What the L?!

Tuesday 110628

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
7 Handstand push-ups
12 L-Pull-ups

Post rounds and fractions of rounds completed to comments.

Compare to 050621.

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Level 2 WOD:

For time:
25 BJ 28”
25 C2B PU
25 KB Sn L
25 KB Sn R
25 OH Lg 25#
25 T2B
25 Thtr 95#
25 Back X 25#
25 Burpee WB
25 DU (unbroken)
Post time to comments.

Compare to 110312.

No more excuses: weightlifting shoes on sale for just $40 (thx, Jeff)
Muscle power equals willpower
Test yourself: Marine PFT calculator / FBI physical fitness guidelines
Abs: For decoration or for strength?
Early farmers were sicker and shorter than their forager ancestors
For Derek Jeter on his 37th birthday (AKA, athletic decline associated with aging)

Better late than never: the belated NE Regionals wrap-up from Coach Mike K.:

Regionals this year was an awesome experience! The amount the Games has grown and the improved caliber of the competition continually impresses me each year. Competing with everyone on the team was a lot of fun and it was great to see everyone who came up to support!

I was doing the thruster ladder WOD on Day 1. For the men, the bars started at 155# and went to 295# in 10# increments. I felt pretty good going in… but they were very strict about feet staying still for the rep to count. It was definitely on my mind since I didn’t want to miss an easy weight due to a technical mistake… especially as the first person to go in my heat.

I made it through 225# successfully. 235# felt light, but the bar came forward off my shoulders and got pressed out a bit in front of me. There was no way I could make the lift without taking a step forward, so it did not count. I feel very confident I would have gotten 245# and probably 255# if I had the chance, both of which would have been thruster PRs. I did want a crack at a few more barbells, but either way, I felt good about that one.

Day 2 was the deadlift/box jump WOD for Jackie and me. Our heat was at 9am, so we made sure to get there early and do some extra warming up. I do not particularly like morning workouts, things always feel heavier and I am always tighter and less mobile early in the day. My main focus was not to go out too fast and keep a steady pace. The bar felt a bit heavier that it should have when I was warming up, but that was probably more due to the time than anything.

So, 3,2,1, go and we start. Some people were moving faster off the bat, but apparently I finished my half in one of the fastest if not the fastest split times for the team men. Then I tagged Jackie in and she KILLED the rest of the WOD. Cutting about 2:30 off the last time she did it including the time it took her to change the weights!

Later when the rest of the team was doing the 250s WOD, I really wanted to jump in and help… although they didn’t need any… Those WODs are always fun when its a team-style chipper. It was also impressive watching Mishik blaze through the majority of the double unders unbroken.

As it turned out I had all the shorter, lower-volume WODs for the weekend, but it made the most sense to split it up the way we did. On the bright side it saved me the torn-up hands from the weekend that almost everyone who touched the pull-up bar seemed to have.

We didn’t make the cut for day 3, but we did move up 6 places from where we qualified. Would have been great to do the day 3 WODs too, but we were all happy with our performance… maybe next year. It was a great time overall and I would encourage more people to go in the future to at least watch, or even better to try and compete.

To any members who are at least a little curious, definitely do some type of competition. Even if you think you can’t hang, the competitive environment brings something extra out of people, and you may be surprised. For instance, Jackie did her first strict HSPU ever, or if you look back to the ’09 Games when Annie T. DNF’d the WOD but did her first muscle-up. And in every WOD, the last person to finish would always have everyone else cheering them on through the last rep, and they often got the loudest cheers from the crowd for their effort. It was a great event to be a part of and I’m glad we got to send a team.

Keep working on your goats, improve your skills, get stronger and I hope to see more people out there next year. It’s a great experience you won’t regret.

Mike K. rocks the plyo push-ups back at the Black Box (photo montage courtesy of Eric):

[click the picture to see full-size]


  • Scaling options for today’s workout will be posted here:


  • Erika

    6 rounds + 3 wall walks (scaled — 3 wall walks, 9 strict pu w band) thanks will for coaching my wall walks!

  • 9 rounds, Rx’d

    GREAT JOB 6am and 7am!!!

    Way to rock it out!

    • Sam G

      I did a very bad job, trying to follow you 🙁 you kicked my butt.

  • Jenny A

    5 rounds + 7 hspu (45 and 10 plates) + 4 tuck pullups (very kipped). Working on weighted pullups before this WOD wasn’t the best idea.

    More importantly, I believe Sara’s 25th birthday is coming up. Who thinks she should be roasted?

  • Matt M

    5 rounds + 6 HSPU as Rx’d.
    HSPU slowed this down, need to work on them.

  • Jamie F.

    5 Full Rounds + 7 HSPU + 4 Pull-Ups

    HSPU Scaled to 45 LBS Plate
    L-Pull-Ups Scaled to Strict H-Pull-Ups

  • Daryl S

    Ugh. gotta love the workouts you can barely do….

