Think of it as pain on an installment plan…

Thursday 110414

400 meter Walking lunge

Post time and number of steps to comments.

Compare to 100822.

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Level 2 WOD:

Weighted Dips 3/5
Wall Ball
For time.

Is sugar toxic? / The dish on sugar & sweeteners
Egyptian mummies diagnosed with clogged arteries
Coach Glassman on lifting shoes (semi-relevant after yesterday’s comments discussion)

The Black Box morning crew hits Games Open WOD #4 (video courtesy of Tim B.):

And Justin K. gets a 10#-PR on his weighted pull-up!


  • Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit BrandX forums:

    This is going to be one of those that just messes you up. Just a warning. ; )

    Big Dawgs:
    as Rx’d

    250 M Walking Lunges

    150 M Walking Lunges

    75 M Walking Lunges


    I measured out the distance like this: each gym mat is 6 feet long. The distance of the gym is 12 mats, which is 72 feet. After converting feet to meters, I calculated that you need to complete 9 “laps” (i.e., down and back is one “lap”) plus another 2 1/2 mats to complete 400m.


    Lastly, some times to compare to: Kristan Clever 8:35, 382 steps, Kim Malz 9:15, Graham Holmberg 10:24, Rebecca Voigt 10:36, 376 steps, Bonnie Weinberger 13:09, Katie Hogan 14:31.

    Remember that you want to scale load and/or volume as necessary so that you don’t end up massively scaling intensity by going super-slow. Use this time range to get a sense of how volume you can handle (since the load is not scalable for this particular WOD).

  • Nice work morning crew! Wish I could have joined you but working til 1AM means no 5AM train for me…

    Just wanted to mention, especially for you Endurance folk…I just ordered some electrolyte replenishment tablets from Hammer Nutrition and they sent me 10 samples of other recovery products:

    …a ton of stuff plus an endurance magazine. I’ll hang onto the whey sample and the protein bar, but I’ll bring the rest in the AM in case anyone uses stuff like soy or electrolyte gels. Pretty sweet package for $20 plus shipping FYI.

    See you for the lunge fest…

    • Richard

      Amazing job today Reis!

      • Thx man…tough one 4 sure…

    • <3 hammer

      can you shoot me an email or send me yours? timothy dot broder at gmail

    • mike n.

      thanks for the link. i have cramping issues on long runs, hopefully these things work

      • Mike:

        That was just a photo of the package I got. Here’s a link to purchase Endurolytes:

        Hope it helps!

        • mike n.

          thanks, those are the ones i bought and they sent me all that other stuff also. they also called me to tell me they shipped the order in addition to sending me an email.

  • Avery

    Re: Lifting Shoes & Glassman

    Yeah I’ll say it…I’m the first to admit that I wear them all the time for lifting and Crossfit, however there is clearly a time and place to wear them even in Crossfit WODs. For example, I was disappointed that the demo athlete on the games site were doing Open WOD 3 of clean and jerks in (reebok) sneakers – not the appropriate shoe for the WOD in my opinion, but whatever floats your boat or sponsor I suppose.

    To say never wear a lifting shoe in Crossfit seems silly to me. Only seems appropriate they would post that video snippet on the main page after people complained about Reebok product placements in the demos.

    • Mike Mishik

      Personally I suggest Uggs, theyre soft, cushion the landing and you can get different levels of support depending on how much ankle support you need. Not to mention you can get the ones with the furry balls hanging from them to distract your competitors in times of heated competition

      • Mike K

        Mishik, don’t forget, they also keep your feet warm, which a crucial.

        But seriously, its a piece of gear, it happens to be better tailored to the lifting heavy side of things than the moving around quickly side. On the other side, why do people wear inov-8s, nike frees, or other more flexible, minimal shoes rather than big squishy running shoes… because they work better and are more versatile. Lifting shoes may be less versitile overall but they definitely work better for lifting and aren’t too bad for most other stuff except running.

        If your 1RM OHS is 135, then it will probly help wear them for this WOD, but if 120 isn’t too heavy for you sneakers might be better. But for WOD 3, the only reason I can think of for not wearing them is if you didn’t have them. Use whatever will help play to your strengths. I just find the video and pseudo-controversy somewhat funny.

        If you could only bring one pair of shoes to a crossfit competition, then yeah, it probably wouldn’t be lifting shoes, but it also probly isn’t a pair of aggressive trail running shoues either. I’d also bet the person who did their strength training and oly lifting in lifting shoes will lift more in sneakers anyway, as they could probably use more weight and progress faster in their training anyway.

