Barbells and shamrocks

We had a ton more sign-ups for Team CrossFit NYC participation in the CrossFit Games Open!

We’re now up to 71 team members; the newest members are Camille, Justin K., Mike R., Jeffrey B., Jordan, Matt M., Mike N., Christine, Adam M., Jamie, Mike L., Shaun, Stephanie, Kristin, Erica, Josh, Sean M., Jeffrey C., Roberto, Tim B., Scott, John A., Brad T., & Eric C.!

It’s not too late for you to join in the fun, either. Go ahead and register ASAP; we’ll be offering official judging of the first week’s WOD on Saturday from 9am through 4pm (at 9am & 3pm we will offer Black Box WODs for those who have already done the Games Open WOD).

Thursday 110317

Overhead squat 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Front squat 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Back squat 1-1-1-1-1 reps

Try to increase the load on each of the fifteen sets.

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 101109.

* * * * *

Level 2 WOD:

Front Squat 3/5
5 Rounds of a 3 min AMRAP

5 PP115# at start of round
then alternate each round:

10 Parallette pushups 10 pushups
15 squats 15 wallballs 20#

1 min of rest between rounds

Post results to comments.

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  • If you are familiar with these lifts then today you are a Big Dawg and should do the WOD as RX’d. If you are unfamiliar with the movements or new to lifting weights, then take this opportunity to ask questions and familiarize yourself with the lifts.

    Demo videos of all 3 lifts can be found here:

    Today’s footwear recommendation is ideally weightlifting shoes, or at the very least, a hard-bottomed shoe or sneaker (along the lines of a dress shoe or Chuck Taylors). Otherwise, I’d recommend doing the lifts in your socks. Cushy running shoes will hurt your abilities in all 3 lifts.

    An article on why you should wear weightlifting shoes:

    If you want to buy a pair, you’ll need to order them online. Just google “buy weightlifting shoes”, you’ll find plenty of options.

  • sam.gaberal

    I left my back brace somewhere, its black and rubber can someone put it in the lost and found for me please 😉

  • Greg Sprich

    I’m not going to be able to make it in on saturday, is anyone able to judge today at 12:30?

  • Sara

    Greg and anyone else who needs to do the sectionals WOD… I’m free to judge you at 12:30 today. Also, you can come and do it at any of the am classes tomorrow… if I’m too busy with coaching the WOD I’ll find someone to judge you, just come in and do it. I will also be available on Saturday from 9-9:30 and 10-11.

  • “The wormhole entrance is here behind her head and the exit is down there by my right foot.”

  • Brett_nyc

    “Annie’s first attempt at cloning herself went terribly wrong when she forgot to convert her units from lbs to kg.”

  • Hari

    I think that if we get one more women to post her results we will be ranked as a team.

    (I also believe there are some bugs not yet worked out that allow non RX’d scores to be included in the ranks. This will no doubt be fixed shortly.)

    But if my analysis is correct, one more women’s score could make us the number one team in the region.)

    • correct, but the boxes in the boroughs are holding their events on Sat

  • Hey everybody–please note I changed the description above in the blog post about how things will work on Saturday. Anyone who has signed up for Team CrossFit NYC as part of the CF Games Open can come in on Saturday any time between 9am through 4pm and be officially judged on the Games WOD #1.

    Please note that at 9am & 3pm we will offer Black Box WODs for those who have already done the Games Open WOD since Saturday is a Rest Day.

  • Hari

    Every team in the region has yet to submit its results. I am simply pointing out that we can briefly be the only one in the region to have a ranking.

    For this particular WOD, based on what I know about our top men and women, I like our chances.

  • Hari

    Current Team Counts:

    CF Windy City: 179
    CF New England: 138
    CF Vancouever: 110
    CF NYC: 79

  • Carlos

    (1) the Princess Bride and Andre the Giant
    (2) Shakira and Piqué

  • OH Squats: 95 – 115 – 135 – 145 – 155x

    Front Squats: 165 – 175 – 185 – 195 – 205*

    Back Squats: 225 – 245 – 265* – 275* – 285*

    *1 Rep Max PR

    Still finding my way up with the back squat…haven’t had a chance to do a true ME day with it yet…

    Nice work on the competition WOD everyone!

  • Court

    Please make sure that you register for our team as well as registering as an athlete; refer to Allison’s post from two days ago for how to do this.


  • This is priceless!

    Crossfit St. Patrick’s Day Workout

  • Adam M

    “I used to be a 100lb latina. Now thanks to XFit, Paleo ,and an HGH cycle I am a 70’s Big gringo.”

  • Annie

    haha too funny!! In Brazil right now – good luck everyone with sectionals!!

  • jim

    opposite day….

    i has a lot of other grand photoshops for this but just didn’t do them… yet.

  • Lisa

    Enjoyed this workout with Zoe and Jessica today.
    OHS – 53, 63, 73, 78, 83 (PR)
    FS – 83, 93, 103, 113, 123
    BS – 103, 123, 133, 143, 153 (PR)

  • JamesA

    Haha – Looks like it’s true that the camera adds 200lbs (to the left half of the picture)

  • Jeff

    warm up triples: 45#, 95#, 145#
    work quintuples: 195#, 215#, 225# (PR, previously a triple PR)



    round 1:
    5 PP @ 115#
    AMRAP 3 min
    5 C2B pull ups (overhand)
    10 parallette push ups (feet on 14″ box)
    15 squats
    3 rounds + pull ups

    1 min rest

    round 2:
    did not do due to twisted ankle (so 3 min rest)

    1 min rest

    round 3:
    5 PP @ 115#
    AMRAP 3 min
    5 C2B pull ups (overhand)
    10 push ups
    5 pistol wall balls, right leg (6#, then 10#)
    2 rounds + 5 push ups

    round 4:
    5 PP @ 115#
    AMRAP 3 min
    5 C2B pull ups (underhand)
    10 parallette push ups (feet on 14″ box)
    5 pistols, right leg
    3 rounds + 5 push ups

    round 5:
    5 x PP @ 115#
    AMRAP 3 min
    5 C2B pull ups (underhand)
    10 push ups
    5 pistol wall balls, right leg (14#, then 20#)
    2 rounds + 5 push ups

    Definitely could have pushed the intensity up at least two notches if not for injury.

  • keller

    Complete 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 ,3, 2, 1 reps of:

    Bench Press – 50% of 1 RM
    Weighted Supine Ring Pull Up

    Bench was 135#, but 50% of 1rm is 115# so scaled up
    Weighted supine ring pull ups were done with a 45# plate on my chest

    13:28 – upper body = toast

  • Mike Mishik

    1 rep max hang power clean: 185

    3 rounds:
    400 m run
    30 24″ box jumps
    15 pull ups


  • Eric

    OHS: 115 – 135 – 145 – 155 – 135F LOL

    FS: 155-185– 205 – 215 (PR) 225F

    BS: 225 235 235 (F too high) 235 245

    Need to work valsalva maneuver more…