A running sandwich

Friday 110624

For time:
Run 800 meters
Clean and Jerk, 30 reps
Run 800 meters

Post load and total time to comments.

Compare to 050611.

Set the clock to “I’m gonna actually change something if I do it long enough.”
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How superbugs will affect our healthcare costs (via)
Asparagus with anchovies and capers
What being strong is teaching me

In case you had any doubt that Regionals was a party:


  • Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of Brand X forums:

    Big Dawg and Pack:
    as Rx’d

    Scale the distance if you feel it necessary

  • Hari

    Future Games competitors will notice the similarity between this WOD and two past Games WOD’s:

    1) This year’s Run-30 HSPU-row WOD
    2) 2009’s 30 C&J at 155 lbs WOD

    And of course there is the Element of having to do a technical movement under fatigue, fatigue induced both by the initial run and by the high repetitions and explosive power of the (two part) technical movements.

    Our scounts will be noting people’s results It’s not too early to start making an impression. And its never too early to start indentifying and attacking weaknesses.

  • Matt M

    13:45 w/135lb c & j

  • Sean M.

    10:22 @135lbs.

  • Erika

    15:40/53# and ecstatic I no longer feel shooting pain down my lower back whilst running

  • Madeleine

    19:45, 75lb.

    Can anyone recommend a style of shoes that is good for both running and weightlifting (that isn’t Vibram)?

  • 24:34 – I really embraced my inner-bad-runner today. Need to work on that.

    Technically it’s a ground-to-overhead sandwich, which doesn’t sound very Paleo to me. However on that subject those who haven’t tried Trader Joe’s turkey jerky you are truly missing out on an amazing hi-protein snack. Give it a whirl…

    Madeleine you can’t go wrong with Converse Chuck Taylors. $40 a pair and they’re great for both running and lifting (coming from someone who did today’s WOD in a pair of Innov8s 😉

    Fun week…see you for more cleans on Monday…

  • Jamie F.

    14:34 @ 95 LBS … Good work 8:00 a.m. crew.

  • dan def

    Madeline— there are many great choices for a solid Crossfit shoe. Grab the shoe and bend it in half. If you are able to do so, it is a good shoe. If you can only bend the toe part of the shoe, or can’t bend it at all, do not buy it. Look at the padding and cushioning in the heel and shoe bottom. If it is thin without much padding, it is a good shoe. If it is thick and spongy, do not buy it. Look at the heel of the sneaker. If you can move the heel around and there is not much, if any support, that is a good shoe. If it has a hard and rigid heel, do not buy it. Inov 8 and Converse’s Chuck Taylor are two popular brands but any sneaker will work as long as it fits the above criteria. I am also a big fan of olympic weightlifting lifting shoes and think they are a worthwhile investment. They cannot be used for running, but provide a very solid platform for olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and workouts that do not involve running.

  • Jenny A

    13:43 @ 52#

  • Jessica

    Is there a 8:30pm wod on Fridays now?

    • Hari

      The last Friday WOD is at 7:30. (Since at least the beginning of 2011.)

  • Ben Weisenthal

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to send out a quick message. I haven’t been able to be in the box much lately, I hurt my lower back and talked to a doctor and recommended that I take some time off lifting. Quite frankly, it was too tempting to go to the box and not lift so I decided to take some time off to let my back heal. So that’s why I haven’t been around much over the past month. I talked to Sean and he gave me some good suggestions, as it hasn’t gotten a ton better with rest, so I’m gonna check those and see what happens. I’ll just throw out a warning for all you who are just getting into crossfit. Once you go crossfit you don’t go back. I went a gym to go swimming and saw people doing their typical bis, tris, and bench workout and couldn’t even imagine going back to that. Working out without a time frame or intense rep scheme just doesn’t seem worth it. You’ll know when it happens and when it does it will be way too late.

