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Monday 110228

Hang power snatch 3-3-3-3-3 reps

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  • From Brand X:

    Today everyone is a Big Dawg. PVC or whatever you can do! Mechanics first!




    Also, if you don’t own weightlifting shoes, at least wear a hard-bottomed sneaker like a Chuck Taylor instead of a squishy sneaker. It’ll make the lifting easier, I promise.

  • Cindy

    Anyone interested in doing Metrodash in NJ on 5/14 in the afternoon? It’s a 30 obstacle course designed by Navy Seals and looks like a lot of fun. Can do it individually or as a team but must register before 3/7 before rates go up. http://www.metrodash.com/the-course/

  • I was featured for Black History Month by the America East NCAA Conference. I figured I’d share it with everyone. They edited out some of the content. I’m happy that they did keep at least one blurb about Crossfit in the video portion.


  • Avery

    Today’s WOD (and yesterday’s rest WOD) is the perfect opportunity for all those who attended the Olympic Lifting Seminar on Saturday to start practicing all of those drills we went over (and over). For those of you who didn’t have the chance, the hang power snatch is a great introduction to this lift without having to worry about pulling off the floor.

    I loved seeing beginner and advanced athletes have some aha moments about the snatch positions and movements – remember as Kev P says – practice doesn’t make perfect, but perfect practice makes the lifts perfect. Always something to improve upon with these movements no matter your skill or strength level.

    I’m also looking forward to the possibility of a second installment of the Oly seminars in the near future!

    Also, question of the day: How many foot positions are there in the snatch?

  • Greg Sprich

    I think it would worth having a bulletin board up somewhere in the gym with upcoming events / sign up sheets for events outside the box. Races and events like Metrodash and the upcoming april trail race get announced here on the site, but then seemed to get lost the following week. Also it’s just another way of getting members together outside the gym. Just a thought.

    • Greg, great idea. I’ve brought this up with the owners and other trainers and will see if we can make this happen!

  • Bob C

    Thanks to Kevin P for not poking his eyeballs out watching me attempt this lift, despite his excellent coaching! It may have taken the entire session, but I started getting it by the end.

  • Justin katz

    Hang Power Snatch 3-3-3-3-3

  • Court

    Tomorrow’s Level II WOD

    Snatch 3/3

    C&J @ 75% of last week’s 3RM
    5 ladders 1-3
    rest as needed but record total time

  • Kyle

    Had a great time at the snatch seminar on Saturday. All the coaches there were great.

    Avery, I heard if you are not in one of the two positions during your snatch, Cain personally hunts you down like a wild animal outside your own home.

  • Sophie

    I need a few more judges for the competition on Saturday. If you are interested (and sorta know what you are doing) please email me.



  • Hari

    85, 90, 95, 100, 105

  • Hari

    85, 90, 95, 100, 105

  • 5k row
    20:15.2, probably a PR

    HPS x 3: 115#, 120#, 125#, 130#, 135#

    10 snatches @ 135#
    Tried to do these every 20 seconds. Missed #7, took an interval off and then resumed.

  • CAIN

    Correct: CAIN *does* personally hunt you down like a wild animal outside your own home.

  • Eric

    85, 95, 105, 115 F(Got 2 of 3), 100, 95

    Trying to keep torso straight, need to let elbows bend, bar going away from me