Game on!

Wednesday 110316

CrossFit Games Open 11.1

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 Double-unders
15 Power snatches

The Power snatch loads are as follows:
Men and Masters Men 45-49, 50-54: 75lbs/35kg
Women and Masters Women 45-54: 55lbs/25kg
Masters Men 55-59, 60+: 65lbs/30kg
Masters Women 55-59, 60+: 45lbs/20kg

For a downloadable PDF of the workout, click here.

CrossFit Games Open 11.1 workout instructions – video [wmv] [mov]

Post rounds and fractions of rounds completed to comments.

For CrossFit Games Open competitors, you will need to submit your official results through your personal login when the site is ready.

If you’re still on the fence about competing officially, please read yesterday’s blog post about why you should!

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Jason shows us exactly what fast burpees look like:


  • Jamie F.

    Registered. Let’s do this…

  • Matt D

    5 rounds + 30 du and 3 snatches. not happy, but at least i was able to squeeze it in before i leave.

  • good luck all

  • Alex Punger

    Last nights Level II was great prep for this WOD. Good job on continuing to be a great forecaster of the WODs Court.

  • Hari

    Good job, Matt! I will validate yours and others as soon as I get the data from Sara for this AM.

  • Hari

    We’ve already had 31 people do the WOD. Register and post your results. questions? Ask here.

  • Chris H.

    Nice job organizing the competitive workout this morning. It was fun, and I encourage everyone to give it a try and register your score on the games website. I guess I’m not going to win it all this year – 2 reps short of three rounds.

  • anyone else get this error when registering?

    There are no products in your shopping cart.

  • John

    @Brian, I’m getting the same error. For some reason, the CF Games Open website won’t allow me to register.

  • Justin Katz

    Brian S

    I also got the same error message

    2 Round+30 Tuck Jumps
    Scaled to 45 pound power snatch

  • Hari

    So far, only Matt has posted his scores to the Games Site. What about the other 30 people from this AM?

  • Matt D

    i swear at 5:45 this morning said jason khalipa got 11 rounds. now it says 7. maybe i just can’t read properly that early.

    my unsollicited advice for people looking for a competitive score: when your snatch starts to break down stay on the bar, switch to clean a jerk for a few reps as “rest”. for me at least, c&j’s at that weight are easy. the snatches are faster but tiring. i spent way to much time off the bar.

    • jenn

      You’re allowed to do clean & jerks? The site says specifically power snatches…

  • Matt D

    in the video on the games site he says its just ground to overhead, specifically says c&j’s are allowed.

  • The workout standards, states “This power snatch is really a ground to overhead anyhow. The key point is the range of motion between the start and end points.” A clean and jerk would be a little slower but still a suitable movement.

  • Justin Katz


    I am having problems registering that why I cant post my score on the
    Game site.

  • Court

    Hey everyone-
    as others have stated, I’m also unable to register currently. I’m sure HQ is probably aware by this point since many others have posted about the error message. However, we will do our best to follow up with them in order to make sure all of our competitors scores get counted and can register their competitor profile.
    Also as previously stated, Tony Budding clearly states in the video that C&J are allowable; I think Matt D’s strategy might be a good one.
    @ Alex; what can I say, it’s a Zen thing…;-)

  • I got the same message so can’t register yet, but 4 rounds + 30 DU + 7 snatches as rx’d.

    Repping snatches, it turns out, wrecks the timing for double unders. I have no claim to be the best DU expert ever, but I’m not too shabby; however, by the third and fourth rounds I was struggling to get more than 6-10 DUs in a row.

    A few questions regarding the games:
    We have a great box but we have a few limitations. Are there contingency plans if things come up in the WODs such as rope climbs?

  • Hari

    Step 1 is for you to register as an athlete. If you’re having a problem doing that, the problem may be with the Games Site at the moment.

    (If anyone succeeds in registering after 1:00 PM today, please post, so everyone knows the site is working.)

    Step 2 is for you to request to join the CrossFit NYC team. When you do this, I will get your request.

