Farewell paleo challenge, hello life

Sunday 110130

BLACK BOX WOD (current skill: the deadlift):

deadlift 5-3-1-5-3-1

Post loads to comments.

Starting tomorrow, how to cheat intelligently
The secrets of successful maintainers

Are you in an abusive relationship with food?
Have you tried to finagle Chipotle’s ghetto burrito bowl?

Thanks to all who participated in our 30-day Paleo Challenge. We’ll kick off a discussion in blog comments tomorrow as to how it went (or is still going) for people.

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BIG thanks to member Steven W. for taking 120(!) pics at the Friday Night Faceoff. Expect to see lots of them here and on our Facebook page.

Sophie shows off the championship belt that is about to presented to our champs:

Amongst the 6 men who competed Alex P. took 3rd, Craig took 2nd, and Jim H. was our winner:

We had 2 ladies compete: Sara C. who took 2nd place and Christine who took 1st:


  • For anyone who finds today’s WOD confusing, here’s a wordier way of putting it:

    After a sufficient warm-up of the movement, perform the following sets, not for time:

    5-rep-max deadlift
    3-rep-max deadlift
    1-rep-max deadlift
    5-rep-max deadlift
    3-rep-max deadlift
    1-rep-max deadlift

    Post loads to comments.

    If you are unsure as to how much heavier your 3-rep-max would be than your 5-rep-max, or how much heavier your 1-rep-max would be than either one of those, a rough estimate is the following

    3RM ~ 109% of 5RM
    1 RM ~ 118% of 5RM

    Of course, women can generally do more reps at very close to their 1RM than men can, and these percentages should be taken as guidance not gospel, especially if you’re a real newbie at deadlifting, and therefore are improving your form/body awareness/bracing/breath-holding as well as getting stronger each time you lift.

    Here’s Mark Rippetoe’s strength standards, in case you’re wondering if you’re a “novice”: http://www.crossfit.com/cf-journal/WLSTANDARDS.pdf

  • Jeff

    Someone please tell where this Chipotle is that won’t charge you $9 for the burrito bowl simply because you didn’t get rice and beans.

  • Mike K

    Allison, I think you meant to go the other way with the %s, as in a 3RM and 5 RM are appoximately 92% & 85% of a 1RM.

    It should be more like:
    3RM ~ 109% of 5RM
    1 RM ~ 118% of 5RM

    • Thanks, Mike! Yeah I was tired when I posted that yesterday. I’ll go ahead and fix it in my original comment.

  • Mike Mishik

    Front squat work

    amrap 10 mins:
    3 unbroken muscle ups
    6 v-ups
    9 squats
    8 rounds (first 4 rounds unbroken)

    3 rounds:
    lateral burpees through the tire
    sledge swings on the tire
    65# atlas stone to shoulder

  • Sam G

    Couldn’t make it to the box today so I worked out at the globo gym,

    Snatch balance 4-4-4 95lbs

    20 toe to bars, on some kind of pull up thingy on the cable machine thingy

    I did “Christine” after which i subbed a little
    500 m run around the gym block instead of 500m row
    185 deadlift 12x
    21 20 inch box jumps, which I used the step up thingys just stacked them

    Three rounds finish at 16:26

  • Jai


    135×1, f, f; rested a few minutes then 130×3