10 K? No way!

Hari’s preliminary analysis of the CrossFit Games Open:

There are currently several bugs with the Games site; however, these seem to be getting fixed. I am confident that ultimately, the data will be very accurate. For now, you should know that the rankings are currently not distinguishing people who scale. So, for example, someone who does 11 rounds of the 1st Games Open WOD with a PVC pipe and single-unders would currently be rated number 1. Obviously this will need to be fixed. When it is fixed, our athletes below (who all went rx’d) can only improve relative to those who have reported so far.

In addition, the site is not accurately ranking teams based on the top three male and female performances. If it were, I believe we would be currently be in the running for the Regionals based on casual analysis of the data below relative to other top teams in the region.

It takes a significant amount of resources for us to run these WODs and maintain accurate results. Going forward, we will need to concentrate on judging those athletes who are registered and who continue to compete. For example, next Saturday will be a regular WOD for our members. We will however allow those who are still competing
to do (or redo) the Games WOD (which will still be the first WOD) in the back of the Box. When the second WOD is posted a week from Tuesday, we will do that WOD as the Main Site WOD on Wed, but we will concentrate on accurately judging primarily those athletes who are registered and have posted their first WOD.

To be less subtle: you need to register, compete, and post. The deadline has been extended one full week. You would be foolish to let this opportunity pass.

As of Sunday afternoon, here is where our top athletes stand:

Northeast Region Men:

Mike Mishik: 50 of 776
Craig Chaikin: 125 of 776
Mike Kalajian: 125 of 776

Northeast Women:

Christine Denahan: 23 of 334
Sara Carr: 64 of 334
Cathy Sheele-Tom: 155 of 334

Men Masters 60 and Over:

Jacinto Bonilla: 5 of 39

To give you some perspective, if there are about 2000 affiliates in the world, and If the top athletes were distributed evenly among these 2000 affiliates, the best athlete at any give affiliate would be be ranked on average as number 1000 in the world (and about 100 in the Northeast Region). This is a very tough field, especially since it is so self-selecting. If everyone were willing to register and post, there would be well over 100,000 athletes in the rankings.

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Monday 110321

Run 10K

Post time to comments.

Compare to 090729.

NOTE! Whenever the main site calls for a 10K run we offer alternative programming here at the Box (not because we don’t believe in running a 10K, but only because we cannot coach a 10K run inside the Box). So if you want to run a 10K (a behavior we strongly encourage, as it is today’s WOD), run it in the great outdoors. But if you’d like to get a workout indoors along with some coaching, come in for a class.
If you’re looking to run outdoors and would like company, please use today’s comments to try to coordinate with other CFNYC members so that you don’t have to run solo.


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Josh with a free beginners’ class:

(photo courtesy Steven W.)


  • Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit BrandX forums:

    Big Dawgs:
    as rx’d

    Run 5K

    Run/walk 2.5 – 5K

    Run/walk 2.5K

  • Thank you for linking my article on the pull.

    Keep killing it!

    Fight until your last breath!

    Sean Waxman
    Waxman’s Gym

  • Jeff C.

    So what is the WOD if we come in for a class?

    • Jeff, it’ll be whatever your individual instructor decides to go with. I’m here at the gym right now and Court has everyone rowing a 5K. This morning Kevin created a WOD.

  • Greetings:

    Kevin was kind enough to allow me to do yesterday’s main site WOD:


    I did 115 lbs, but should have RX’ed the weight. When I put up a sub-11-minute time you know it was too light for me…


    For others in the class who were looking to spice it up, he programmed a cool looking WOD with chinups, KB SDHPs, handstand pushups, and double unders.

    Enjoy the weather…

  • Sophie

    To all Sectionals Competitors:

    We are switching to a standardized score card for all WODs. Please find blank score cards on the front desk. There are folders divided by last name where you will store your score card in between wods. All wods must be logged in your score card.

    Since most people have already completed WOD 1, it is okay if you do not log your 1st WOD in the score card, please be sure to start with WOD 2.


  • Justin Katz

    Ran 10K

  • Steve Slo

    Rowing – 5K

  • Lisa

    10k yeah!

  • Eric

    Did Sunday’s WOD, 115# FS, 6 kipping ring pullups subbed for rope climb