Kettlebell Madness

Saturday 110219

BLACK BOX WOD (current skill: kettlebell swing)

5 rounds for time:

With a 32, 24 & 16 kg KB
Perform the following:
5 2-arm swings
5 1-arm swings, left arm
5 1-arm swings, right arm

Post time to comments.


Deverell offers an alternative crossfit t-shirt option:


  • Ray Levitt

    That shirt is fuckin awesome!

  • NF

    I agree that shirt is pretty nice. Simple and legit

  • Jason L.

    Just want to say thanks to Josh and Sara for having everyone from the Marine Officer Selection Office this morning. Also thanks to Sara for motivating the shit out of me and to the 9am class who had to deal with the massive amount of people/late start.

  • Jeff

    FS @195# x 3 x 5, every 2 minutes

    press triples 155#, 2 min rest, 155#, 3 min rest, 145#, 2 min rest, 145#, 2 min rest, 150#

    10 rounds of 5 c2b butterflies, every 30 seconds

  • Mike Mishik

    amrap 10 minute Nate:
    2 muscle ups
    4 handstand push ups
    8 kb swings
    9 rounds + 2 hspu

    flight simulator:5-10-15-20….50-45-40-35…5 unbroken double unders

  • jim

    that is not kb madness. refer to dan def for the ‘real’ kb madness. his is superior to all.