    Step 3 is for me to accept your request, which I usually do within an hour or two of your asking.

    You can check this link to see whether you have been successfully added to the CrossFit NYC team:

    To post your results (assuming you’ve first accomplished the above) go on to the site and post. I will be then asked to validate. I am currently waiting for Sara to send me her summary of the results for the AM and Lunch WOD’s. We want to have an accurate record to demonstrate our good-faith efforts to get this as accurate as possible.

    As of this time, I have only Matt’s (258) and Kristin’s (90) scores waiting for me to verify.

  • Jamie F.

    4 Rounds + 30 Double Unders + 7 Power Snatches

  • Kevin P

    Hey 3pm class. Those pieces of paper with your scoring, are actually for the gym so we can log in your score and verify it. If you could bring it in later today or tomorrow so we can register and verify that you did the WOD that would be great. I really appreciate it. Thanks again.

    • Ray Levitt

      I’ll bring it, but never mention this WOD again please. I’d like to forget my crappy performance…

  • Matt U

    If we have a hard time doing consecutive double unders, can we do double… Single…. Double…single… Etc. And only count the doubles? Is that legal for the CF games?

  • Bob C.

    Limited by ailing back, though it’s improving. Half Cindy today after 3 rounds of the pressing ladder from yesterday.

    I’d like to sign up for the games, but without even being sure of which workout’s I’d even try right now, I don’t see how it helps the team any. Not sure how my scores would help even without the bad back. I need to improve on pretty much everything! Anybody have any thoughts on that?

    Anxious to heal up and get back into the box.

  • Hari

    As of 4:00 PM around 50 Black Box members have done the first Games WOD. Only 3 have posted to the Games Site.

    Trust me on this: If you suspect that CrossFit is not a passing fad for you and that you will probably still be doing this next year, then I assure you that you will want to have fully particpated in this process.

    The first day I walked into the Box, I did “Grace” (30 ground to overhead by any means) with 55 lbs in 7:30. I still look back on that post to remind me how far I’ve come. Many of you will someday be glad to have a similar record of where you have been.

    Register. Do the WOD’s. Post your scores. Embrace the fact that you’re not nearly as good as you want to be. Work on getting better. Rinse and Repeat.

  • Court

    Games registration is back up and running; get some.

  • Lisa

    Sorry to ask this if it has been answered or stated previously but what is the process for doing this WOD after today, since tomorrow is a regular WOD day and I am not likely to make it to the Box tonight?
    Is there a ‘makeup’ day?

    • Lisa, we’ll be doing the WOD on Saturday for sure. Can you get in on Saturday?

  • Eric

    Hi Allison,

    I am stuck at work as well, and cannot make it in…is it all day Saturday, or is there a specific class?


    • Eric, we will have info posted on the blog about Saturday’s schedule very shortly. Stay tuned!

  • Eric

    Cool thanks

  • keller

    4 rounds, 30 du, 10 snatches rx

  • Mike Mishik

    6 rounds + 6 snatches.

    4 x 400 m runs

    Held about 75sec pace

  • craig P.

    4 rounds 30 du 5 snatches. Might do this again on Sunday and shoot for five full rounds.

  • Jonathan P

    Jordan, maybe you are doing this WOD again on Saturday.

  • sam.gaberal

    5 rounds 1 DU, had a good time! don’t think i could have did much better, my first set of du’s was unbroken, my second i did 15, 15, third was unbroken, forth was 10,20 last was almost unbroken. really weird.
    I really want to thank Court for teaching me how to do du’s when i first joined, i have never stopped practicing them, after he told us as a class one day, that its just something that needs to be practiced.

  • Jeff

    4 rounds + 4 snatches

    C&J’s were a stupid idea (I did 7 of them)
    time spent warming up DUs is more valuable to me than time spent warming up snatch

  • Jeff

    correction: 6 snatches

  • Bill M

    Score — 4 rounds plus 30 double unders & 3 snatches.