Back to basics

Friday 110225

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

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CAPTION CONTEST! What’s up with Sean & Marcos? (photo courtesy Steven)


  • From the CrossFit BrandX forums:

    Today, everyone is a Big Dawg. Everyone can do this workout as Rx’d. If you are unfamiliar with the lift or have an absolutely horrible air squat, go light and work on form.


    How to dress for this workout:

    1) Weightlifting shoes, or at the very least Chuck Taylors (NOT typical sneakers with thick, squishy bottoms). If you don’t own either of those options, believe it or not dress shoes or combat boots will better mimic the right type of support than typical sneakers can. Final option: just wear your socks. But whatever you do, NO SQUISHY SNEAKERS!
    2) A cotton t-shirt works best for the low-bar back squat. Avoid slippery man-made materials. You can even put chalk on your t-shirt where the bar will rest to help keep it in place.
    3) Shorts or pants that allow you to squat below parallel with no restrictions.

  • Mike Mishik

    Sean: “You’d make a good monkey”

  • Sean M

    Sadly…I don’t even remember what we were actually talking about when Steve snapped that pic.

    In other news, great level II wod on Thursday night. Good programing and good group of people.

  • keller

    marcos: “no this is what mishik’s muscle up looks like”

  • Lisa

    Invisible hammer.

  • Jason L.

    Marcos is teaching Sean how to do something that is definitely not WFS

  • Back Squat

    Sets of 5:
    95 – 135 – 155

    Sets of 3
    165 – 185 – 205 – 225 – 245

    Off to Atlantic City later for an all-night poker WOD. I think this is a good onramp program for CF Endurance. I will post times and loads next week.

  • Court

    LEVEL II WOD for Sat,2/25

    Back Squats 3/5
    5 RFT

    5 Thrusters, 115#
    10 T2B
    15 BJ, 24″

  • KJ

    Hi all!

    I wanted to encourage you to watch this brief video and considering donating to my school’s project. Shout-out to Allison and Jenn for their generous contributions!

  • Jeff C.

    So I woke up this morning with sore traps and shoulders. The last workout I did was Wednesday’s WOD – 150 kb swings (with a 16kg kb). Raising my arms above my head is hard.

    Did I do something wrong or is this normal? I found myself using my shoulders not so much on the way up but to control it on the way down…

    • Sean M


      I don’t think you did anything wrong. Your traps and shoulders are going to get activated in the swing and 150 reps is a good amount.

      1) how long have you been been doing crossfit?
      2) how often have you done swings before?

      I would try a little ice if it’s more than just your average “soreness.”

  • keller

    15 rounds for time – 19:29

    1 Deadlift @ 75% of 1 RM (275#)
    Farmer’s Carry 40 yards as heavy as possible (2 pood in each hand – we need heavier dumb bells!!!!)

  • Jeff

    BS x 3:
    warm up 45#, 95#, 135#, 185#
    work 235#, 245#, 255#, 265#, 275#

    weighted chin ups (throat to bar) x 5
    24kg, 28kg, 32 kg
    maybe chest to bar next time?

    5 rounds
    5 thrusters @ 115#
    10 toes to bar
    15 box jumps @ 24″

  • Eric

    195, 225, 245 (PR), 265 (Fail, 1 out of 4), 265 (1)