Final clean up

Monday 110627

BLACK BOX WOD (current skill: the clean):


21-15-9 reps of:
Clean 135 pounds
Ring dips

Post time to comments.

* * * * *

Post-Elements WOD @ 7:30pm w/Dan Def (subbing for Hari):
Every Minute on the Minute for 15 Minutes:

5 Pull-Ups
5 Ring Dips
5 Thrusters

If you do not compete all (5,5,5), reduce
to (4,4,4) for subsequent rounds.
Reduce further, as needed.

* * * * *

We here in CFNYC blog-land are always looking to feature stories from our members and coaches about how they’re getting stronger, faster, etc., and putting that improved athleticism to good use in sport competitions, etc. Here’s our latest story, from Coach Avery:

The IKFF NY Open Kettlebell meet that Vadim Noskov of CrossFit LIC held was great. It went really, really well. I surpassed my initial goal of Rank 2 and got the highest rank I could with the 16 kg in Long Cycle (swing clean and jerks) in the 65 kg division. I completed 106 reps for Rank One in Sporting Perfection which was a 16 rep PR from training and managed to swing for the entire ten minutes (you only get one hand switch during the comp and no resting of the bell). I was pretty worried I was going to drop the bell before the end, since grip is my biggest issue in training right now–not strength or endurance. Was 2nd place overall in my division.

Next step is to use heavier bells (20-24 kg) to try for candidate of master of sport/master of sport etc. and/or try another division like Snatches or Jerks. Did the CrossFit Challenge too and placed first in the women for the met-con with fastest time. (Even though I felt like dying at the end with the heat after the kettlebell work!)

Overall it was a really fun, successful meet and I’m looking forward to doing more and achieving higher ranks in the future. Completion of a very long time goal that I had pre-Crossfit, always wanted to do a kettlebell competition!

Got your own story to tell? Whether it’s climbing a mountain or entering your first competition (or any other story that shows how your gym training has improved your life), please send us your story at ALLISON @ CrossFitNYC dot COM. Thanks!

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  • SCALING OPTIONS from the CrossFit BrandX forums:

    Big Dawgs:
    As Rx’d
    Women 95#

    scale the weight to 95-115# for men/55-75 for women
    If you can’t do ring dips do 2X the bar dips

    Dumbbell cleans
    Bar Dips
    If you can’t do bar dips do 1.5X the number bench dips.

    Dumbbell cleans
    Bench Dips

  • For anyone interested in learning more about the rules governing the KB competition Avery did, please read here: (click thru to open the PDF file)

    Also wanted to just personally congratulate Avery on such a great showing, both on the KB side AND the CF met-con side.

    Avery, what did the CrossFit competition part of the day involve?

    • Rickke

      Avery – congrats the results of all your dedicated training! Let us know about your next competition so we can cheer you on while you hit another PR.

  • Michelle

    Congrats Avery!!!!!!

  • kevin p

    Congrats Avery!

  • Mike K

    Congrats Avery!

  • Cathys

    nice Avery!!!

  • Court

    Awesome, outstanding job Avery! (and she says she doesn’t enjoy competing-STEALTH!)

  • CAIN

    you are a fierce competitor and I was very proud of your performance this weekend. you exceeded your coach’s expectations for your first competition and impressed the crowd with your determination… especially on repetitions 94 through106. most people would have called it a PR and dropped the bell.

    to other cfnyc members, esp. new schoolers:
    everyone seems to be geeked up post-regionals, which is a great. but I’d like to use avery as a great example of an athlete who 1. sets very specific and realistic goals, 2. tracks her workouts & results meticulously, and 3. works heavy/hard consistently all year.

    she prepares and then executes on game day.

    people are surprised when they hear her snatch/c&j/squat numbers.
    people are surprised when they see her at the kettlebell competition or CAINgames doing so well.
    but really, if you look at her workout journal, there isn’t anything surprising.

  • Sophie

    Great job Avery!

  • Hari

    Relatively Unknown Avery Fact:

    Avery was in the Box at 8:00 PM on the last Sunday of the Games Open. Why? Because our team was unlikely to qualify, and we needed a better result on the CTB “Fran” ladder to have a shot at making the cutoff.

    Congratulations, Avery (and thank you).

