[From Court Wing, co-founder and co-owner of CFNYC.]

The performance of Team CFNYC at the 2011 CrossFit NE Regionals was nothing short of outstanding and marked a decisive turning point in the development of our affiliate. The dedication to our community and our standards shined throughout all the events that all of our competitors and coaches took head on and they met each challenge willingly. Going into the competition the odds were definitely long, starting out in 30th place and some may have quailed at the thought of fighting upwards but our team did not and earned every point they won. Our team was assembled at the last minute, almost hesitantly, with at least two of the team spots having to go to alternates.

Our team was unphased, enthused about participation at such a hig- level event and as Mike Mishik put it best, “I am no fan of dead f*cking last”. It is hard to describe how overwhelmingly proud I am of the work and sacrifice they put in, though I am sure for most it was born of the simple desire to show to everyone how we do CrossFit here at the Black Box (and to get their WOD ON!) It was an enormous pleasure to stand at the sideline and yell my head off knowing that our team would do their best with simple encouragement. Despite much stricter standards than at past events, Team CFNYC adapted readiliy on the fly, demonstrating their skill, control and vigor. Each athlete had many standout moments but watching Mike K go after and DESTROY the DL/BJ WOD and then see Jackie immediately follow suit to match him was thrilling. Just as thrilling was watching Sara, Mike M & Alex bang out C2B pullups for rep after rep and then see Cathy grab the kettlebell and see her nail her very accurate swings for one
loooong set, only to be followed by Mike M blast 130 double-unders unbroken and then see ALL of them do perfect OH Squats…it was hard not to cry.

So…the road to the 2012 NE Regionals starts today. If we can move up from 30th place to 24th (!) in one weekend, just imagine what we can do in one year. Though, to be completely honest, I’m not interested in numbers, I’m interested in Heart. All of our athletes delivered it unceasingly. My promise to you is that we will continue to support all our athletes and make sure that you have everything you need in place to be your competitive best, whether it’s beating a personal fitness goal, a friendly rivalry that makes you work just a bit harder than you would have by yourself, entering one of our totally awesome in-house competitions (as evidenced by all the fun everyone has had with CAIN-GAMES and the like) or a burning desire to stand on the winners platform next year, I will do whatever it takes to help you make that happen. This was an enormously fun and moving trip and I know that each athlete is eager to do it again with a full years preparation under their (weight) belt.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! Coach Sara, Coach Mike K, Mike M, Cathy, Alex and Jackie.

Monday 110620

Three rounds for time of:
50 Double-unders
25 Wallball “2-fer-1s”, 20 pound ball

Post time to comments.

Compare to 100802.

* * * * *

Post-Elements WOD @ 7:30 w/Hari:

21-, 15-, and 9-reps of the following:

Box Jump, 20 inches
Knees To Elbows


Weekly menu planning: Be organized
The no-time, no-problem fitness plan
Why I hate the phrase “Standard American Diet”
Bar speed: Ready, set, GO!
Light yogurt is not dessert

Let’s all welcome back and congratulate Team CFNYC on their hard work at the NE Regionals as we see their faces back at the gym. Sara, Mike M., Jackie, Alex, Mike K., and Cathy–we couldn’t be prouder of your efforts and accomplishments. Also let’s acknowledge those who made the trek up to Massachusetts to cheer on our team and offer them the kind of support they deserved: Coach Court Wing, Craig C., Brett, Rickke, Matt D., and Marcos.

If you missed the earlier pictures of NE Regionals posted over the past few days, scroll down to check them out. And here’s some more! (Big thanks for Court for getting great shots, and also to Jackie, who I snagged at least one photo from.)

Cathy rocks the OHSs:

Jackie deadlifts:

Sara on pull-ups:

And even more pictures to come…


  • Scaling options for today’s WOD, adapted from Brand X forums:

    Big Dawgs:
    as Rx’d

    Men 20#/Women 14#

    Three rounds for time of:
    35 Double-unders
    15 Wallball “2-fer-1s”

    Men 14-20#/Women 10-14#

    Three rounds for time of:
    20 Double-unders
    10 Wallball “2-fer-1s”

    Men 10-14#/Women 6-10#

    If you are unable to double under, try tuck jumps or side to side jumps over a parallette.. (And keep practicing your double unders so you CAN do them the next time they come up…or eventually.)

