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Saturday 110625

For time:
Run 800 meters
30 Muscle-ups
Run 800 meters

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Compare to 050612.

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Level 2 WOD:

OH Sq 3/5

C&J, 1-3 75% 3RM
5 ladders
60 burpees, minus 1 for every second faster than last time.

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Court judging at NE Regionals last weekend:


  • Scaling options for today’s workout will be posted here:

  • Erika

    15:32 scaled w release pu and jumping muscle ups (rings at chest height). thanks for an awesome class, Josh.

  • Matt M

    19:35 as Rx’d.

  • Stan

    16:04 as Rx’d.

  • Sam G

    Yesterdays wod 11:24 at 155lbs.

    Running is not as bad lately, there might be something wrong with me, not sure.

  • Adam R

    Happy birthday, Keller. Nice handstand.

  • Sara

    27:11 rx’d

  • Jay

    19:43 Rx. tweaked something in my neck on one of the muscle ups