Friday Night Faceoff is Tonight!

Friday 110128

Clean 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

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Compare to 100630.

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And now, an interview with the Friday Night Faceoff organizer, Sophie!

How is the Friday Night Faceoff going to be different than the recent CAINgames? The FNF (is that the acronym? not sure) is an individual event, so you can’t rely on your team members, its all you, there is a lot more pressure. You can’t just choose the events that maximize your strengths (like on the last event in CAINgames), all of your skills are tested. CAINgames was really fun, so I hope everyone shows up again!
What inspired your idea for the Friday Night Faceoff? To be honest, I actually stole the idea from another gym, Potomac Crossfit, they put on a similar event. People like to watch competitions, its a lot of fun, I think the Black Box can really benefit for these types of events. Its a great opportunity to see some of the better athletes compete if you haven’t been able to make it to any of the local competitions, sectionals, regionals, etc.
Are you encouraging drinking at this event?
Sure, why not. It’s BYO, so bring whatever you want, it will be a party!
Are you hoping that attendees will make friendly wagers on the participants? Most definitely! I’m putting my money on the ladies (Christine and Sara), they are beasts when they compete! You don’t wanna mess with them…seriously.
How did you pick the participants I picked people in the gym who I have worked out with, watched compete, or competed with on a team. I asked these athletes if they were interested in competing right before CAIN was organizing his games, so you will see a lot of familiar faces. I definitely don’t know everyone in the gym and I’m sure I missed a lot of good athletes. I’m glad Alex approached me to compete, because I had no idea he was interested. Turns out he is an awesome athlete, and he competed in last year’s sectionals in Ohio. Going forward, I think we will post an announcement on the blog and anyone interested in competing can participate. We will open this up to all skill levels so everyone has a chance to see what it’s like to compete.
Do you think attendees will be inspired to compete after attending the FNF? Why or why not? Duhhh! If anyone is not inspired I will be very surprised.What’s harder, organizing the FNF or having participated in the CAINgames?Hmmm, I think both. I want to make sure the WODs are as good as the CAINgames WODs, they were really good and well thought out, good job CAIN! Those burpee box jumps were really hard though, so I think it’s a tie.
Are you hoping the FNF becomes a regular event at the Black Box?Yes I hope so! As I mentioned above, I think we will open it up to everyone at the gym and create competitions based on interest and feedback. Training for a competition is a great goal, and everyone should have the opportunity to participate.
Will there be prizes? Surprises? There will be a half time show where spectators can compete for a prize. Event is TBD, all spectators can participate.

* * * * *
Sophie has been kind enough to give us a sneak-peak of tonight’s first event & the overall scoring format:

Event 1:
15 minutes to complete the following in any order, take as many attempts as needed
A. 1 RM Snatch (score= weight snatched/body weight)
B. 500m Row (score= average watts/body weight)
-parts A and B are equally weighted for scoring
-athletes will weigh in before the WOD (weight will only be disclosed to their judge)
Overall Scoring:
Men and women will be scored separately.
Each WOD is equally weighted. Athletes will receive a rank after they complete each event (1-6 for men and 1-2 for women). The athlete with the lowest points at the end wins. For example, if an athlete wins all 3 events, they have 3 points, which is the best score you can get.

* * * * *

And last but not least, a message from Sophie to all of our members:
We are looking for members who are willing to share their crossfit stories in a video interview. If crossfit has changed your life, we want to hear about it. Please email Sophie at


  • From the CrossFit BrandX forums:

    Today, everyone is a Big Dawg. If you are unfamiliar with the lift be smart, start light and stay light to work on your technique.


    I would add that if you don’t have a subscription to the CrossFit Journal (and really you should, it’s well worth it at $25/year for access to the entire archives), you can also check out a bunch of different Olympic lifting videos on for free right here:

    And remember, today’s when you’ll want to wear weightlifting shoes if you’ve got ‘em (or at least Converse Chuck Taylors, NOT squishy, thick-bottomed sneakers–burn those). Wondering why? Read this:

    • Ray Levitt

      Hey Allison,

      Here is the snatch I referred you to earlier today at the box. Krastev!! Not exactly in CFit shape, but strong nonetheless.


      • Ray Levitt

        Notice how far back he extends. His head actually faces the ceiling at one point….

  • Used training bar + 20lbs, worked mostly on form and jumping/dropping.

  • Adam R

    Given it’s a clean day, I’ll put in another plug for the coaching of Kevin P. The Oly-lifts are complicated, but Kevin breaks them down, explains them simply, and provides great cues and drills to help you improve your technique. Kevin can teach you how to lift like this:

    • Pocket Hercules! Love that dude, he’s amazing. OVER-triple-bodyweight C&J is an amazing thing to witness.

  • Steve S.

    Nice and light today, but felt very good.

    Snatch – 140#x1x5
    Clean & Jerk – 170#x1x5
    Front Squat – 205#x3x3

  • will there be any normal classes tonight?

  • Akash

    For FNF – is there a Men’s Winner and Women’s Winner? A king and queen of the box, if you will? If not, the scoring system would not work and there is almost a 0% chance of a male winning overall champion

  • Sophie

    Yes, men’s and women’s winner

  • Sophie

    6:30 will be the last class tonight

  • Jeff

    good luck to all of tonight’s competitors!

  • Craig_Cinci

    Sophie, thanks for getting tonight together. It was a good time. Thank you for how sore I’m going to feel tomorrow.

  • kevin p


    Krastevs face points towards the ceiling because of the weight on the bar.

    A 216kg (475.4 lbs) snatch involves jumping with every ounce of your being. He doesn’t do that with all his weights just record breaking ones.

    • Ray Levitt

      Kevin, I understand your point.
      My observation was not meant as a criticism. I was actually admiring his technique!!

  • sam.gaberal

    Sophie, though i have never introduced myself, i want to tell you that tonight was great, loved the wods and thanks for all the planing.

    I hit a pr today in my clean, almost broke my wrist when receiving the bar, as i am not landing fully back when executing my explosion.

    95-115-135-145-165-185-225 x 1, legs became instantly sore. since my front squat pr is only 205.

    Want to say congrats to all the participants, it was awesome watching you guys and gals.