  • Hari

    Survey Question (For those who have been members less than 1 year):

    Would it make more sense for us to Post a “Black Box” version of the Main Site WOD, rather than having people decide how and/whether to scale (i.e., make the alternate formatsmore like the Post-Elements WOD structure.) To illustrate the concept, I will post the Main Site versions of recent WOD’s followed by possible Black Box versions

    (Advanced members: this does not mean you can’t go RX’d.)

    6/18 Main Site:


    Complete three rounds for time of:
    95 pound Squat clean, 30 reps
    30 Pull-ups
    Run 800 meters

    Black Box Version:

    Complete five rounds for time of:
    Squat Clean, 12 reps
    12 Pull-Ups
    Run 400 meters

    6/20 Main Site:

    Three rounds for time of:
    50 Double-unders
    25 Wallball “2-fer-1s”, 20 pound

    Black Box Version:

    Three rounds for time of:
    50 Double Unders
    25 Regular Wall Balls

    6/21 Main Site:


    Complete as many rounds in
    twenty minutes as you can of:
    2 Muscle-ups
    4 Handstand Push-ups
    8 2-Pood Kettlebell swings

    Black Box Version:

    Complete as many rounds in
    twenty minutes as you can of:

    6 Pull-Ups
    6 Ring Dips
    6 HSPU’s
    6 KB Swings

    6/24 Main Site:

    Run 800 meters
    Clean and Jerk, 30 reps
    Run 800 meters

    Black Box Version:

    Run 400 meters
    Clean and Jerk, 15 reps
    Run 400 meters
    Clean and Jerk, 15 reps
    Run 400 meters

    6/25 Main Site:

    Run 800 meters
    30 Muscle-ups
    Run 800 meters

    Black Box Version:

    Run 800 meters
    3 Rounds:
    _20 Pull-Ups
    _20 Ring Dips
    Run 800 meters

    • Richard

      I think that’s a great idea, especially for those of us still looking to hone certain skills and develop a baseline level of strength.

  • Thor

    Congrats Avery… Great job!

  • I’d like to also congratulate Sully on passing his Level 1 CrossFit exam this weekend while he took the certification for the first time. Congrats, Sully!

    Expect to see him assisting/apprenticing at CFNYC very soon to put his studying to use. He is an extremely experienced and well-regarded coach of snowboarding (of both kids and adults) and I can’t wait to see how that informs his coaching of CrossFit.

  • Jeff
  • Jeff

    congrats avery
    and sully

  • Matt M

    Elizabeth as rx’d – 9:24

  • Eric

    Awesome job Avery!

  • Avery…many congratulations to you. Very inspirational…

    WOD: Elizabeth
    Cleans @ 95 lbs (Power Cleans followed by front squats)
    Dips: Slow negatives off the GHD bars


    Hari, I don’t think there’s a downside to helping people along if there’s a posted “Black Box” version of each WOD. I rarely check the NYC site the night before, as main site posts the WOD precisely at 8:00 each evening. I would be more inclined to see if NYC posts before I go to sleep, to get an idea of the scaling for metcons that include exercises like muscle ups & dips.

    While I consider the above a benefit, I’ve also enjoyed the variety of scaling depending on who is coaching on a particular day. For instance, some coaches sub 5 ring pullups per 15-ft rope climb, some sub 15. Some favor box dips for ring dips, some favor banded ring dips or dipping with my feet on the edge of a box. Scales for muscle ups have ranged from dumbbell pushups (combine db row at top of pushup), to pullups & dips…etc etc. So in the spirit of being constantly varied I’ve enjoyed the different approaches to scaling among the coaches. If posted Black Box WODs took away this variety I guess it would depend on who you asked whether it would be seen as a benefit or not. I guess in the end it’s all Crossfit, so it probably makes sense to post it.

    Thanks for asking…

  • Mike K

    Some wisdom from Rip in the interest of keeping the neighbors hapy today…
    Some language in there, so turn the volume low if you’re at work

    This technique works for snatches too, and as a bonus will generally make your grip & upper back stronger.

    • Mike, great link, thanks for sharing. Just wanted to add that if someone can’t do what Rip’s demoing, then the weight is too heavy. You’re doing a total of 45 reps in “Elizabeth.” Putting the bar down with control–quickly–on each rep should be totally within the realm of do-able. It may be fun to drop barbells from shoulder height, but this isn’t 1-rep-max territory here.