  • Hari

    Congratulations and thank you to Alex, Cathy, Jackie, Mike K, Mike M, and Sara!

  • Alex Punger

    Thanks for the kind words Court.

    The weekend was a lot of fun. I would encourage more members to think about going next year just as spectators. I always get inspired from watching the other individuals and teams compete.

  • Jason W

    Congrats to the team! I wish I could have been there to support you.

  • Rickke

    It was a ton of fun cheering on the team and watching all the other incredible competitors this weekend. Thank you for all your hard work and congrats on your impressive finish!

  • Court

    I have been totally remiss in not lauding the awesome support crew we had up at Reebok Intl. HQ; Craig C, Brett, Rickke, Matt D & Marcos (who yelled himself hoarse and clapped for all the finishers on field). They drove us up, made dinner reservations, got food and water for the team, shuttled us back & forth from the hotel (special shout out to Craig for driving me to the field each morning at 7:15 so I could attend the Judges meeting) and for cheering, cheering, cheering. Next year let’s make it a HUUUUUUGE party and have our own TEAM CREW tshirts show we can show our spirit!

  • Jenn

    11:53 Rx

    Congrats on Team CFNYC! So bummed I couldn’t make it this weekend to cheer you on, but it looks like you guys kicked ass – very proud of you guys!

  • keller

    congrats to everyone on their hard work and dedication. i’m glad we sent a team and we were more then competitive…

  • Court those are some inspiring words!!! Congratulations to Alex, Cathy, Jackie, Mike K, Mike M, and Sara for going up there and performing on the big stage. Big shout to Craig C, Brett, Rickke, Matt D & Marcos and everyone unnamed that played a roll in the team’s success this past weekend. It takes something very special to compete against athletes that you look up to and respect. Obviously you all embody that spirit. For that you should be proud. I’d love to hear reports from our athletes and spectators on their experiences.

    • Gonna do my best to get some athlete reports for the blog…stay tuned!

  • Mike K

    Thanks Court, and thank you to everyone who came up to support! And great job by Mike M, Alex, Jackie, Sara, and Cathy. It was awesome to compete with all of you and you all kicked ass! I had a blast this weekend and am looking forward to next year

  • Court

    3pm class, dealing with serious train delay,
    still on my way.

  • Adam R

    Great job team, coaches, and supporters. I look forward to seeing more pictures and reading the reports.

  • sam.gaberal

    Awesome words of inspiration Court. I think the Team was awesome this year, super awesome job guys, really want to check out the reports.

  • Richard

    Congrats Team CFNYC!

  • Sara

    Thank you Court for your kind words. I had an amazing time over the weekend with the team and was inspired by everyone’s amazing efforts. Mike K and Jackie both crushed the dl/bj wod- I believe Mike actually had the fastest time out of all of the teams men on that and Jackie set a 2 min. pr. Alex was simply solid on everything all weekend. Mishik did the majority of our c2b pullups and had the best double unders out of anyone competing. And an especially huge shoutout to Cathy… without her we never would have been able to go and she fit right in and did a great job on everything. You guys inspired me to start working harder.

    I would also really like to thank all of our supporters but especially Craig, Brett, Rickke, Marcos, and Matt for spending the time and money to come out and cheer us on… it made a huge difference in our performance.

  • Jeff

    DL @ 315#
    parallette HSPUs, bottom-to-bottom

  • Jay

    9:55 Rx’d

    congrats to everyone that went up to Boston, sounds like an awesome weekend

  • chadb

    10:34 Rx

    Good to be back at CrossfitNYC. It was nice seeing you Kevin and Jenn.

  • Steph

    Woo hoooo!!! Congratulations team CFNYC!

  • Annie

    CONGRATS TEAM CFNYC! next year I will definitely go cheer!!

  • drake

    10:27, rx.

  • mike n.


  • Court

    10:47 Rx’D

  • Many congratulations to the team on a great job at regionals. I hope I’m able to go up and support next year…

    WOD – 19:45

    14 lb ball – 150 singles per round