Back from the dead

We’ve finished with the jerk sequence for our Black Box WODs and we’re now moving on to the deadlift:

Thursday 110421

deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 110122.

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Level 2 WOD:

Snatch Grip DL 3/5
Row 500m
15 BJ


Jeff & Ari get mobile:

(Thx, Steven)

Age and CrossFit Open performance
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  • Ian

    Games WOD
    8rds + 5pc

  • Games WOD

    6 Rounds + 11 Wall Ball


    Cleans: 100 lbs
    T2B: Looking up & yelling at the bar

  • Alex Punger

    Whoever is running the 5:30 class, is it cool if I come in then and do my own thing? I can’t make the level II WOD or open gym time tonight.

    Also, did the section WOD last night. 9 rounds and 4 power cleans. It’s tough.

  • Hari

    Regarding age and Open Sectionals Performance:

    If there were a “65 and over” catagory, Jacinto (72) would currently be number 1 in the world.

    In the “60 and over” catagory, Jacinto is number 5 in the world after the first 4 WOD’s.

    Only two people over the age of 64 have beaten Jacinto on any of the first four WOD’s.

    • keller

      what a baller – nice work jacinto

    • No doubt Jacinto is the man. Nice work sir!

  • Matt

    I plan on attending the 530 class and was wondering if people will be doing the Games WOD as well. Thanks.

  • dex

    Given tomorrow is a holiday (for some folks) are there any schedule changes? thanks

  • Alex Punger

    Matt, I’ll judge you at 5:30 if no one else is able to.

  • Kent B

    Matt, I’ll be there at 5:30 to do the Games WOD as well.

  • Lisa

    I love working on deadlifts.

  • Jay

    245, 265, 275(4), 275(4), 275(3)

  • Eric

    285, 315, 315 (twisting), 315 (twisting), 275

  • Jai

    Got up to 130#, which is a 5 rep PR for me. But had a sharp back pain more than once so called it a day.