Friday 110520


Six rounds for time of:
50 Squats
25 Ring dips

Post time to comments.

Brian D. is in town for May (before heading out to train with Glenn Pendlay for 2 months this summer) and managed to make 365# for 1 rep look easy. He says crossfitters shouldn’t complain about front squats coming up frequently.

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  • Jason L.

    Hey I haven’t been at the gym at all this month because I’m leaving for Marine OCS in Quantico, VA in a week. I just want to say thanks to everyone who I’ve talked to, helped me, and had to deal with me. Especially thanks to the coaches, and all the firebreathers who I’ve tried to chase the whole time I’ve been at the box. Just to put some numbers to my time here, I have some stats from before and after joining CFNYC:
    Deadlift 320 –> 425
    Squat 315 –> 355
    Fran ~6:30 –> ~4:00
    Front Squat 230 –> 300
    I’ve kept the same physical fitness score (300 points, 17:50 on the 3 mile run, 100 crunches in 2 minutes, 20 deadhang pullups), gained 5 pounds, and feel a hell of a lot stronger/fitter. The past few weeks I’ve been tapering my strength and focusing on more bodyweight/lighter weight movements and longer efforts. To give an example of the type of volume I can now handle (that I definitely couldn’t have handled a year ago), today my workout log looks like this:
    Morning: 30 minute run
    – CFFB workout from 5/12
    – 1-10 KB Chinese Row each arm
    – 15 minute AMRAP, 250m row, 25 pushups
    – 100 good mornings, 100 hollow rocks
    I can’t thank you guys enough, the knowledge that I’ve gained from being a member and just chatting with people is priceless. I’ll make sure to give my 100% down there.

    Jason Lapadula

    • Jai

      Good luck, Jason!

    • keller

      was great getting to know you jason – all the best while you are down there

    • jim

      good luck. have fun. be safe.

      see you in the fall.

    • Rickke

      Congrats on all the hard work paying off. Good luck, Jason!

    • Matt D

      good luck jason!

    • MC

      Good luck!

    • Sam G

      Congrats Jason, since we both graduated Elements at the same time, I am going to be the only one left :-(, you were always crazy strong, but now it’s even better good luck and hope to see you again.

    • Nikki

      Good luck, Jason!!!

    • jenn

      Good luck in Quantico, Jason! It was great seeing you at the gym, and congrats on all of the big improvements you’ve made!

  • Sara

    31:35 rx’d

  • Be safe out there Jason…very nice results! Inspiring to say the least…

    Brian D you are a savage beast. Your front squat is my back squat…nuff said…

    Wilmot – 32:18
    6 Rounds
    50 Air Squats
    25 Dips done while keeping my feet on a 12″ box for support

    Enjoy your weekend folks…

  • Felix

    Brian – you’re a beast bro. unbelievable the progress you have made these past 3 years.
    i have no doubt we will see you in the olympics at some point.

  • Brett_nyc

    Good luck Jason. You’ll be fine down there.

    Strong work Brian. For those of you who don’t know him or haven’t trained with him, he’s like a 900lbs Silverback gorilla trapped in a midget’s body. It’s crazy and it’s awesome and Felix is definitely on to something.

  • Mike Mishik

    Good luck Jason!

  • CAIN

    brian d just high bar back squatted 465 a couple week ago
    on video
    ass to the floor

    for all the haters

    ps I think he weighs like 170

  • Brian D.

    You’ll see a 500lb back squat from me soon enough. Next week there may be a video of me front squatting over 400.

    CAIN, I weigh 170 in clothes and my lifting shoes.

  • Mike K

    Good luck Jason!

    Brian, keep up the strong work! Hit 510 just to get to 3x BW…

  • CAIN

    good luck jason

    you were great in all of my classes

    and provided two major highlights in the CAINgames:
    -almost killing yourself dumping a backsquat forward (??!!) then getting right back under the bar to nail a heavy triple
    -barely defeating sara in the epic KB Fran, viewed over 500x on youtube

  • keller

    ohs: 8×2 at 135 with 45 sec rest between sets – felt good will go heavier

    strict chin ups: 14, 13, 10

  • Jai

    22:29 with half of blue band on dips.

  • Eric

    Good luck Jason!

    And excellent job Brian.

    20:03 (thinnest purple band for ring dips)