Pull, push, squat

Sunday 110501

Five rounds for time of:
15 Ring rows
155 pound Bench press, 15 reps
225 pound Back squat, 15 reps

Set up rings and box such that heels are at the height of the bottom of the rings.

Post time to comments.

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS (several belated) to JON D., WAYNE M., KRIS R., SIMON P., & SARAH S.!

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  • Jeff

    It appears that CrossFit NYC as an affiliate team is on the cusp of being eliminated from making it to the Games Regionals in Boston. If you can come in today to try to increase our team’s score, please do so. Even if you aren’t one of our top competitors, if your support can coax out, say, 3 more reps out of our best athletes, it can make a big difference.

  • Hari

    Starting tomorrow, we will be adding two new “Level 0″ WOD classes at 7:30 PM on Monday (with me) and Wednesday (with Rickke). These classes will be geared towards people who have finished Elements during the past six months or so.

    Until these classes fill up, we will open them to regular members who may be looking for an alternative workout. The Level 0 WOD will typically be announced on the blog. While these WOD’s are less likely to involve highly technical movements, do not assume they will be easy.

    Monday’s WOD will be Open WOD 11.2:

    15 Minute AMRAP
    9 hand-release pushups
    12 relatively light dead lifts (weight scaled as needed)
    15 box jumps (height scaled as needed)

    There will be an emphasis on reviewing the movements and on learning to push through the WOD.

  • Hari

    Here is my analysis of our team situation as of 1:00 PM.

    We are in 29th place.

    Statistically, if we do nothing, we are likely to drop below 30 as more teams finsih up and improve their scores. We are in currently 34 on this last WOD. We probably need to be closer to 30 on this WOD to finish in the top 30 overall. (We were 29 after 5 WOD’s, so we don’t have much tolorance for a below-30 finish on this WOD.)

    As of now, we have 541 reps (Alex = 101, Mike K = 100, Ian – 99), (Sara = 90, Avery = 79, Sophie = 72). Whle the data is constanty being updates, here are the current reps on this WOD for the teams imediately above us:

    33: 546 (we need 5 reps to catch)
    32: 550 (we need 9 reps to catch)
    31: 554 (we need 13 reps to catch)
    30: 564 (we need 23 reps to catch)

    Thus, I think the best we can hope for is to move up to 30 or 31 place on this WOD. If we were currently in 30 place on this WOD, we would be 28 overall, which would still put us in a precarious position as other teams improve their totals as well.

    The most obvious place for us to improve quickly is to have a new woman score over 72. (Jackie?) Other than that, we are only likely to improve by having any of the current top finishers improve their scores.

    I will be happy to open the Box antytime this evening, if someone qualified wants to take a shot at doing or redoing the WOD. As the day goes on, I will tell you exactly what we need to remain viable based on the updated data.

  • Hari

    Jackie, did you submit your score correctly?

  • MC

    26:10 (started RX’d but would up scaling as WOD went on: part fatigue, part bottleneck)

    +19 burpees

  • Jay

    8 min tabata: 2 pood kb swings, squats, pushups