-155-160 (PR!)-165 fail-155

    • Richard

      Woo! PR!

      • Cassie

        no video or photo though..it’d look ridiculous with my face all scrunched up..you PRd too!!! nice work!

  • Wayne

    215/220/225/230/235 PR

    I’ll take 5 lbs. a week for, say, the next year!

  • Madeleine


  • Warm-ups 315/335

    Work 345/345/345/345/345

    Great job Alex!

    • Alex

      worked alongside Will – we were both exhausted after yesterday’s WOD (as I’m sure everyone else was!)

      Warm-ups 315/335

      Work 345/345/345/345/345

  • Jeff
  • Jeff
  • warmup – 135 x 5

    225 – 225 – 315 – 315 – 315

    Today was absolutely craptastic. I’ve apparently been Filthed.

    Congrats to Richard & Wayne..

    • Richard

      Thanks, Reis. There’s always tomorrow!

  • Stan

    Thanks Sara for some great coaching today for those of us still recovering from the Filthy Fifty. And awesome job as always our 10am resident deadlifter, Jenny.

  • Kent B

    DL 3×5:

    355, 365, 375(PR), 385×1, 395×1(1RM PR)

    • Cassie

      nice work kent!

      • sam.gaberal


        • Kent B

          Thanks for the support, team!

  • drake


    Thanks for your thoughts, Kevin and Court.

  • sam.gaberal

    Did something different today.

    Snatch Balance into a Sott’s press



    shoulders are super fried.

  • Akash

    Felt better than last week – think my 1RM has gone up (previously 295) but didn’t have the energy to test.
    255 – 265 – 275 – 285 (2x) – 285 (3RM PR)

  • Steve Slo

    275 – 315 – 325f – 325 (x1) – 295
    The 325 is a 1-rep PR.

  • Hari

    275, 285, 295, 305, 315

  • Steve Slo

    So… It seems I left a printer over by the GHDs. I’ll grab that tomorrow.

  • Jay

    245, 265, 245, 245, 245
    form got bad so went back down