A very long short ride

Friday 110422

Row 2K

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Compare to 080721.

How to row a 2K
KStarr on the 2010 Games hand-release push-ups
Can a complete novice become a golf pro with 10,000 hours of practice?
The Mic’d Instructor: The power clean (video)
This must be why I hear cursing at the gym!
Kickball is dangerous?!
(Real) soup doesn’t come from a can: Heirloom tomato soup


  • Scaling options from Brand X forums:

    Big Dawgs and Pack:
    as Rx’d

    Row 1000 M

    The Concept 2 website has a ton of useful info about rowing, including this:


    See how you stack up to other rowers around the world in your age/gender/bodyweight group.

    Also check out the link I posted above about the strategy for rowing a 2K:


  • Justin Katz

    Hotel didn’t have rower.
    Ran 2K

  • Lisa

    Justin, I would rather run 2K too 😉

  • Laura

    Waitress :”Would you like a biscuit or roll?”
    Laura: “no bread thank you”
    Waitress: “but its free!”
    Laura: “that’s ok”
    Waitress: “but its free”

    This has been daily.

    • MC

      You wanna wash it down with some sweet tea, sugar?

    • Stay strong, Laura! 🙂

  • Cathy

    Last night someone sprayed hairspray, or perhaps Axe Body Spray, in one of the back changing rooms and it was un-usable for at least 1/2 hr….along with the whole back hall.
    Rember boys, less is always more with smelly things!:)

    • keller

      it smelled like cleaning solution… not sure it was axe… if it was axe all the women at the gym would have been jumping on the guy and rubbing him like in the commercials…

      i’m bringing axe into the gym tomorrow.

  • I was hoping to finish in less than 15 minutes…I guess yesterday’s wall balls didn’t set me back as much as I thought.

    7:47 🙂

    Have a great weekend everybody…

  • keller

    deadlift: 315×2 – first time going over 300 since i hurt my back four weeks ago, felt heavier than normal but went up well

    full glute ham raise: 3×12 .. this was just supposed to be back extensions oops

    hollow rocks: 3×15

    15 burpee broad jumps not for time

    haven’t been posting lately as i’ve been more sporadic since i injured myself. hopefully getting back into it full time after the long weekend. enjoy it everyone

  • Andreas

    I am visiting NY over the weekend and i really need to do wod 11.5. Is it possible to do that at Crossfit NY tomorrow, saturday??
    Andreas, Crossfit Nordic, Sweden

    • Andreas

      Sunday would also work fine.

      • Andreas, yes you can come in and be judged on WOD 11.5. (You’ll have to pay the $20 drop-in fee as you normally would need to.) Please come tomorrow during a scheduled class time (just not 10-11am when the free beginners’ class happens).

  • Jay


    finisher: 3×5 weighted pullups
    +25#, +25#(4), +25#(4)

  • drake


  • Jai


  • Josh R


    Among the very useful info that Allison mentioned at the Concept 2 site is their VO2max calculator, which just happens to require your best 2k time. Mine is 37.84, slightly above average for my age and weight.

  • Paul B.