Compare to yesterday and the day before

Sunday 110626

For time:
Run 800 meters
Snatch, 30 reps
Run 800 meters

Post load and total time to comments.

Compare to 050613.


  • Scaling options, courtesy Brand X forums:

    Big Dawg and Pack:
    as Rx’d

    Scale the distance if you feel it necessary

  • drake

    Subbed 800m row for running.

    Snatch @ 95#.

    Thanks, Kevin, for some superlative coaching.


  • Sam G

    250 double unders for Time with Jeff: 4:00 minutes

    2k row, 8:33/4 = 2:08 for every 500 meters, not really good, but my curve stayed consistent the whole time, so that is a plus.

    I have emailed Coach Angela Hart for a comprehensive plan to get up to a 10K, as she rows one every week, I will have progressions up to it if anyone is intrested.

  • Matt M

    13:05 (95lb snatch)

  • Erika

    15:11w 31# snatch

  • Mike Mishik

    Main site really put a lot of thought into the last 3 days of programming….yawn

  • Richard

    13:12 with 33#

  • Justin Katz


  • Jenny A

    12:22 @ 36#

    • Jenny A

      Kevin’s cues were awesome. Have taken his class many times but learn something new about the lifts every time