Back from the dead

Tuesday 110222

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 100118.

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Level 2 WOD (@6:30pm tonight):

Part A:
Clean & jerk 3-3-3 reps

Part B:
For time, complete the following:
Row 250m
Hand stand push-ups 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps

Post loads (part A) and time (part B) to comments.

CrossFit Games Open: The New Site – video [wmv] [mov]

Improve your push-ups immediately (video)
Paleo diet: With new unrated scenes!
Strong & healthy: What does she think?
Eating wheat gluten causes symptoms in some people who don’t have celiac disease
A neuro-optimistic future

If you are not competing in the Black Box Team Competition on Saturday, March 5th, but are interested in helping out with set-up, judging, etc, please email Sophie at srblahdATgmailDOTcom.

For all of you who are competing, please watch this video to familiarize yourself with the movement standards:


  • From Brand X:

    “I wish I knew how you could overstate the value of the deadlift.”
    -Greg Glassman-

    Here are some vids everybody should watch regarding the deadlift whether you are familiar with the lift or not:

    If you are familiar with this lift then you are a Big Dawg today:

    Big Dawgs:
    as Rx’d

    Everybody else, if you are unfamiliar with the lift watch the videos above and the use the time today to practice this lift with a piece of PVC pipe or a light barbell.

  • Hari

    Please check out the link on the CrossFit Games Open.

    We will be running the Open WOD’s at our Box. Everyone who is a member of CFNYC and able to do the WOD RX’d is encouraged to be part of our “official” team during the six weeks of the Open. (During the Open period, non members will be dropping by to have their results certified by CFNYC coaches.)

    You need to do one WOD per week every week, and they need to be done RX’d in order to be counted by HQ. If you can’t do an Open WOD RX’d, we will provide scaling options, so you can still participate, however, HQ will not count your WOD in CFNYC’s “official” weekly results.

    We will be providing the support you need to get these WOD’s done, whether “official” RX’d or not. Even if you do not hope to compete at the Regionals, you can help our Affiliate Team get there. The main thing is that you register ($5, when registration opens) and you do the Open WOD once during the week.

    If any of this is unclear, just ask any of our coaches or post to comments.

    • Carlos

      If some of the six WODs can’t be done rx’d, can the ones that are done rx’d still possibly help the Affiliate Team?

      • Hari

        Your WOD’s can contribute up and until the time that you fail to do a WOD RX’d. So, for example, if the first WOD is a 5K Run and you turn in a great time, it will count. If the you miss the next WOD or fail to do it RX’d neither that WOD nor future WOD’s by you will be counted. Thus, if you miss the first WOD, nothing will count. So start and stay in it as long as you are able.

        • Carlos

          Thanks Hari. Will do. And you read my mind.. you can count on me to try to help the Affiliate Team if we see distance running, distance rowing, lots of double-unders, or how many times you tried a muscle-up in your life before getting one.

  • jim

    where is level 2 programming coming from? more details would be appreciated.

  • Sophie

    Level 2 WODs are programmed by Court, Josh, Sara, and Kevin P.

  • Court

    Hey Jim-
    I’m responsible for programming the Level II classes. I have programmed the first 12 classes over the next four weeks. Continuing forward I will adjust the programing relative to the Games and who is participating in the Level II classes but the main goal to increase the baseline for our more experienced members.

  • Alex Punger

    Hi Court,

    Would it be possible to post the level II wods one day earlier? For example, the Tuesday WOD would be posted on Monday. I’d like to do the level II wods, but am also going to be doing the main site WODs. I don’t want to have exercises repeat. For example, I did Mary yesterday and couldn’t handle doing that number of HSPUs again today. With a little more advance notice, I would skip mainsite programming if it overlaps with the level II classes. Thanks.

  • Court

    Hey Alex-
    that had been my intention but we had some computer issues yesterday both with
    the hardware and software (jfw) so that’s why we couldn’t post ’til today. Moving forward,
    you will see the Lev II WOD posted the night before. (great job hitting Mary, btw).

    • Sam G

      Cool I didn’t see that… Thanks Court!

  • Sam G

    Lots of cool stuff going on today. Went to the 6:15am class today, it was fun, Sara is awesome.

    Weight I worked with was 315, and moved to 325 towards the last two sets

    Super interested in the level two, but won’t make it today.

    Court I agree, it would be cool to know the workout ahead of time, becaue I two would do two workout and I wouldn’t want to lap any exercises, if you could puplish it earlier it would be sweet.

  • I’m hoping to make up deadlifts tomorrow, as I couldn’t resist a chance to do Cindy today (never officially did this WOD).

    7 Rounds of Cindy (plus 4 pullups)

    Scaled to: 1.5 thick bands – knees for pushups

    • Hari

      I was 21 for 21 on “Cindy” from 2007 through the 2010. I’ll leave it to you to beat that streak.

      (After it was announced a month in advance for last year’s Masters competition. I got to practice CTB Cindy and extra 20 times or so.)

  • Alex Punger

    Thanks Court.

  • Mike Mishik

    clean and jerk 3×3: 135-155-175

    250m row/hspu wod:

    Good stuff!

  • Paul B.

    WOD: 205, 225, 235, 255(F), 235

  • Jeff

    C&J triples: 135#, 160#, 185#
    Need to work on foot placement (back foot turnout). Court said something about my back leg being weird too.

    regular head-to-floor HSPU, hand spacing felt a little wide apart
    Mostly rowing at ~1:56/500m pace.

    3 rounds: 20 GHD sit ups, 8 good mornings (75#, 95#, 115#)

  • keller

    power clean: 5×1 at 175#
    one arm dumb bell row max reps: 2 pood kb 13, 16, 16 – right arm is stronger so i set the number on that one and when i switched over to the left i did it in two sets

    no wod for tonight cause cffb is sprints and it is freakin cold out!

  • Sophie

    Great WOD Court!

    115# on the C&J, need to improve form

    18:25 on the WOD, 1 ab mat, reps rx’d. HSPU all unbroken except on 2 rounds, rowing was slow.

  • Marcos

    405 at Noon with Sara (thanks for letting those count)
    Lvl 2
    95-135-155 clean & jerk – Someone has work to do.
    WOD 19:20
    I did Mary yesterday. It’s worth a mention but still no excuse.
    Great WOD, Court. Mishik, you crushed it.

  • Jay

    225, 245, 265, 275, 285

  • Laura

    I left my phone at the gym.
    If you find it please leave it with the front desk.
    I will get it tomorrow morning

  • Hari

    275, 285, 295, 305, 315 (PR)

    Thanks, Justin, Mike K, two great coaches!

  • Mike K

    Lvl 2

    C&J triples 185, 205, 225 – easy, should’ve started heavier – still need to get lower on the jerk though
    20:27 for the WOD – I dislike high volume HSPU. Tried to pace them too conservatively too. Didn’t help much

    Nice PR Hari!

  • Akash

    Unfortunately missed this WOD but never get a chance to practice Deadlift and was really looking forward to it…is there any time that people can do makeup WODs?

  • JamesA

    5 sets of 3 at 225. Working on form, so did a weight that wasn’t light enough to “cheat” but wasn’t too heavy to complete.

  • Dan H.

    First-ever Workout of the Day! Never did this before so I started with 95. Ended with 135-145-155-165-170. Weight was OK, but my form really suffered by the end.

  • Jai

    115, 125, 135 (PR), 135, 125