Happy Memorial Day!

Just a reminder that today, Memorial Day, we’re running the gym on a Sunday schedule: WOD classes at 10am, 11am, noon, and 1pm. (No Post-Elements WOD class tonight at 7:30, as is usually scheduled.) Thanks and enjoy the holiday!

Monday 110530

BLACK BOX WOD (current skill: the snatch):

After a proper warm-up for and skillwork on the movement, complete 5 sets, not for time, of the 3-position snatch, going heavier with each set.

Compare to 110303.


Some snatching inspiration…


  • Greetings:

    Enjoy your holiday everyone…a request for variety in rest day skills…

    I’ve been Crossfitting for six months and the last time the rest day skill was the Clean was back in November around the time I started. Since then the rest day skill has been the Snatch in November, February, March and May. While I will *always* need more work on the snatch it would seem helpful to also cover less popular lifts like the clean. Other than doing a bunch of them for time in a metcon, I’ve had pretty limited exposure to this lift. For whatever it’s worth….

    I’m still pretty new to everything, but I’d rather start sucking at *all* of the lifts, not just snatches and squats ;).


    • Reis, you’re correct that the clean got left out recently. I have gone ahead and corrected my mistake (as the blogger for the gym, I’m the one who retrieves previous Black Box WODs and posts them here as we continue through the cycle of skills).

      I’ll be putting the clean into this sequence a bit out of order (which doesn’t really matter) and will make sure it’s always included in all future sequence run-throughs, don’t you worry.

  • Ray Levitt

    I worked out at another box today. Let’s just say that the movement standards there were EXTREMELY lax. The WOD consisted of a few fundamental CrossFit exercises that are typically performed with minimal difficulty by most people. But the athletes there were DOGGING almost everything – big time (…and these were guys who quite evidently fancy themselves firebreathers). The THREE coaches present at the time never addressed any basic aspects of their horrible form. I was pretty shocked. My point is – I’m glad I work out at The Black Box where the coaches pay attention to important details and expect members to adhere to them. Only after witnessing such mediocrity did I realize how much I’ve learned at The Black Box. I hope this doesn’t sound to brownnosey but I think it does.

  • anon

    I think having every rest day be a lift day is neglecting those people who like metcons and aren’t doing crossfit for the olympic lifts. Lifts are important, definitely, but is it necessary to do lifts 100% of the rest days?
    Although a lot of people join crossfit are interested in getting really good at lifting, what about the people who want to get a workout and are ok with doing a safe but imperfect snatch? (I’m not saying lifting isn’t a workout – but with the rest day programming it is becoming (or at least feels like) the dominant one.
    As someone who works a lot and can barely find an hour a day to drag myself in for a workout, it’s disappointing to, twice a week, be in a position where the majority of the hour is waiting for my turn and unloading and loading a bar. When the mainsite calls for it, cool, and on some rest days, also cool…but all of them?
    Might just be me, and if so, then apologies.

    • sam.gaberal

      I said this to To Sean recently and many other people, “You can never be to strong”

      You can never not benefit from working on strength and lifts, even if you like met cons, I am a coach and an athlete, and I have to say, my Clean and Jerk, and Snatch have helped me with my met cons, which have always been a trouble for me.

      You can always do something on your own on the rest days, there is nothing set in stone with them. I personally always work on the things I suck at, it varies on the suck at the moment, but I guarantee there will always be a suck.

  • Sean M

    I think it’s just you.

  • Adam R

    Metcons are fine, but overrated. Pick something heavy off the floor and put it over your head. That will get you into pretty good shape.

  • Sara


    From a coach and competitors perspective, here’s my two cents. Can you do every single wod with the rx’d weight? Can you perform lifts without a coach constantly telling you to change something? I have pretty good form and I’m pretty strong and I still feel like the major issue holding me back from being a seriously competitive crossfitter is strength and technique. Metcons are great and a huge aspect of CrossFit but every metcon will feel easier if you become stronger and more competent at the movements.

  • I use the prescribed rest days to work on something that I suck at…which is a lot of things. If it calls for snatch – and I’m really not feeling like doing snatch practice – I’ll work on my muscle-ups and use the hour to better myself and something that I want to work on.

    The rest day workouts, I feel, are there to give athletes something to work on if they don’t have something else to work on…at least that’s how I’ve always viewed them. I also use the rest day workout to make up workouts that I might have missed during the week.

    Hope this helps everyone. I’m sure the coaches on the rest days would be more than willing to work with you on something that YOU want to work on. They are there to help you become better athletes and have the best intentions for every single athlete at the box. I know I do.

  • sam.gaberal

    Four rounds for Time, in the park

    25 double unders
    20 ab mat sit ups
    15 wall balls 20 lb ball 12 ft target

    Time: 7:20

  • Hari

    Regarding Tuesday’s WOD:

    If you’ve never done 100 pull-ups and/or burpees in a WOD, it’s probably not a good idea to try for 150 pull-ups and burbees.

    To scale to 2/3 of the volume, use (40,10), (30,20), (20,30), (10,40) = (100,100)
    To scale to 1/2 of the volume, use (25,5), (20,10), (15,15), (10,20), (5,25) = (75,75)
    To scale to 2/5 of the volume, use (30,10), (20,20), (10,30) = (60,60)

    If you don’t have a pull-up, then remember this general rule: By the time you do 2500 band pull-ups, you will have a pull-up; and the sooner you get those band pull-ups done, the sooner you’ll move on.

  • kevin p

    Didn’t we do kb swings last cycle and weren’t all of those workouts metcons?!