CrossFit NYC wants YOU!

Now is the time! Sign up here to join our team and click here to learn more about judging.

So far we’ve got Mike K., Rickke, Michael W., Carlos, Ben, Craig, Sara C., Lisa, Jamie, Hari, Alex, Jim H., Cathy, Sam, Will, Jon P., Jenn, Mishik, Jason, Brett, Keller, Kent, Wayne, Joe W., & Richard. How about you?

Monday 110314

Behind the neck Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Post loads to comments.

Stepping into the ring again
How to backflip in 10 minutes
How heavy is too heavy?
Strength vs. endurance (and the repetition continuum)

Honeydew melon paper / Beef tendon / Sea snails and peas


If this picture doesn’t make you want to compete, I don’t know what will (from Court’s team, from left to right: Adam, Laura, & Rickke):


  • From Brand X:

    Today everyone is a Big Dawg. Use caution and work technique if you have never done this movement.


  • kevin p

    Happy birthday Mike and Justin!

  • Sophie

    Today we sent out the second issue of the Black Box Journal, if you did not receive the email, here is the link

    If you want to be added to the distribution list, please send me your email, srblahdATgmailDOTcom.

    • Lisa

      Great work on the journal, Sophie and team! Lots of good material.

  • Jenny A

    Hi, If someone could recommend a PT or chiropractor who is CF-friendly, I’d really appreciate it. I think I have a rotator cuff injury (supraspinatus) that’s getting worse. Thanks so much!

    • Lisa

      Jenny, I go to a chiro who also performs Active Release Technique (ART) and love it! He sees a lot of athletes, including Crossfitters.
      His name is Dr. Steven Levine – 646-484-6480 – and is on Fifth Avenue between 9th and 10th Streets.
      I got every 2-3 weeks for general maintenance and for whatever in particular is bothering me. He chides me for sitting at my desk for too long.

    • Shayna

      I went to stephanie leaf (xfit friendly). Best way to contact her is via email: stephanieATnewleaftptDOTCOM

      She is right off 5th ave on 10th street.

      • Jenny A

        Thanks, Shayna!

  • jenn

    I feel like I can go heavier, but I’m still psyching myself out with back-racking heavier weight. When is the second location going to open so I can start dropping weights??

    Happy birthday Mike K!

  • Bear Complex this morning, 5 sets of 7 rounds

    presses are by far my weakest

  • Jenny A

    Lisa, Thanks so much for the recommendation. Dr Levine sounds awesome! I’m calling him now

  • Mike Mishik

    Whose in for tourney brackets!?

    I set up a private group if you want to join. Email me for the password if interested.

    $10 entry.

    • keller

      i am definitely in and am ready to stomp you

  • Hari

    Everyone should be planning on doing the weekly Sectional WOD. This is an opportunity to do six WOD’s at competition standards. For your WOD to count, it will need to be judged by a dedicated judge, designated by us. During some of the WOD’s, we may devote a fair amount of time to reviewing how to judge (as opposed to cheer for) your fellow members.

    The first WOD will be announced tomorrow at 8:00 PM. If there is interest, I will start the process in the back of the BOX at 8:30 PM. (There should be enough qualified people to judge. If you go Tuesday night, you can briefly have one of the top scores.)

    If you are not registered, got to and do so. Then apply to be on the CrossFit NYC team. You can check this link to see when you’ve been added:

  • Mike K

    C’mon people, especially the ladies, register!! Its just like any other WOD you are going to do. You may as well get credit for it. Plus its kinda fun to see how you stack up in a broader population.

    Thanks for the bday wishes!

  • Folks:

    The team sounds fun, but the life-schedule limits me to early weekday morning CF only, so I cannot do the extra WODs. I wish everybody the best as you compete…it would be so cool to sweat the team online if/when you make it out to Carson! Good luck!

    Yes this was one of those exercises where lowering the bar back to my shoulders took away from my ability to get more weight happening. Dropping would have helped, but it’s rare that I run into this issue so it’s not that big of a deal. Since the Black Box is close to my work I doubt I’ll be able to try out the new place, but maybe on occasion once I can split jerk 300 I’ll drop in to make some noise with the locals.

    (sets of 5) 65 – 85
    (sets of 1) 105 – 115 – 125 – 135 – 145 – 155 – 155


    • Hari


      This is going to be the early morning WOD’s on Wednesday’s for the next six weeks. Sign Up!

      • FINE!!

        The word “athlete” is next to my name on a web site. Talk about a life first…

        Is there an athlete category for post 45-minute metcon times? I have a feeling I’ll be quite dominant in that class…let me know…

  • Hari

    As of 4:00 PM today:

    CrossFit Fort Vancouver: 101
    CrossFit New England: 96

    * * *

    CrossFit NYC: 34

  • Jay

    135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 175, 180 (probably a PR)

    also, got my first muscle up

  • Jason L.

    death by 10m run: 16 rounds +14
    death by 20m row: 14 rounds

  • Avery

    Congrats Jay!

    Happy Birthdays Mike K! and Justin!

  • Mike Mishik

    1 rep max hang squat snatch : 135#

    20 min amrap:
    10 squat cleans 135#
    10 wall balls
    10 toes to bar

    4 rounds + 24 reps