Dead again

Sunday 110424

BLACK BOX WOD (current skill: the deadlift):

Work up to 1 set of a 3-rep max. Calculate 110% of that 3-rep max and do 3 sets of 3 rack pulls.

Post loads to comments.


Speaking of deadlifts…

(Photo courtesy Steven W.)


  • Sara

    Ronica just won her 6th pro fight… she’s still undefeated. Tell her congrats next time you see her in the gym.

    • sam.gaberal

      Yeaaa Ronica!

    • Mike K

      Congrats Ronica!!

  • sam.gaberal

    Would it be possible to do the Games wod Tmrw, at 1:00 pm, I was away this whole week, and would love to get it done.

    • Hari

      I’ll be there to judge.

  • Hari

    We’re missing scores from several of our top people for WOD 11.5.

    Currently, we’ve dropped to 48 in the region on this WOD and 28 overall.

    Today is the last day to get this done. If you need me to stay late, let me know.

  • Sam G

    Thanks Hari I’ll be there at 1 or around 1:10 seeya soon.

  • kevin p

    Congrats Ronica!

  • Sam G

    Open WOD

    6 rounds plus 5 cleans 1 toes to bar.

    Thanks Hari, and everyone that cheered me on, I probably would have gave up on round 5 without the motivation, Hair’s que’s and rep split ups helped me a lot, my brain is too fried to think about anything when doing the workout, thanks again Hair!

    I hope my score helps the team :-)

  • Sam G

    I left my Braclet around, its a black string thing, If someone can put it in the lost and Found that would be cool.

  • Avery

    Congratulations Ronica!!

  • hari

    re: Monday’s WOD:

    The good news is that this is over in 16 minutes. The bad news is that done right, it hurts from beginning to end. The first thing to note is that this is not the typical (minimum reps = score) Tabata protocol. Rather this is the total number of reps. Still, it would be wise not to go out so fast that you end the eighth interval with a huge drop off relative to your first.
    This is one of those WOD’s you want to take seriously.

    This, “Angie,” “Barbara,” and “Cindy” are probably the four clearest indicators of your bodyweight capability.