    6 rounds of:
    3 wall climbs
    12 H Pull ups
    + 1 additional wall climb

  • Akash

    7 rounds + 5 HSPU + 3 PU (5 HSPU, 9 Tuck PU scaling).

    That was rough for 7 am

  • Sam G

    7 rounds 7 HSPU, 6 L pull ups

    Kipping L pull ups, not sure if that is RX, but was just as hard for me, if I were to do strict.

    HSPU were actually easy, I looked forward to them compared to the L pull ups, didn’t break up the HSPU in any of the rounds, if I did I would have only gotten 5 rounds done probably.

  • 5 Rounds + 4 HSPU

    Straight Pullups w/ thick band
    HSPU with 45 + 25 plates

    I was talking to Jenny about foam rollers and I figured I would pass the word along that I got a Rumble Roller a few months back and it is amazing. The first week is all pain, but after that you can really work through trouble spots a lot deeper and more effectively than a regular foam roller. Rogue has them for the same price as Amazon…very pricey but worth every penny!

    http://bit.ly/jm5Zn7 (I recommend the firm [black] model)

    • Richard

      What do you use it for? Back? Legs?

      • Back is the biggest benefit…I use the regular (firm) foam roller as my personal chiropractor, then go deep tissue with the rumble roller to work through sore spots, lean left or right to go deep near the ribs. Very helpful also for quads, but you don’t want to roll quads the same direction as your back. Mobility WOD has visuals on this, but you want to roll your quads horizontally across the roller, sideways. I’ll try to dig up one of the vids where KStar explains this better, but it’s been super helpful using the roller that way for quad work (though quite a bit more difficult and painful).

  • dan def

    Please please pretty please buy the weightlifting shoes linked above for $40. It will be some of the best money you will ever spend. I promise.

    • What Dan said! Seriously, folks, if you like CrossFit, you NEED weightlifting shoes. Women can order these, too, just realize they’re in men’s sizing and you need to figure out your own size accordingly.

      You CAN spend more on weightlifting shoes if you want to, but shoes like these will do the job just fine and $40 is a STEAL.

      • Richard

        Want to execute, but the sizing may be tricky – I tend to be different sizes in different shoes. Anyplace in NYC you can go to try them on? Paragon?

        • Richard, unfortunately we live in a country where Olympic weightlifting is an extremely unpopular sport (even after crossfit has managed to boost interest in it to a degree) so, no, you can’t go to ANY store in NYC and try on Olympic weightlifting shoes. Seriously.

          Now if this were Bulgaria, it’d be a totally different story… 🙂

          Best bet is to read through their sizing chart, make a best guess, buy them, and if they don’t fit you’ll be able to return them for a size up or a size down. If you can find someone at the Box who has feet your size and owns that type of shoe, you can ask to try theirs on and check the size.

  • Aaron

    8 rounds + 4 HSPU, kipping L pull-ups.

  • Camille

    7 rounds + 5 HSPU + 7 PU
    Scaled 5 HSPU (Two 45’s and a 25# plate) & 9 Banded Pull Ups (Thick Band)
    Will probably drop to a 10# plate or attempt to lose the top plate all together next time on HSPU

    • Nice work Camille!

  • Wayne

    9 rounds – scaled to 3 wall walks and 12 strict pull-ups with green band

  • Alex

    5 rounds + 4 pullups (scaled 45# plate of hspu’s).
    I need to seriously work on HSPU’s, probably incorporate some more/differnet shoulder strength exercises. Grinded out 1 at a time after the first 2 rounds which killed my overall round total.

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  • Sara

    5 rounds + 7 + 4 rx’d

  • Stan

    5 rounds + 5 hspu rx’d

  • Mickey

    7rds + 2 L Pull-ups (5 Dumbbell Push-press 45#, 9 kipping L Pull-ups)

  • Sam G

    Front Squats in the afternoon three by seven


  • keller

    brett, cathy, emerson, jeff, mike k – cf fb in the courtyard tonight???

    • Jeff


    • cathy

      Sounds like a plan, the usual 730?

      • Emerson

        Works for me. Was initially thinking of doing DU’s instead of sprints, but if y’all wanna sprint in the courtyard, that works for me!

        • keller

          i may get there earlier then 7:30 but i can goof off for a bit… talk to some people… the usual 😉

  • Jason W

    9 rounds using kipping l-situps.

  • Cathys

    8 rounds
    3 power cleans @ 95lb
    40 meter sprint

  • Holy shit tomorrow’s the Filthy 50…need…to…find…sleep…asap.

    Good luck all…


  • keller

    same wod as cathy but with power cleans at 155# – 4:49

    annie – 7:50 sit ups were ugly and slow

  • Hari

    5 Rounds plus 3 HSPU’s