Sun Di

Sunday 110403


21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
Handstand push-ups

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Compare to 101126.



  • SCALING OPTIONS for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit BrandX forums:

    Big Dawgs as Rx’d
    teens and women 155-185#

    The Porch
    225 pound Deadlift
    Handstand push-ups or Barrier

    185 pound Deadlift
    Barrier Handstand push-ups or bridged on feet
    women 135#

    95-135 pound Deadlift
    Bridged Handstand push-ups on feet
    women 55-65#

    PVC-45# pound Deadlift
    Bridged Handstand push-ups on knees
    As a last resort you can sub heavy dumbbell presses.
    I would add that HSPUs using bands attached to the pull-up bar are also a great way to scale HSPUs. for those who are comfortable with kicking up to handstands with good control. If you don’t know how to do these with the band, ask your instructor.

  • Hari

    There has apparently been a problem having scores updated on the Games Site during the past twenty four hours. (See Main Site comments this AM.) You can also see that the total number of ranked athletes on the Leader Board has not changed since early Saturday (4521 for the men, 2312 for the women).

    However, the bottom line is that HQ has publicly committed to making sure that everything gets corrected and that no one suffers because of website issues. I think we can trust HQ to do the right thing.

    Before I left yesterday, I filed the sheets from the Front Desk. If you do did the WOD or do it today, we will have a paper record (start a new sheet, if necessary). Just make sure you submit your score to the Main Site before this evening and submit your sheet to the Front Desk. Even if it doesn’t get posted on the Leader Board, you will probably receive an acknowledgement that it was received plus we will have a paper backup. So don’t worry.

    We will be using new score sheets starting with the third WOD. The new sheets will ask the judge to verify that he or she has reviewed the standards video for the WOD and also that he or she has been further instructed by a member of our coaching staff on when to call “no rep.”

  • Eric

    Did the Sectional WOD today:

    7 rounds 9DL, 12PU, 8 BJ

  • Jeremy Black

    Did the sectional WOD today with my boy Eric LEE and my girl Adraine

    9 ROUNDS 9DL, 6 PU

  • Jeff

    10 C&Js @ 205#, some press outs
    3 freestanding HeSPU

  • Paul B.

    WOD: 5:43 sub: 185#, 2 abmats

  • jim

    30 muscle ups – 3.53.

  • Chris H.

    CrossFit Games Open 11.2:
    6 full rounds plus 5 deadlifts = 221 reps.

  • Mike Mishik

    150 deadlifts
    100 backsquats
    50 bench press
    All 135#: 26:40

    3 mns rest

    6 rounds:
    500 row
    50 double unders

    Take difference of first two and do amrap Cindy
    8 mins : 8 rounds + 1 pull up

  • Justin Katz

    Today WOD Diane
    185# Deadlift
    Walk walks 7-5-3
    Every 3 walk walks= 1 Handstand pushup

  • sam.gaberal


    1 ab mat for hspu, I think i could have done regular, but i would have lost the whole met con thing.

    Had trouble kicking up last round do to the fatigue of my legs.

  • Jai

    95#, 2 abmats. Think it was 9:51 or 9:57… forgot to write down.

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