Final pressing

Wednesday 110323

BLACK BOX WOD (current skill: shoulder press):

press 5-5-5-5-5

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 101213.

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Coach Sara and her team at the Black Box Team Competition:

(photo courtesy of Steven W.)


  • Kev P

    Hey new and current members. Just want to let you know Im available for Olympic lifting coaching sessions if you guys are interested.

    Kevin P.

    Also just a heads up that there are no coaches pics up on the site and my bio is missing though it was up for a hot minute. Thanks.

  • Adam R

    I’ll put a plug in for Kev P, he’s been coaching me and it’s really helped. The Olympic lifts are highly technical and I found it hard to become proficient in a general CrossFit class or even just on my own. Kev has a great eye and can explain the movements, there were a couple of times where it felt like a light bulb went off in my head.

  • Paul B.

    WOD: 85-90-94-95(PR)-99

    press: 75×12, 75×7, 75×5

  • brad s.
  • Kent B

    5×5 presses: 115-125-130(PR)-135(4F)-125(3F)

  • Richard

    press 5-5-5-5-5: 65-85-85-90(PR)-95(PR)

  • Jeff

    warm up
    thoracic rolling
    green band shoulder distraction, 2 min per side
    more thoracic rolling

    press quintuples
    warm up: 45# x 3, 95# x 3, 115# x 3 135# x 2 (belt)
    work: 2 sets of 5, 3 sets of 4 (failed on 5th rep) @ 155#
    barefoot for last 2 sets, belt for last set

    cash out, unbroken, untimed
    20 DU, 8 c2b chins, 20 DU, 8 c2b, 20 DU, 8 c2b chin, 20 DU, 8 c2b, 20 DU

  • keller

    10x250m row, 30 second rest between intervals – 9:28… relaxed pace for my rest day