Double trouble

Wednesday 110608

Push Jerk 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 reps

Post load(s) to comments.

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Post-Elements WOD @7:30pm w/Rickke:

A. push press 3-3-3

B. 500m row max effort x 3 – rest 3 minutes between efforts

C. 75 hollow rocks – do 5 push-ups for every rest break

A big congratulations to our very own Jacinto Bonilla (CFNYC coach AND athete) for being featured on, the CrossFit Games website, and the CrossFit Journal!

Here’s a few screenshots from the interview video done by Jenn Hunter-Marshall on behalf of

Jenn interviewing Jacinto:

Jacinto with Coach Kev P., teaching class together:

Be sure to watch the whole video!

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Some taboo truths about barefoot running
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The problem with skinny and fat
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  • From the CrossFit Brand X forums, some advice for today’s workout:

    Today everyone is a Big Dawg. Here is a vid that shows the difference between the press, push press, and push jerk.

    If you are unfamiliar with the push jerk start slow and light work on your technique.


    I would add that if you don’t have a subscription to the CrossFit Journal (and really you should, it’s well worth it at $25/year for access to the entire archives), you can also check out a bunch of different Olympic lifting videos on for free right here:

    And remember, today’s when you’ll want to wear weightlifting shoes if you’ve got ’em (or at least Converse Chuck Taylors, NOT squishy, thick-bottomed sneakers). Wondering why? Read this:

  • Adam R

    Most famous push jerk of all time:

    • keller

      your mustache will only take you so far – next step is a woman’s bathing suit / unitard to hit the next training level

  • Akash

    worked my way up to 155 before i failed at 165. This has been a rough stretch between snatch balances, presses, and now push jerk for my poor shoulders…

  • kevin p

    Thanks Adam! Serious inspiration right there from one of my favorite lifters. The great Kakhi Kakhiashvilis.
    To put it in perspective, he cleaned and push jerked 518pounds weighing less than 198 pounds in that clip.

  • Sean M

    Best coach ever

  • Emerson

    Question, I have a friend who wants to check out the 10am free class on Saturday, but wants to know if we have outlets for hair dryers in the bathrooms or shower areas. Do we have such accommodations??

  • B spears


  • Jeff

    10 rounds
    8 GHD sit ups
    8 reciprocating cleans (double 1 pood KBs)
    8 reciprocating jerks (double 1 pood KBs)

    1 pood is too light

  • Jay

    4 rounds:
    run 400m
    rest 2 minutes

    east river park track


  • Sam G

    Butt load of stretching to get my hamstring unstrung,

    Press tripletes at 135

    More turkish get ups

    Team workout
    41-55 20 inch box jumps double unders


    1 1/2 mile run on streets with endurance freakhead friend.