Come join the fun!

Registration for the CrossFit Games Open is open and you’ve got until this Sunday to register!

There will be a prize given to the team with the most registered athletes at the end of the first week. At this point we have 41 people registered, which is only a small fraction of our total membership. We need YOU to sign up. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie, need to scale WODs, have an erratic schedule, aren’t competitive, or [insert excuse here] . WE WANT EVERYONE TO REGISTER & PARTICIPATE.

If you train at the Black Box, you are going to be coming in to the gym over the next six weeks anyway. You are going to do be doing the Games WODs anyway. You don’t need to travel anywhere special or even make it in for all of the six Games WODs. If you need to scale some things or EVERYthing…it’s all good.

So why not take a leap of faith and sign up for this thing? What did you say?… You’ve never competed. You’re afraid you won’t do well. You’ve been busy at work. The Games are for more committed athletes. Next year, for sure!… Don’t these sound like the same reasons your friends/family give for not trying a free beginners’ class (or maybe you yourself said until you finally got brave enough to come try crossfit)? Realize that this is just the kind of new experience that can make you see your training in a new light. As CrossFitters we know that facing your fears makes for good medicine and with the support of CFNYC, you know it’ll be fun. So go for it. You won’t regret it.

So you have NO excuse NOT to register, here are directions on how to do so:

1. Go to:

2. Click “Register.”

3. Click “Register as an Athlete.”

4. Enter your email address, create a password, check the boxes, and click “sign up.”

5. Enter your billing information. You will be billed $10. Click “review order.”

6. Double-check your info & click “submit order.”

7. Feel free to upload a photo/personal info (or not).

8. Click “Athletes and Teams” near the top right and select “Find Teams.”

9. Search “CrossFit NYC” and then select “Join.”

10. DONE!

At last count we have 41 people signed up; the newest to join Team CrossFit NYC are Sophie, Jay, Laura, Jeff, Annie, Greg M., Matt D., Chris H., Reis, Greg S., MC, Ian, Charles, Akash, Ray, & Nikki. What are you waiting for?

* * * * *

Tuesday 110315

BLACK BOX WOD (current skill: the press):

5 ladders with a kettlebell, a dumbbell, or a barbell with your 10-rep max.

Press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (left & right if kettlebell or dumbbell) x 5. Set down to rest between each “rung”. (Rest the amount of time it took you to do the work.)
Focus on form.

Post loads and rungs completed to comments.

Compare to 101205.

* * * * *

Level 2 WOD:

BP 3/5

30 Sn 115#
10 GHDSU every time bar is set down +4 sec

Transfer: exercise selection

What does an “athletic” body look like?

On bar speed
Garlic balsamic grilled butternut / What is a bergamot? / Winner winner chicken dinner
Beginner reads


The Black Box Journal, our monthly newsletter, went out to members yesterday via email. Here’s an excerpt from one of the pieces we published:

My First Experience Competing
By Cassie Xu

When I first saw the post on the blog about the competition, I thought, people must be insane to sign up for this but I toyed around with the idea and after looking at the skill levels of the people that could sign up, I decided to take the plunge and register for it with the powerful persuasion of a few pints (uh, I mean paleo-friendly beer).

I thought I had hit a bit of a lull in my training after 6 months and feeling like I wasn’t making any progress, I decided to take on this challenge and set some new goals for myself. For the weeks leading up to the competition, I went through bipolar emotional periods where one day I was extremely excited at the prospect of competing as part of a team to days where I thought I had made the stupidest decision of my adult life (even compared to the bad ones from College). Turns out, on the day of, I felt all these emotions, and was pretty sure before the third WOD began I was going to hurl and sh*t my pants simultaneously. But I would do it again in a heartbeat. [to continue reading, click here. To subscribe to the newsletter if you’re not yet receiving it, please email Sophie: srblahdATgmailDOTcom.]


  • Hari

    As of 11:00 PM Monday:

    CrossFit Fort Vancouever: 108
    CrossFit NYC: 45

    We have nearly 300 members who have not registered. (if you’re in Elements, you can register and do the WOD’s on Saturdays.)

  • JoeR

    Where can I obtain the secret decoder ring that explains the “Level 2” wod? I’m relatively new to crossfit (joined cfnyc Spring ’08) so please bear with me.

    • hah I was thinking the same thing this morning

    • Mike K

      Joe, there is a secret tile in the gym with a window that displays a number when you step on it. When you make it to the “adult male” category per 70s Big, you will get your ring.

  • Sean M

    Part A = bench press 3 sets of 5 reps

    Part B = 30 snatches at 115lbs for time with a 10 glute ham sit-up penalty for coming off the bar for 4 or more seconds

  • Chuck

    So basically the games WoD will just be the WoD for tomorrow? Can I do the games WoD @ any class?