        • Mike Mishik

          In all seriousness, If I had to bring a pair of shoes to a CrossFit competition, and only 1 pair, it’d be my chucks, flat bottom, efficient for lifting and also light enough to run, jump, and even forward roll.

          • Mike Mishik

            Also good for beating up Lenny…just saying

          • keller

            could you imagine the swimming pool your feet would create if you worked out in uggs?


          • keller

            if you actually worked out instead of sitting on the couch eating banana nut chocolate pound cake, that is

          • Mike Mishik

            no nuts, all butter, banana, sugar and chocolate, this bread is LEGIT!

  • Richard

    11:39 Rx’d

  • Jai

    That video is awesome. And by awesome I mean that it makes Crossfit look like the nuttiest aerobics class ever.

  • sam.gaberal

    First would like to thank Sara for judging me. She took her own time out for that, I greatly appreciate it.

    11.4 WOD 72 reps, should have worn a belt to help me with core support, I think i could have done a little better, but my goal was to get work done, and I did.

    Decided to do the lunge workout after with the 7:00 o clock crew, I scaled to 300 meters, and got inspired by watching Reis finish it up as i was leaving.

    GO REIS determination is all you ever need!

    I had trouble walking up my stairs, lunges always leave me paralyzed no matter how strong my legs get :-).

    • Sam:

      Thx for the patience and encouragement…and nice effort on the WOD…seems this one is crushing everybody. You’re a sick man for lunging after that workout…

  • Matt D

    go look at the first wod of the games last year. i think 99% of the competitors wear oly shoes. snce reebok is owned by adidas, they obviously have the capability to produce oly shoes. so it seems likely that in the next year or so they will have their own.

    must be an interesting dynamic since a lot of the rouge sponsored athletes are now reebok sponsored as well. no more rogue oly shoes for them at the games? typically once you’re getting paid to use someone’s product you can’t use anyone else’s.

    i got an email from city sports saying reebok has made a “minimalist” version of zigtechs. mesh on top, smaller ridiculous rubber thing on the bottom. so i would say it’s safe to assume that they will also have crossfit style sneakers in a year. unfortunately reebok stuff is crap, and crap with crossfit written all over it is still crap.

    • Mike K

      but of course, the number 1 zigtech endorsement….

      • sam.gaberal

        Everyone needs ABs. Its so important that he has two workouts for it awesome abs, and Insane abs.

        I wonder if Insane abs will help my overhead…. hmmmmm lol

    • Matt:

      Look up Reebok on the journal. They have been using many Rogue & AF Crossfit athletes as consultants for their clothing development, which includes their Crossfit co-branded shoes. Dave Lipson and Heather Bergeron are the trainers at the onsite CF box for 150 Reebok employees.

      While I agree that their products up until now have been on the crappier end of the spectrum, my money is on them to create some competitive apparel using the advice of people like Mikko, Holmberg and a bunch of others.

      We’ll see soon enough…

  • jim

    warning to anyone doing today’s workout…. you will be sore for many many days. i do not recommend this wod. i don’t feel there is anything to gain in your training and will only sideline you….

  • felix
    • Brett_nyc

      Felix where you been?

      • felix

        hey brett – messed up my shoulder pretty bad snowboarding and was forced to take a few months off.
        coming back slowly

  • Hari

    As of now, for WOD 11.4, Jim is number 6 in the Northeast. Sara is tied for number 2. Avery is 14.

    This is one of the most clever WOD’s I have ever seen. Everyone can get started RX’d (unlike 11.3). There will be an incredible number of people who get the 60 burpees and then have to stop, because they can’t handle the heavy OHS’s. Then, there will then be a range of people who get 1 to 30 OHS, only to hit the wall at the MU’s. Very few people will even make it through the OHS’s. Avery is a notable exception. My guess is that if Avery had MU’s, she would currently be number 1 in the Northeast.

    • Hari

      Exactly! The WOD is everything you don’t want it to be. QED

  • Matt D

    i wish the muscle ups came before the ohs

  • Mike Mishik

    Too bad the wod isn’t amrap bar facing burpees in 10 mins

    • Jonathan P

      Too bad this workout isn’t amrap muscle ups in 10 minutes

  • Brett_nyc

    Jim what did you get to on 11.4?

    • jim

      1rd + 23.

      no forward rolls.

      • Brett_nyc

        solid work Jim

  • Mike K

    Nice job JIm!

    Hari, funny part of this one for me is the MUs were the part I actually was looking forward to on this WOD. I hate burpees and high rep OHS

  • Jay

    nice job Jim…really hoping todays wod doesn’t ruin me
    did on track in east river park
    357 steps

  • Jai