Heavy triples

Wednesday 110622

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 110222.

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Post-Elements WOD @7:30pm w/Rickke:

A. Deadlift 3 x 5
B. L-sit progressions. Accumulate 3 minutes in an L-sit or L-sit progression.
C. 1/2 Cindy
10 min AMRAP
– 5 pull-ups
– 10 push-ups
– 15 air squats

For those of you that attended the Post-Elements pull-up clinic last week, please come and share your pull-up program progress and any questions you may have.


CrossFit on NY1!

The sun is the best optometrist
How to train like an Olympic weightlifter in 3 easy steps
What do I know?
Ready or not?
That seductive salt

Regionals was such a fun, amazing, positive experience. Being able to compete renewed my energy for Crossfit, but I think if I had just been a spectator it would have done the same! I was never a team sport person, always track, cross-country, and skiing, so being on the field with the team, watching everyone work together, was an incredible new feeling for me.

Watching how other teams worked together and encourged each other made such a big impact on me as well. During the snatch and muscle up WOD, there was one male/female duo in particular. The male was one of the first to finish his muscle ups, but the female had clearly just learned muscle ups and was struggling. It didn’t seem to phase her team mate, he encouraged her, made her rest, gave her water, talked to her calmly, and despite not finishing, they were still happy.

Of course watching the top athletes compete was a highlight. We always see them as invincible during workouts on mainsite, but they hit walls just like everyone else, and when one finished, they went over and screamed at the person that was having trouble. Great to see!!!

I definitely don’t think we would have done as well if we didn’t have other members there rooting for us, it was great to hear them yelling! Thank you everyone!!!!


  • 1. 315
    2. 325
    3. 335
    4. 345
    5. 355
    extra credit set: 365

    thanks Reis and Alex for the support! go team!

  • andy g

    Thanks Sara and Wil, DL PR-325×3

  • What Will said.

    (scale thanks to Will & Alex instead)

  • Erika


    could have handled much more weight but that darn back of mine likes to break form. :-/ thanks for the help steph and sara!

    will- extra credit? you’re an animal…

  • Akash

    Just one of those days when you feel weak…bleh
    225 – 235 – 245 – 255 – 265

  • Justin Katz

    Thank you Sara and Andy for the coaching today.

  • Wayne


    max in February was 185!

    • Richard

      Great stuff, Wayne!!

    • Wayne:

      The numbers never lie. Your consistency is paying off huge. Well done sir!

  • keller

    you morning people are way too lovey huggey by 10 am… =)

  • CAIN
  • Alex P

    NY1 did a story about Crossfit this morning. The reporter interviewed a trainer at Crossfit DUMBO who mentioned that CF NYC was the first box in the city. I guess Crossfit is now fully in the mainstream.

  • Hari

    2012 Scounting Report:

    “NATE” RX’d

    Sean M: 17 Rounds + 2 MU’s + 4 HSPU’s + 1 KBS
    Mike M: 11 Rounds + 2MU’s + 4 HSPU’s

    Sara: 8 Rounds

  • Thor

    Just to throw it out there, heavy deads are also a good indicator of how well you may or may not do in any type of atheltic competition. Just saying.

    • Mike K

      Defintely would agree with that. Austin Malleolo’s 550+ deadlift certainly didn’t hurt him in going sub 3 min on the DL/BJ WOD to turn in the fastest time of the day, and possibly of the regionals overall

    • Hari


      21-15-9: Heavy DL’s and Box Jumps at this year’s Regionals
      Triplet with Heavy DL’s, sprints, pistols, and DU’s at 2010 Games
      1RM DL’s at 2010 Masters
      DL ladders at 2009 Games

      This WOD matters for Games competitors!

    • Agree 100% plus heavy deads are just FUN TO DO.

  • Alex

    Same lifts as Will & Reis – previous 1 rep max was 365…the extra credit set put that to shame…or maybe I’m stronger at 7am that 615am.

    • 7am brings the POWER

  • Matt M

    305, 325, 335, 340, 345

  • Hello from Austin! Thanks for the shout-outs to my posts, Allison.

    • Melicious, I could link your blog every day, you have so many good posts! Hello right back at ya!

  • Tina Levy

    Deadlifts 5×3 60-80-90

  • Court

    If it’s not perfectly clear from the above posts, if you are not routinely lifting heavy, you are not doing CrossFit and lack capacity. If you are only doing metcons and avoiding heavy days, then your progress will stall, if it hasn’t already. Come in on heavy days, lift with your best form, record your results. Ask coaches and other members for advice and you will see progress.