    • Hari


  • Jay congrats on the muscle up yesterday!

    joined the open

  • Brett_nyc

    BP 3/5

    30 Sn 115#
    10 GHDSU every time bar is set down +4 sec

    Part A: Strength Portion

    Perform bench presses for three sets of five repetitions. Increase the load each set or work with the same weight across all three sets.

    Part B: Metabolic Conditioning

    Perform thirty snatches using a barbell loaded to one hundred and fifteen pounds. If the bar sits on the ground for more than 4 seconds during your 30 reps, perform ten glute ham developer situps. These can be accumulated and all done at the end of your 30 snatches, or done to break up the 30 snatches.

  • A Larger Asian Male

    To: Before XFit Version of Me

    I believe the little guy (Joe R.) was looking for an explanation of the reasoning/purpose for the Level 2 WODs, not for a comprehensively detailed elucidation of the Level 2 WOD itself.

    I applaud your literal response to his request for an explanation. It is our, as a peoples, fastidiousness, hard work, and widely-regarded logic skills which allow us to advance, even excel, in the West. I agree that in many cases, explaining things to Westerners in such precise detail is the only manner in which they absorb knowledge fruitfully, similar to our young children.

    That being said, I would direct this confused young man to Eugene Cortese Wing, III’s post “Advanced classes are coming!” on January 30, 2011.

  • CAIN

    also windy city crossfit (where I’ve been training during the week) has 135ish signed up out of their 300 members
    pretty impressive

  • Akash

    35lb Dumbbell ladders this morning…Was not fun by the last set

    Good to be back though!

  • Hari

    We should have 200 people or more signed up. Here a quote from an article on the Games Site:

    “The Open workouts have been designed so that any reasonably fit person can complete them as prescribed. Of course, we’ll see a huge difference between athletes’ performances, but just like the 400m run, anyone could do them.”

    I’ll be there this eveing to manage any brave souls who want to go first. The first WOD will be announced tonight at 8:00 PM. You can do it tonight at 8:30 PM, at any WOD class on Wednesday, and during most hours on Saturday. (A few hours on Saturday will be set aside for our advanced athletes.)

  • Scott R

    Just registered… looks like the team is at 55 now!

    • Jason W

      Hmm . . . it says we have 55 but for some reason, a lot of our team members are listed twice. hmm . . .

      • Hari

        CF New England: 132 – 7 doubles = 125
        CF NYC 59 – 8 doubles = 51

      • Hari

        There is a bug in the registration system that allows doubles.

        CF New England: 132 – 7 = 125
        CF NYC: 59 – 8 = 51

        As of the 2:00 PM

  • Jai

    What’s the prize our affiliate will win?

    • Hari

      Games Tickets the entire registered team.
      Plus they wave next year’s affiliate fee, which we will put toward a Rest Day dinner.

  • Alex Punger

    I think I left/lost my jump rope at the gym on Saturday. It’s a blue speed rope. If anyone saw it, I’d appreciate it if they’d let me know. Otherwise I’ll be buying another one.

  • keller

    i count 8 women so far… that means mishik has 8 rounds of 20 burpees and 80 double unders. need to get this up to 15+ asap. christine, jackie, georgine, cassie, leslie, jai, shayna, stephanie and the dozens of other women i unfortunately don’t know yet… where my girls at???

    • keller

      allison, avery, sarah, kate, grace cabading, grace pan

  • cathy

    Will the only days be Wednesdays and Saturdays to complete the Games wod?

    • Hari

      You can do it tonight at 8:30 PM. If that doesn’t work, we will try to accomodate other times for registered athletes. We just need to see what the WOD is before we can make a final decision.

  • Hari

    “We are giving a prize to the Official Team with the most registered athletes at the end of the first week. They will get their next affiliate fee waived, two free spectator tickets to the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games for each registered athlete, and a plaque commemorating their achievement. Yes, if the winning team has 250 participants, we’re giving away 500 spectator tickets to the Games!”

  • Matt D

    my money says first wod is fran

  • Mike Mishik

    Bracket info…if anyone wants to do a bracket, shoot me an email,
    $10 entry. I’ll send you the link and password to join.

  • jim

    i would wager on fran as well. would like to see c2b however.

  • Traffic appears to have crashed the Games site. Awesome!

  • Jay

    level 2 wod:
    165, 170, 175

  • keller

    power snatch: 8×2 at 115#

    weighted pullups 3rm: 25#, 45#, 55# (pr), 65# (f… 2 and a half ;D)

  • Sam G

    Went up to do the open wod, but the site crashed. Just foam rolled, I now see the wod
    10 min Amrap
    30 dus
    15 power snatch 75lbs men

    I’m a little scared, but will do my best tmrw at 7:30

    Court cleared up some jumble in my head, about bench pressing, since I’m reading the bench press chapter in Rippetoes book, thanks court everything he said was put into play today, I did some kind of weight 5-5-5 I think it was 220 or something like that.

  • Hari

    Currently having trouble validating scores so they appear on line. Just keep submitting results for now.