    Another reason I’m writing here is that I’m leaving the city to go to school in Rochester. I was hoping to get better before and squeeze some workouts in before I left but it doesn’t seem to be shaping up that way. I’m sure I’ll be back in the city some over the next couple of years so I can promise that I will be at the black box hitting up whatever the WOD might be that day. I’m sure when I’m back I’ll see plenty or new and old faces and everyone will be hitting a PR in something.

    I started doing Crossfit last July and I think it was one of the best things I’ve ever gotten into. It’s not just a place to go lift heavy weights and sweat, but its a community of people that are into living healthy lives through fitness and nutrition. Regardless of your background that is just such a sick group of people to be with. I’ve made so much progress over the past year, not only in my metcons and lifts, but in the way I eat, my body composition and my outlook on life. If you really throw yourself into this, read the journal, do the workouts, and eat the right way you will accomplish whatever you want. Even though I was accepted, a year ago I wasn’t ready to start medical school. I can say now, without a doubt, that I am ready to tackle it, and not just because I took off school for a year, but in a large part because crossfit has shown me that I can do whatever I put my mind to. Thank you crossfit, thank you black box coaches, and thanks to all my black box peers who pushed me to the limit in every workout I’ve done over the past year. Keep working hard and improving yourself and just know that no goal is unattainable with the right attitude. Hope to see you all in the future.

    Lift some heavy weights and mishik some metcons.


    • Marcos

      Sorry to see you go, Ben. I wish you all the best with your studies. Keep up the great attitude and it will be yours. I hope to see you when you return.

    • jenntang

      Good luck at school Ben! You’re going in with a great attitude – and looks like there are 8 Crossfit affiliates in Rochester, so hopefully you’ll be able to hit one up between your studying!

    • Kent B

      Ben, you’re a great dude and your positive influence will be missed. Best of luck in med school and hope to see you soon back at the box.

    • Carlos

      Ben, seeing your gains over the last year and how you hit the WODs, and reading this, has been inspirational. Also, it’s enouraging to hear about a future doctor who knows that health is mainly about diet and exercise, knows what proper diet and exercise look like, and walks the talk. Looking forward to seeing you back at the Box soon!

    • Ben, we’ll miss you! Keep us updated via blog comments here.

    • Mike Mishik


      I ‘ll miss you buddy. You had some serious heart in all of our wods we’ve done together. If you take that approach in school, I have no doubt you’ll be more than successful. Good luck (not that you need it) and when you come back to the city call me and we’ll knock out some solid metcons together.

  • Jessica

    Ok. Thanks. FYI – the website calendar/zenbody says 8:30PM is last wod on Fridays.

  • Jessica

    I checked the calendar b/c couldn’t remember the earlier class times, and asked because I was unsure as to whether 8:30PM Fridays had been reinstated at some point.
    Aware that 7:30PM has been the last class since at least the beginning 2011. I keep waiting for it to come up as a question during bar trivia, but alas, it never does.

    • Jessica, I let Kristina, our new Operations Manager, know about the calendar error and now it’s been fixed. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Mickey

    I wear Sambas for everything, Oly, running, Met Cons, with no complaints. I’m not punk enough for Chucks.


    Subbed 30 Back Squats at 135# and 30 Push Press at 95#. Three more weeks in the wrist brace.

  • Scott M.

    Thanks for a great WU today Court. That WOD kicked my ass.
    14:15 w 95LB.

  • Jeff

    a running sandwich <<< running while eating a sandwich

  • Ben, congratulations on your progress and good luck with school. The other day, I looked at that video that I took a while back of your junkyard dog head nod that you do when youre o-lifting. Mad funny. Too bad you only did it once in the video. In the lift before the video you did it like 3 times. I just put it on youtube

  • Andy

    14:05 85lbs. More and more getting the hang of the lifts. Big thanks to 6:15AM coaches!

  • Court

    15:57, 115#

  • Sam G

    Weighted false grip ring pullups at the park, in order to start and work up to muscle up progression.


    5 lbs, 7 1/2, 10, 12, 15

    Then 4-4-4-4-4-4-4 with only bodyweight

  • Ralph

    17:22, 90# C&J. By far my weakest lift. Needs a lot of work.