    • Mike K

      Also, in addition to lifting more and getting stronger. Make sure to address any mobility issues that prevent you from getting in the optimal position for the lifts. One easy example is that if your rack position sucks due to some mobility issue, your front squat, thuster, push press, and jerk probably suck equally.

      Once I started addressing mobility issues, mostly with Z-Health drills & training, I really started to see a lot of lifts take off when they had been stalled for a while.

  • Mike Brink

    What’s going on with the member/guest competition by the way? I’ve been out of the scene for 2 weeks, so maybe this has already been addressed (or more embarrassing, maybe already happened)??

  • kevin p

    Always go to maximum. Thanks for the post CAIN. That just got me amped for clean and jerks today.

  • Thor

    There’s a CF in DUMBO? Damn, and here there was a time when we couldnt even workout in a trendy Muay Thai facilty.. Now entire trendy neighborhoods have them.

  • Jenny A

    135-145-155-165 (f) – 155

    I failed at the weight I lifted a week ago. B/w this and the 2fer wallballs (fingers jammed, hit in the face over and over b/c of inability to coordinate mvmt) it’s been a tough week

    • Hari

      We sometimes forget to consider what we were doing around the time of our previous attempts. For example, if last time you lifted 165 you were fairly rested, and this time you came in beat up from those double wall ball shots, the comparisson might not be fair.

      Also, with 10 lb jumps, you can’t tell how close you really are. Maybe you would vave made 160 or even 164 today. A difference of 10 lbs probably means nothing.

      (I hear that some days, Austin Malleolo can barely hit a 530 DL, and that occassionally Annie T will fail at a 175 lb thruster. It happens.)

      • Mike K

        Very true… we all have a heavy gravity day from time to time… and for various reasons. Another reason why keeping a good log with notes about your workout is very helpful for measuring progress.

  • Emerson

    Has the staff considered developing some goals that every member should strive for? Obviously people should have their own goals, but sometimes it is helpful to have a list to refer back to or see where your glaring weaknesses are. It would also be very cool to have a list of gym records posted somewhere.

  • Hari

    Emerson’s suggestion is an interesting one. The question is how we would implement it. One possibility is to use a series of sceduked Black Box rest days for one-on-one meetings between athletes and coaches. This might mean taking several days and scheduling 15 minute meetings, instead of running WOD’s.

    • Sara H.

      I’m not sure on the scheduling aspect, but having a more structured way to work on our goats/goals would be awesome.

    • Emerson

      Individual meetings would be awesome! But I’m not sure how feasible that is. I was thinking more along the lines of general standards for the gym, like a fit adult male should be able to deadlift x weight and should be able to do y pullups and run a mile in z time. But a bit more comprehensive.

  • Jay


  • Rafi aka. DLsInfinity

    Dead lifts went really well for me today.


    And then I hit a pr: 1 rep of 295. My last max was 275. I thought I was going for 285 at the time as well, but I guess sometimes horrible math skills could come in handy.

  • Sam G

    Super busy day, hand to run onto my global gym to do the dls


    I like to work at that number it’s 70% of my max, I soon got yelled at for the chalk mess I did when leaving the gym

    Met con at the park today with people I train

    Three rounds for time

    Been working on pistols for awhile still need help at the bottom sometimes with a partner
    12 alternating pistols
    4 handstand push ups

    • Sam G

      5:27 was the time

  • Steve L


    Thanks to Kev and Avery for some good tips today.

  • Thanks to Sara, Allison & Bo for good coaching today:

    DL: 225 – 265 – 275 – 295 – 305

    Should have done a bit more I think.

  • Eric

    275, 315, 335, 355 (PR), 315
    Need to keep lats tight and arch, this disintegrated on the way down sometimes.

  • Mike K

    405×3, 435×3, 455×3, 465×3 Skipped the last set of 3 to pull a single at 500. Tried one more at 510 but was out of gas by that point. All felt pretty good today.

    Then did Nate. 12 rounds even rx’d

    • Court


  • Steve Slo

    275, 295, 315 (PR), 325F, 295, 275

  • Eric

    Oh, just wanted to clarify, above that PR is a PR for 3 reps

  • Ralph

    280, 285, 290, 295, 300, 305 (extra credit). First time deadlifting, the final 305 ended up being a PR, I guess.

    Stayed for Post-Elements to work on L-sits.

    1/2 Cindy: 6 rounds, 3 pull-ups.

  • JR