    • Jacinto

      LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Mike Mishik

    Yeah Avery! Kick ass!

  • Joe G

    Jenn – Thanks for pushing me. U r totally badass. JG

    • jenntang

      Great job today Joe!

  • Dave

    I’m not suggesting that this is something that I particularly want to do, but does anyone do more than one WOD in the same day? If so, is it back-to-back? Morning, lunch? Morning, Evening?

    • Hari

      First question: Are you already doing the WOD,3-on-1-off at least five days per week? If not, you should first try to average a consistent 5 days per week.

      Don’t do this like binge dieting, where you suddenly decide you have to go hardcore. If you haven’t done 45 to 50 WOD’s in the past 10 weeks, you aren’t ready to start doing multiple WOD’s.

      If you are ready, consider the CFE approach: double days (twice per week) are a set of sprints plus Main Site; Main Site alone 2 or 3 days per week; plus a single CFE distance WOD with no other CF WOD that day. The CFE WOD’s are done 3-4 hours before or after Main Site. If you schedule means you have to do this in the AM and PM, that’s fine. Typical CFE sprint WOD’s are 3-6 sets of 400 or 800 meter runs (500 or 1000 meter row) with 2 to 3 minutes rest between sets; Tabata sprints, etc. See their site:

      In my opinion, this is the most reasonable approach (to the extent that there is any “reasonable” approach) to doing multiple WOD’s per day.

      If you tell me that you are consistently doing 5 Main Site WOD’s and 3 CFE WOD’s over 5 or 6 days of the week AND you tell me that you’re not getting wrecked or injured Then you can think about doing more. (But my advice would be to do go with more intensity, not more volume.)

      If you want a more moderate introduction, try this: Every day (I do this 7 days per week) do a set of Tabata (pushups, situps, HSPU, squats, etc.) and the beginning or end of the day. If you go all out, this will significantly improve your performance on those exercises, and it will give you a second 4-minute WOD.

      • Dave

        Hari, super helpful. Thank you.

        • Adam R

          Also consider: Mishik does three WODs in one hour. Keller does one WOD in three hours. I’ll let that guide you.

          • jenntang

            hahaha… where’s the ‘like’ button on this page??

  • Richard

    Congrats, Avery!

  • Jeff

    lifting shoes on sale again for $39.99

  • Lisa

    Avery you are an inspiration – congratulations!
    So happy for Sully – he will make a great coach.

  • Avery

    Thanks everyone for the super kind words and congratulations, I really appreciate it!!

    The mental toughness that one develops from doing Crossfit definitely helped me surpass my goal at the competition and gave me an advantage. Dealing with “the suck” on a regular basis in WODs, made the last reps not that bad especially in a competition setting. It’s true: I don’t really like competing, I’d rather geek out on planning and training, but competing can help give your workouts direction and purpose.

    If anyone is interested on learning more about Giveroy Sport or Russian kettlebells please don’t hesitate to ask me when I’m at the gym – I am definitely still learning the technique (it takes years to master) but can point you to lots of great resources or perhaps answer questions you might have. The Open competition was a great experience for the most novice of lifters to some world class level athletes – I highly recommend people attending even as a spectator the next time around if they are interested at all – a very valuable learning experience in general.

  • To those of you who try to make it to class on Black Box WOD days, just wanted to give you a heads-up that the next move will be the back squat, and that Friday’s WOD will be 5×5 back squats.

    So…if your back squat sucks needs improving…see you on Friday!! 🙂

  • Rafi aka. Ill-izabeth

    Congrats to Avery and Sully!

    13:55 on Elizabeth today.

    85 lbs. Clean
    Red band ring dips

    Hari, I personally like the idea. I am constantly checking the main site and brand x so if I could get all that info in one place that would be great.

  • Akash

    7:12 with 95lbs and bar dips. My clean has improved a lot since the last time I did this, so that’s exciting.

  • mike n.

    8:10 rx’d (power cleans)

  • Sean M

    5:18 RX’d

  • Steve Slo


    9:50 (or somewhere around that time)
    Peach(?) band for the ring dips (similar thickness to the medium blue band)

    …I really need to start focusing more on ring dips.

  • Cathys

    crossfit foot ball
    squat, press, dead-1 rep each- as many rounds needed to reach 10,000 pounds
    Cut it short
    Squat 155, Press 65, Dead 175-
    20 rounds 7900 lbs