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Friday 110617

Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

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Here’s our last 2 interviews with Team CFNYC who will be competing this weekend at Northeast Regionals. Let’s wish them all luck!

1) Tell us why your nickname at the Black Box is “the busdriver.” Lenny gave me that name last year at regionals because “I take b*tches to school”!

2) You’ve got lots of competition experience. Which do you prefer: team or individual? I prefer individual but it’s always much more fun to be a part of a team and a lot less pressure!

3) How has coaching CF made you a better CF competitor? The biggest thing coaching CF has helped me with is form… I got a 15lb. pr on my snatch by doing absolutely nothing but teaching it for a month with a PVC pipe. It also inspires me to see how hard people work and make gains and perform every single day the best they can.


1) You’ve done lots of competing–does it get easier? Harder? Or is it just a different experience each time? I love to compete, nothing can describe that moment after a competition when you just emptied your tank and left nothing on the table. That sense of accomplishment and satisfaction never dies and is always a refreshing reminder of what else you can achieve. Competitions totally get harder, the better in shape we get the more we can push ourselves and the more we can exert in one time domain. This is probably my 10+ competition, I think every time it’s a different good experience, there are always new people to meet and friends to find at each competition. Nothing beats this community and it only is getting better and better every year.

2) What was it like doing Sectionals week after week after week? I really loved the sectional atmosphere last year, tons of competitors ready to give it their all for an entire weekend, leave nothing behind. It was totally different this year and I didn’t get that atmosphere from the weekly WODs, all that said I got injured twice during Sectionals which actually prevented me from finishing them. I was super bummed and had my goals set on making individuals before I had to throw in the towel, calling out on week 3 was super tough for me. I did week 2 with a hyper extended wrist and I had to convince myself not to do clean and jerks with an aggravated herniated disc. I hate the word quit, I think it’s cheap and there’s never a good excuse for it, regardless if it’s in a workout or daily task.

3) How long have you been crossfitting, and what’s your previous athletic background? I’ve been CrossFitting for almost 2.5 years. Prior to CrossFit, I swam competitively in High School and played Water Polo at Villanova University. I used to swim distance, the mile and 1000, our training days would consist of 15K+ yardage, this probably correlates the most to my desire for long insane metcons that leave puddles around the box.

4) Name one way in which crossfit has had a positive influence on the rest of your life (that has nothing to do with working out or nutrition). My entire family does CrossFit now, we are all super active. My dad is the funniest, I get a call from him every other night telling me about his latest Rx’d wod or how many handstand pushups he can string together. It’s truly an amazing feeling knowing you have the support and understanding of a healthy lifestyle from your entire family.


  • From the CrossFit Brand X forums:

    Today, everyone is a Big Dawg. If you are unfamiliar with the movement pick a light weight and work on your technique.

    Here is a video of the Clean:

    Here is a video of the Jerk:

    And a couple of inspirational videos:
    Connor at the Games
    Kallista at the Games


    Also, let me add that today is not the day to wear your running shoes. Weightlifting shoes are best, but low-top Chuck Taylors (or some other sort of hard-bottomed, flat shoe) will also work pretty well. If you don’t own either of those, then do the WOD in socks or Vibrams. Wondering why? Read this: http://www.hyperfitusa.com/hyperfit_usa/2009/11/finding-your-balance.html

  • Cesar


    I forgot my ring at the box earlier tonight – I believe it was left on one of the water bottle boxes in the back of the room (near the dry erase board)…if someone finds it can you please bring it to the front desk? It’s a gold ring w/ a tri-colored emblem on the front….not worth much albeit for sentimental value….Thx.

    • Allison Bojarski

      Cesar, It’s behind the desk–just ask for it when you come in next.

  • Greg Sprich

    Sara, if I don’t see you tomorrow go kick ass. I know you’re going to take no prisoners. Talk the big game you bring to class, and then blow everyone out of the water

  • Good luck this weekend to the Black Box team. Hope you make it to Carson, CA.

  • kevin p

    Best of luck to the Games competitors and kick ass!

  • Sophie

    Good luck!

  • Adam R

    I really enjoyed the team interviews. Kick some ass!

  • Akash

    Good luck everybody!!

  • Sam G

    Good luck guys! Kick some butt! And Sara Im 100% sure you can get those thrusters.

  • Greg Sprich

    This looks pretty badass. Would be fun to get a group together


    good luck this weekend!

  • Lisa

    Go, busdriver! Good luck to all the team – kick butt and take names.

  • Thor

    No luck is needed guys, all of you guys are $$$… Just go have some fun!!

  • Adam R

    Hey Alison, not to nitpick, but those inspirational videos from the games aren’t clean+jerks. While certainly impressive, they were clean+thrusters. You’re not allowed to press out on the jerk.

    Here’s a good one. Backflip optional. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJNPVAsTaYY&feature=related

    • Allison Bojarski

      Technically you’re not nitpicking with ME but with Brand X. : )

      But thanks for pointing out the difference–you’re correct!

  • Richard

    Good luck everyone!

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    Best of luck to all the competitors!

  • Avery W.

    Good Luck at Regionals!! You guys will do awesome – most importantly have fun.

    Word of advice from my experience at last year’s Regionals: If you have to do pull ups after Mishik watch out for the puddle on the bar.

  • Jenny A

    Good luck guys!!

  • Steve Slo

    95 – 115 – 135 – 155 – 155 – 155 (ugly) – 155f