Heavy and fast

(1) Athletes who are officially registered for the CF Games Open who are wanting to be judged on Games WOD #2 should post to comments the approximate time they were prefer to do the WOD on Saturday so that we can arrange to have judges available. Thanks!

(2) Jeffrey B. will be leading the free skill seminar today on all things RINGS (ring push-ups, ring rows, ring dips, & modifications for beginners) at 11am today. Come learn!

Saturday 110402

Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
5 Back squats

Post load and time to comments.

* * * * *
Level 2 WOD:

C&J 3/1

12 BJ
For time.



  • Scaling options (via Brand X forums):

    Big Dawgs and Pack
    As rx’d

    5 rounds
    Run 200 meters
    5 Back squats

  • Kent B

    I will be in the box on Sunday after being out of town for the week. Will anyone be available to judge the games WOD Sunday? I can come in at any time.

    • Hari

      Kevin should be able to set you up with a qualified judge on Sunday.

  • Matt D

    I am going to be in around 9:30 to do the games wod

  • Scott R

    Did the open wod on wed. When will the scores be validated on the site?

    • Hari

      Did you leave a score sheet at the Front Desk. If I didn’t validate it Wednesday Night, it probably wasn’t there. (Or it was there and indicated not RX’d.)

      • Scott R

        Yes I left the scoresheet in one of the folders on the desk and it was marked as rx’d.


  • jenn

    I should be at the Box around 11 today to do the Open WOD if someone can judge me. Thanks!

  • Matt U.

    I’ll be at the box at 1 — if someone could judge me after a short warmup, I’d appreciate it

  • Jay

    5 rounds:
    15 med ball cleans, 20#
    15 wall balls, 20#

    worked on pullups, strung together butterflies for first time

  • Lisa

    Today’s WOd – 13:49 with 100#.
    Biked 15 miles each way to the Box – nice sunny day out 🙂

  • Matt U.

    Thanks, Jeff, for judging today. Your voice guided me through.

    Sectionals WOD
    5 rounds + 9 DL, 12 PU’s, 1 BJ

    Today, I learned that being sick and doing a WOD can be a bad combo — 3 hours after I finished, finally feel human again.

  • Richard

    Today’s WOD
    14:11 with 95lb