The newest member of CrossFit NYC

Emmett Asher Wing
born at 7:11am on 110428
8 pounds, 9.8 ounces
Mother, father, and baby are all doing well!

Thursday 110428

BLACK BOX WOD (current skill: the deadlift):

deadlift 5-3-1-5-3-1

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 110130.

* * * * *

Level 2 WOD
Fr Sq 3/2
Row 28 cal
28 Burpees
28 pull ups
28 Box jumps
28 Ring dips
28 KB Swings
28 pushups
28 K2E
Row 28 cal

For time.

The few and the proud
Strong is beautiful / 290!
Eat grass-fed beef
“Like most people, I became involved in long-distance running because I was researching a fugitive, brainwashing sex cult.”

An email I got from Sully, pictured below: “Thanks for taking this photo of me today. It’s my second week back to CrossFit after four months off, I’m really excited to get a Deadlift PR of 325lbs.” Congrats, Sully!


  • Hari

    Starting next week, we will be adding two new “Level 0” WOD classes at 7:30 PM on Monday (with me) and Wednesday (with Rickke). These classes will be geared towards people who have finished Elements during the past six months or so.

    Until these classes fill up, we will open them to regular members who may be looking for an alternative workout. The Level 0 WOD will typically be announced on the blog. While these WOD’s are less likely to involve highly technical movements, do not assume they will be easy.

    Monday’s WOD will be Open WOD 11.2:

    15 Minute AMRAP
    9 hand-release pushups
    12 relatively light dead lifts (weight scaled as needed)
    15 box jumps (height scaled as needed)

    There will be an emphasis on reviewing the movements and on learning to push through the WOD.

  • Hari

    Congratulations, Court and Morgan!

  • Eric

    Fantastic, congrats Court and Morgan!!!

  • Adam R

    Congratulations! Stick a mini kettlebell in the crib!

  • Jess

    Yay, congratulations Court and Morgan!!

  • cathy

    Welcome to the world little Emmit!!!!

  • Brett_nyc

    Congrats Court and Morgan on the new baby.

  • Many congratulations to you Court.

    I think it’s only appropriate to name Games WOD 5 “Emmett”

    56 Reps (8 Pullups into round of 12)

    Also congrats to Sara C for burning up the WOD herself…unofficially it seems that she got all of the round of 15 done at the buzzer, which would mean rep-wise she completed heavy, chest-to-bar Fran in 7 mins flat. Nice work!

  • mike r

    Congrats Court!

  • For anyone who finds today’s WOD confusing, here’s a wordier way of putting it:

    After a sufficient warm-up of the movement, perform the following sets, not for time:

    5-rep-max deadlift
    3-rep-max deadlift
    1-rep-max deadlift
    5-rep-max deadlift
    3-rep-max deadlift
    1-rep-max deadlift

    Post loads to comments.

    If you are unsure as to how much heavier your 3-rep-max would be than your 5-rep-max, or how much heavier your 1-rep-max would be than either one of those, a rough estimate is the following

    3RM ~ 109% of 5RM
    1 RM ~ 118% of 5RM

    Of course, women can generally do more reps at very close to their 1RM than men can, and these percentages should be taken as guidance not gospel, especially if you’re a real newbie at deadlifting, and therefore are improving your form/body awareness/bracing/breath-holding as well as getting stronger each time you lift.

    Here’s Mark Rippetoe’s strength standards, in case you’re wondering if you’re a “novice”:

  • Sam G

    Congrats Coach Court, 1lb kettlebells come cheap 🙂 get
    Them started early they say.

  • Jai

    Felicitations, Court and Morgan! I’m sure you’ll be swinging him like a kettlebell in no time.

  • Sara H.

    Congratulations Court!!

  • Annie

    Congratulations Court!

  • jenn

    DL 5-3-1-5-3-1

    That’s the fourth baby I know born in the last week. I’m not even involved and I’m exhausted for all of the new parents. Congrats Court!

  • Richard

    Congrats Court!

  • Sophie

    Congrats, Court!

  • MC

    Shoulder Press: 135-155-160-165(PR)-170(f)

    Jerk (split): 135-155-175-185(PR)-195(ugly w/press out)

    • MC

      +16 burpees

  • Jay

    Congratulations Court!

    back squat 3-3-3-3-3

    worked on handstand holds