Wednesday 110216


Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
2 pood Kettlebell swing, 30 reps
30 Pull-ups

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Compare to 100514.

Junior is moving back to Miami after crossfitting with us for several months. In this photo he does a daffy, something he hadn’t done in years after various knee and ankle surgeries. He attributes his comeback to getting stronger with crossfit:

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The great jumping flea debate: Case closed
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  • SCALING OPTIONS for this workout courtesy of the CrossFit BrandX forums:

    Big Dawgs:
    As Rx’d
    (all out pedal to the metal)

    Five rounds for time of:
    Run 800 meters
    1.5 pood Kettlebell swing, 30 reps
    30 Pull-ups

    Four rounds for time of:
    Run 400 meters
    1 pood Kettlebell swing, 20 reps
    20 Beginner or Jumping Pull-ups

    Three rounds for time of:
    Run 400 meters
    15-24# Kettlebell swing, 15 reps
    15 Beginner or Jumping Pull-ups

  • Nice shout-out from Tony Rosa to Jacinto and CFNYC in the left panel on the CF main site today. I agree with every one of his wise words.

  • Lisa

    Nice Daffy, Junior! Sad to see you go but I know you will continue to WOD hard in Miami. Feel free to post photos of beach burpees in the sun while we continue to freeze here 🙂

  • Holy crossfit run day!

  • Dickie

    Does using bands count as “Beginner pull-ups”?

  • Marcos

    It was great to WOD with you while you were here Junior. Keep up the hard work and I’ll catch you next time I’m down in Miami.

  • Scaled to: Five Rounds
    800m Row
    1.5 Pood KB – 15 Reps
    Pullups w/ 1.5 thick bands – 15 reps

    Had to row because of an annoying calf injury. Row times were:
    3:20 – 3:36 – 3:31 – 3:34 – 3:33

    WOD Time: 46:45

    Sorry to Anthony, who I fell on after he decided to help me through my last six pullups. I have a weird way of expressing my gratitude.

  • Jason W

    41:01 Rx’d. I feel like I should have used my running shoes for this one instead of the inov-8s. Or, maybe, I need to work on my running technique more.

  • 39:10, 4 rounds
    Through the courtyard twice. Had to hop the gate on rounds 1 and 2.
    KBS: 16/14, 18/12, 20/10, 16/14
    pull ups: mostly triples

  • mike r

    45:28 rx

  • Mike Mishik


    400m row
    bodyweight + deadlifts 175, did 185#
    burpees jump over barbell
    ghd situps


  • Jr

    Thanks Black Box…I enjoyed my time here…hope to be back soon. Please reach out if you make it down to Miami.

  • keller

    back squat: 10×2 at 195# with 45 second rest between sets
    floor press: 3 at 165#
    standing box jumps: 5×3 at 36.5 inches

    5rft of

    1 Press at 125#
    1 Strict Pull Up
    1 Press at 125#
    3 Strict Pull Ups
    1 Press at 125#
    5 Strict Pull Ups


  • Scaled to 5 rounds: 18# KB, green band
    WOD time 58:11 (under 60 club!)

    Thanks CrossFit NYC! Looks like I picked a great day to be a drop-in for Eva. If anyone is ever in Rochester, be sure to come see us at my home box, Flower City CrossFit, would love to have you!

  • mike n.

    15 1 pood KB swings each arm
    15 strict pull ups


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